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Now given the green lifestyles trending, blogs that share knowledge or tips for eco-friendly living become a potential niche opportunity.
With so many great green living blogs out there, how do you make your blog stand out? How can I make like-minded readers come back more and how can I increase the number of visitors and build a loyal following?
Here are top tips for getting started and running your own successful green-living blog.

Choose a platform for your green living blog

Choosing a blogging platform is your first challenge to building a successful green-living blog. There are plenty of free options to choose from including WordPress, Tumblr, TypePad, and Blogger. They all offer free design functionality so you can customize your own blog so it’s easy to get started.

1. Write about what you love

When you choose a green lifestyle blog topic for blogging, make sure that is what you love. Focus on something specific and you’ll delight both your search engine and your readers.
Write about something you love, otherwise you won’t be able to stay in writing new posts for long. So find a topic you are comfortable with and just write about it. For example, write down the current green living trends, eco-friendly products, or sustainable fashion trends.

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2. Bring real value to your conscious readers

Interesting Green Living Blog Post – Eco Friendly

Needless to say but if you don’t provide what your readers want, your green living blog will never be successful. Provide useful information for people and their great browsing experience. That means the content you publish should contain helpful information that many people find. If your content has no value, your readers will never come back for more.

3. Focus on marketing

Your green living blog will stand still at the starting point if you just launch it and hope that people will come without any marketing efforts. You have to actively market your green blog and you can do it in many different ways. You can contact other eco-friendly bloggers to get their recommendations. This can be done by leaving valuable comments on their blog posts. Or you can even offer valuable guest posts to an influential green magazine or blog to get a backlink in return to help raise your score higher on search engines.

4. Encourage interaction

Green Living Blog feedback
Green Living Blog Feedback from readers

On every blog post, don’t forget to urge people to engage more on your green-living blog. Ask for feedback, respond to others’ input, build a community of consciously and beautiful living interests. People love to socialize, so make sure you’re friendly and welcoming to your readers.

5. Don’t worry about negative review

Sometimes you may get negative comments on your blog from some fastidious readers. But don’t let it discourage you or keep you from blogging. You can remove irrational comments and absorb constructive contributions.

Once your green-living blog starts getting more than 1,000 unique visitors per month, then you may experience more negative interactions. Don’t worry and continue! Believe in yourself and continue to write great environmentally friendly content and knowledge.

6. Use diverse images in your sustainable green living blog

Green Living Blog
Green Living Blog Images

People love to quickly glance at web pages and they love to see interesting pictures. Images help break up text and add visual interest and enjoyment to reading. When writing a creative green blog, provide more visuals to give your audience more to enjoy.

7. Provides easy-reading content

Research shows that viewers often like to skim for information. Therefore, try to keep your articles easy to read. Breaking down text and providing a list of information is the best way to get more attention.

8. Set an attractive title for your sustainable article

When thinking about a topic for blogging, write a compelling title. People searching through the search engines will click on titles that are more attractive and attractive than other titles.

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9. Keep updating new post regularly

Like other blogs, your green living blog needs regular updates. Keep your blog updated with at least three posts a week. And if you’re on vacation, use your blog scheduling tools so you can post automated posts.

10. Build social channels for your sustainable green living Blog

Green Living Blog
Green Living Blog Community

Social networking elsewhere like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will make it easier for you to build a community of readers who live environmentally friendly. Connect your social channel with your blog will bring you more valuable readers.

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11. Track analysis

Track how people visit your blog and how they found you through the free SEO tools or Google Console. You can then tailor your blog posts to the needs of your readers that attract more people. If you invest in any online advertising, metrics analysis will help you determine your ROI (return on investment) to see if it’s working.

12. Allows “subscribe” easily

Place a “Subscribe for new letters” section on your blog to take care of your readers. Make sure you provide an easy registration option on your own blog so your readers can easily get new updates.

Check spelling and test reading

Finally, before you hit the “publish” button, check your spelling and reread your article multiple times. Wrong spelling will not only damage your reputation but also decrease your ranking on search engines as search engines will not appreciate a poor copy.

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