Crafting great content is just the starting. There is little chance to see any results until you gain command over content distribution and promotion.

Content marketing is a planned marketing approach to remain in touch with and retain your audience. A relevant content attracts consumers by sharing authentic information who finally make their decision solely guided by information instead of advertisement. Every business enterprise prefers to focus on exchanging high-quality content regularly for which they require content promotion platforms and tools that help to create a buzz around your engaging content.

Promotion is a crucial element in conveying to your customers the advantages of your service or product. In fact, promotion represents the voice of your firm which sends across the message of your brand loud and clear. Well-framed promotional and marketing strategies guarantee long-standing success, drive in more consumers, and assure business revenues..

Even when you craft the ultimate perfect content over there, in what way will you communicate it to the people who are waiting for it?

But content promotion isn’t easy and can be very time-consuming. However, there are a number of content promotion tools and platforms. And they can help you automate content curation and drive more traffic and engagement. Posting your blogs or content is only one part of the process. Brands require to promote such content to draw in their targeted customers towards a product.

There are different tools and platforms that can assist to promote content and reach out to a large audience. 

Here we have assorted the essential tools and platforms for content promotion that places your content before potential customers, forges a trusting bond with your present audience and generates new leads. 

15 Useful Content Promotion Platforms And Tools:

  1. HootSuite
  2. Followerwonk
  3. Taboola
  4. Medium
  5. BuzzStream
  6. Sendible
  7. Quora
  8. Quuu Promote
  9. BuzzSumo
  10. Bloglovin
  11. StumbleUpon
  12. Facebook (Ads)
  13. Pinterest
  14. Outbrain
  15. LinkedIn Pulse

#1  HootSuite

A social media management tool HootSuite handles multiple accounts by logging into one dashboard. Basically designed for upgrading and handling Twitter accounts, but this platform also lets you post from your own Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Though HootSuite does not link up to personal profiles of Google+, it permits you to monitor your Google+ pages  that present the content. HootSuite enables businesses to generate a new post and dispatch it to any group of linked social media accounts.

After setting up your preferred social networks and the related streams, you can apply the Hootsuite tool to create messages that you like to post. You can even insert your selection of text and link media files by way of videos or photos. Actually, this tool also lets you connect to your YouTube channel to upload latest videos and share it with your every social networking profiles. 

The “auto-scheduler” feature of Hootsuite specifies the time when the posting of your messages can cause maximum impact and enhance reader engagement, emanating from their experience. This ability of HootSuite to schedule posts permits a company to think ahead and maintain their accounts actively involved with their viewers by employing just simple steps. Choose the time and date and allow Hootsuite post your blog to outreach the widest spectrum of audience.

An awesome feature of HootSuite is the link shortener embedded into the compose box. If a piece of content is on a page having a lengthy URL, put the link within the box and click “Shrink”. HootSuite will position the shorter URL where the text ends inside the compose field. 

The link shortener of HootSuit also monitors essential social metrics situated in the analytics section. It helps you to form complete reports on engagement, clicks and shared data for individual social accounts. This prime promotional tool conserves time for all marketers and manages several social networking accounts and makes working collectively an easy task. 

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#2   Followerwonk

A tool for twitter analytics for users to expand their social graph, Followerwonk contains features such as search twitter bios with upgraded drop-down search, match twitter users to explore new audiences, track and sort followers, observe interactive charts of latest followers alongwith the number of unfollows, and evaluate data. Receiving all such data from Followerwonk, it becomes easy to optimize your campaigns fully, build greater engaging activities and rope in new followers while maintaining the present ones. 

This platform permits any user to analyze, recognize and enhance metrics from Twitter to optimize social media promotion.

Among the most effective features of Followerwonk is the “Search Twitter Bios” function. Employ it to discover the high on demand Twitter accounts from your related industry or business domain. Like for instance if you are a web marketing expert, you can type, “SEO” or “buiLinklding” in the search bar after which Followerwonk will indicate every Twitter accounts figuring the word “Linkbuilding” or “SEO” in the text of their Twitter profile.

You can very well think of the immense scope for promoting content when it becomes possible to sort followers by stats like account age, tweet count, followers, or social influence. All this constitutes crucial details with regard to your audience and presents a huge outlet for content promotion. 

Followermonk presents its users the scope to utilize keywords for searching Twitter users and later compare them against different metrics (followers, following, influence and age). This makes looking for influential users of Twitter, bloggers and social media experts to normal persons having a large following practically easy. From here, users can delve into their statistics, explore their followers, analytics and view whether it has relevance to you. Users can also track them on Twitter without closing their accounts and open a fresh page for Twitter.

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#3  Taboola

A cloud-based marketing and content exploration platform, Taboola is apt for publishers of all types, from personal writers to big media houses. This platform is used by leading web publishers like Business Insiders and Mail Online to monitor the engagement of readers and share content across well-known websites. Its tools assists in business growth, campaign and advertising management, tracking web traffic and evaluating the behavior of the readers.  

Taboola helps to raise brand awareness by linking businesses and their related content with the proper readers across all online platforms. Organizations can enhance content views and effectively engage with their audiences on the social platform using the social media engagement tools of Taboola. Insightful assessment of parameters like duration spent by readers on each content piece aids businesses to recognize and dispatch the appropriate content. Their solution provides B2C and B2B targeting capacity to access larger audiences and turn more leads. 

Enterprises can also utilize Taboola to handle their advertising campaigns and boost revenue. This content promotion platform, permits audiences to rate and share content on various social network platforms and editorial groups have a presence on content results across various websites and social media networks.

Taboola concentrates strongly on videos as videos are the most popular form of content. This multilingual solution supports above ten languages and also offers an API for incorporating WordPress.

Taboola has an outreach of 400 million visitors and caters to more than 150 billion references every month.

Taboola focuses strongly on videos because videos are one of the highest demanded forms of content; in fact, a recent study found that consumers are 27 times more likely to click through online video ads than standard banners. Additionally, native online video ads can generate 82 percent brand lift among users exposed to the ads. Taboola serves up to 1.5 billion recommendations to Internet users each day (45 billion every month) and drives 24 million unique visits for marketers using the platform – numbers that should make any marketer’s ears perk up.

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#4   Medium

A platform for content promotion, Medium lets you republish your current content on almost every subject. It presents content from knowledgeable writers, thinkers and narrators. Medium is a content promotion platform where you can republish your existing content on nearly every topic. It brings you content from some of the most insightful writers, storytellers, and thinkers, and narrators. You can read, write and exchange content on topics ranging from politics, technology, social media, business, sports and others. 

With its monthly users exceeding 6o million, Medium permits you to watch visitor stats and traffic for you every published story. You can also insert links to your original articles to amplify traffic towards your website. A simple to use platform for publishing, Medium contains an effective reporting tool that assists you to know better the manner in which your readers interact with your content.

In 2012, EV Williams introduced the Medium platform stating that “Medium is not about who you are or whom you know, but about what you have to say.” It has a minimal framework and is restricted for a limited time but has a vast space for creating content. This is a highly effective content creation platform, free to access. You can upgrade your plan for $5 to bring more of its features into use.

Your content must follow – up with community guidelines of the Medium platform. It must not be plagiarized. You cannot run interference for selling or buying online and offline platforms. Start working on a medium platform by creating an account. It’s easy to log in and requires no verification, just easy signup. If you sign up through Facebook, Medium gives you recommendations from your friend list on Facebook. You can follow users, pages, or hashtags.

Try to engage with a large number of users on a single platform. Recommend, share or bookmark the article you’ve liked the most. It will help you to remain posted on the articles published. You can highlight some particular words to display relevant content. Medium grants free access to format texts, add media and images, share draft links, publish, etc. Following Ev Williams, Read Ratio is an essential determinant in assessing the ranking of your article.

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#5   BuzzStream

A platform that helps you to :

  • Locate influencers
  • Handle relationships
  • Involve in personalized communication

You can search inlfuencers in your segment or niche by using the Discovery platform of Buzzstream and associate with them utilizing their basic outreach platform. This outreach platform permits you to incorporate email sending, govern relaionships and facilitating the technique of linking with influencers. 

BuzzStream aids you to handle word-of – mouth campaigns for marketing that builds buzz and links, and creates traffic for your site by promoting you to “be found” through inbound marketing channels.  It helps in content promotion as it obtains greater attention for your content via earned media. This public relations tool for management is designed for medium to big businessess in content marketing, travel, advertising and various industries and helps in utilizing reports and task handling. 

BuzzStream’s Link Monitoring function is very helpful as it searches the websites within your database to view whether they have linked to you. You can also install it to monitor any links to any page on your website or to a particular URL.

The pricing for BuzzStream begins at $99.00 / month and it does not offer any free trial. The manner in which you apply BuzzStream will be based on your requirements or the type of approach of outreach you employ. That said, BuzzStream is generally used for different kinds of link outreach and PR.

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#6   Sendible

Content Promotion Platforms And Tools of sendible

A powerful tool for social media management, Sendible makes it easy to schedule promotional posts on major social networks and boost your campaigns for content promotion. Equipped with content libraries, scheduling queues and bulk importing Sendible makes it practically easy for promoting posts. You are able to recycle posts so that your fresh content can remain visible for long. 

The tool for  content recommendation is a special feature of Sendible, where you browse on a topic and it displays an endless list of popular posts to share. You can instantly schedule these articles for sharing to several accounts in one go with simply a few clicks. 

Another big feature of Sendible is its simple in-built CRM which offers background details of any person you are holding conversations with, along with your earilier interactions. .This is a fine tool that assists you to send personal, customized messages without wasting any time researching anywhere else.  

In additon, Sendible presents Twittter auto-replies and auto-retweets. This social media management tool can check Twitter for specific hashtags or keywords and then post an automatic retweet or reply. 

There is plenty of customization present in Sendible, while maintaining a simple and innovative interface. The  collective teamwork and white label alternatives makes it ideal for teams.

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#7. Quora

Content Promotion Platforms And Tools of quora

A go-to platform for getting questions answered, Quora gets your questions answered and brands can optimize on Quora marketing for generating brand awareness, push traffic and build thought leadership. Quora works like a community of industry masters, replies to seekers’ topics and presents experts from different streams.

Anytime a question is googled, Quora emerges at the top of your search result.  In fact, content promotion plays its role when the answering of the question is done. 

Quora is similar to the full grown variant of Yahoo Answers. In this platform, individuals post queries and get solutions from people in the know how. Actually, insightful answers with great detailing can become popular.

By adding a link to a pertinent content piece in your reply, it gets converted into an effective promotion strategy. Besides, certain answers are dispatched in Quora Digest emails that thousands of people go through and receive knowledge. 

Quora remains a free platform and a partner program is extended to those who frequently answer in a convincing manner – offering you the scope to also earn money. You can go into the answer section, there you will already have questions to answer. In the search bar, try searching for the topic you want to explore.

There are numerous fields users subscribe to keep track of stories posted. On the left side there is an option to create your own space, rename it, if needed and describe it in a few words. You can build your following feed by discovering various spaces.

Quora is an open platform where questions can be directly asked from the public. However, you can use hashtags so that it can reach to the users who are answerable for the questions. It allows you to follow people, and notifies when anyone answers your questions. It allows the users to put their answers in the comment section.

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#8  Quuu Promote

Content Promotion Platforms And Tools of quuu promote

Promoting your content becomes easy with Quuu Promote and constitutes one among the different platforms that employs real people to convey your content on social networks.

The manner in which Quuu Promote works is comparatively simple. Your submitted piece of content is reviewed and in case it passes their quality criteria, it gets shared by real people belonging to your niche (Quuu users) on social media.

Instead of making an effort to reach your audience manually so that they view your content before their eyes – such as emailing influencers to request them to share your article – Quuu Promote generates social shares automatically among your potential audience. It has been designed to minimize your workload and streamline your content promotion efforts.

Some of the advantages you obtain by promoting content on Quuu Promote are:

  • A rise in mentions
  • An increased rate of social media management
  • Traffic towards your blog 
  • Scope to connect with influencers of industry and likely customers
  • Further rankings on search engine due to social signals 

While promoting your campaign, Quuu Promote offers you the option to pick your favorite niche. By selecting the proper category, only influencers with specific interests will view your content. Such type of targeted promotion distributes your post within a greater engaged audience. 

In this way, your content is shared exactly by users of Quuu’s core offering who are provided the option of content sharing. Quuu Promote remains distinct from various content promotion channels because they filter every submissions of content through their separate reviewal procedure to remove irrelevant content and ensures that each and every content being promoted plus shared via their platform is of high quality and assists their users to achieve greater social interaction. 

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#9  BuzzSumo

Content Promotion Platforms And Tools of buzzsumo

Another tool of the BuzzStream family, BuzzSumo aids marketers to find greater shared content and also influencers having particular expertise in specific domains. Though, there are several tools to detect influencers on Twitter like Followerwonk, but BuzzSumo offers distinctive features that empowers you not only to receive an audience, but even promote your content and opportunities for placement. 

It evaluates hundreds of millions of content pieces and makes available to businesses of all types comprehensive data. BuzzSumo also provides insight into the kind of content that works, the reasons for it and which can be amplified by influencers. 

BuzzSumo is a single stop solution for all the related research on content, analysis of social media and assists in discovering also the trend. This content marketing and analysis software also offers features that track the reputation of your brand and its mentioning across the internet. Each time your brand is positively or negatively mentioned you immediately receive a notification.

Moreover, the Research Content function of BuzzSumo helps you to generate content that is appreciated by both content marketers as well as readers. Their detailed filter feature helps you to filter results after entering the keyword you want to search by content type, word count, date, and language.

BuzzSumo also contains Trending Now features that helps companies to gain visibility by knowing about trending topics and gain greater followers on social media. They contain categories such as sports, business, countries and everything besides more. You can enter into any category related to your business. 

Their Content Analysis feature helps you to know your audience by drawing out data such as total engagements by day published, and average engagement based on content length and top content pieces. Besides, it also aids you to calculate the ROI in terms of money and endeavor put on content generation, marketing and distribution. 

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#10   Bloglovin

Content Promotion Platforms And Tools of bloglovin

Bloglovin is a remarkable platform to cater for your favorite posts and read new posts from them. It also acts as an excellent community for both content marketers and bloggers and provides the opportunity for your blogs and content to be discovered by a wider audience.

Bloglovin also keeps your followers up-to-date about your current posts in their feeds. They can conveniently read, like and also save your posts to be read later.  It lets you identify posts that bring in maximum engagement. Finding out the best performing and popular posts makes you know better the type of content preferred by your followers and is expected from you. Your audience on Bloglovin can view all your post on their feeds the moment you publish it

Bloglovin also permits readers to search blogs by category and discover blogs that are similar to the ones followed by them. This helps readers who prefer your niche and content to detect your blogs easily. Readers can gain access to Bloglovin via their laptops, desktops, Android, and iOS devices.

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#11  StumbleUpon

Content Promotion Platforms And Tools of Stumble Upon

An amazing content discovery engine, StumbleUpon immensely upgrades the manner in which people track and bookmark content. It initiates by knowing the exact interests of their users. At the start, they perform a short survey when a user creates a profile, which later increases in complexity as the user proceeds with the content offered by the service. 

As the users click the “stumble” button located on the toolbar, they are presented with a new web page to communicate with. If they prefer what has been offered to them or “stumbled” they can approve it with a ‘thumbs up’. If they dislike, they can assign it a ‘thumbs down’ vote. Content that is upvoted by the public in the network of the user will have a greater chance to appear in the next “stumble” for that particular user. From such data, you can watch various trending data. 

Features like “Recently Hot” tags are the present trends tagged by people. “Most Popular All Time” tags are those that change less frequently but do change. To view what is attracting greater attention, you have to view these tags. Besides, you have to drill down to watch more content.

Stumbles by topic feature makes you view the activity that is occuring by topic. Top Rated websites seen in StumbleUpon are the pages that are receiving the highest stumbles. 

In addition, StumbleUpon provides a remarkable paid discovery facility that is wonderful for any content marketing strategy. When you promote your content consistently through this platform, you gain to consolidate your brand like a thought leader within your industry that brings in greater traffic, leads and business revenue.

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# 12  Facebook (Ads)

Content Promotion Platforms And Tools

Can you imagine content promotion without Facebook? Certainly not. After all, it is the biggest social network and prides itself on countless promotional chances for your content. There are primarry three locations on the site that can be selected by you to exhibit your advertised ocntent. 

Newsfeed comprise the highly popular of the Facebook advertising placements and gets displayed seamlessly in the feed of a user along with the content that they view from their friends and the individuals that they follow.

If your content is mobile optimized, it offers a greater content visibility. In fact, there are almost 1.01 billion mobile active users monthly on the social sites which is quite a staggering statistics. 

Right Hand Column: This placement can be viewed beneath the “Trending” topics segment. The advamtage of such placement is that the ad moves down with the user when they scroll across their feed.

Facebook advertising makes you reach out to the largest global audiences that is not possible otherwise with a huge following and relevance. 

The content promotion and distribution cheat sheet helps to define and offer direction for making content distribution and promotion go in your favor. It is very hard to ignore the Facebook ads as with almost 2.7 billion people making use of this platform, it has the capacity to make you reach out to a mammoth audience. 

Facebook ads gives you the scope to plan your campaign at all levels from circulating a blog post or Facebook page to re-targeting for your site. Employing the Audience Network, you can even access people beyond the Facebook channel.

Even more, you can advertise on Instagram through the Facebook Ads platform. This raises the possibility of your campaigns to reach out to influencers out there. Building a campaign on Facebook can consume some time as it does not have a highly interactive and user-friendly interface. Moreover, it requires a steep learning curve to know every option. But in case of simple ads and promotions, it is straight-forwards and easy.

Pricing of Facebook ads differs based on your promotion details and budget. Almost a few dollars can be sufficient to get started with certain basic things. You only need to be cautious because Facebook seems to set a campaign budget by default that’s quite high if you are just starting, so make it certain to fix a lifetime budget that is accomodative. And more perfectly, you will get a sales funnel in place that brings a return on your investment. 

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# 13  Pinterest

Content Promotion Platforms And Tools

Pinterest is among the founders of photo-album variety of content that has exploded on the scene for the past ten years. By utilizing “Boards” to tag and arrange photo content, images of all kinds become highly shareable. This has made content marketers discern the benefits of this photo-distribution platform while promoting content – not only to increase tremendously the content visibility but also to boost it to be shared to a larger audience.  

By inserting “Pin It!” buttons that emerges while hovering over an image with the cursor on your website, you can motivate users to pin your content. This becomes an additional source to propagate yoru content on the Pinterest platform. In addition, it also inspires your website visitors to begin following you on Pinterest for greater content. 

Another quick tip to make your brand recognizable is to insert a small branded logo to the corner of your every pin or content. This minor addition to your pins can boost your brand name significantly. 

After all promotion means building excitement and user involvement around content, and platforms like Pinterest have simplified the process to raise promotion and advertising of said content. Content Promotion Platforms And Tools have heightened the scope to place your content before potential customers, and forge a reliable relationship with your present audience and finally to hike your chances of building on fresh leads and landing new business.

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#14  Outbrain

Content Promotion Platforms And Tools

An advertising platform, Outbrain allows you to share content to high-quality websites. Within minutes, ads can be created following an easy 4-step procedure. Besides, it functions perfectly with practically any kind of content from landing pages to blogs and third-party reviews.

When introduced, your ads are viewed among a grid of content that are promoted on the websites of publishers. This makes it convenient for readers to find related reading information and material. And the best part is that you can target exclusive demographics so as to distribute your ads on relevant sites. 

This prime content discovery platform aids to push high-quality traffic towards your website from high profile websites such as CNN, Le Parisien and Ha’aretz. You can access above half a million people worldwide every month by promoting your content through Outbrain. 

Outbrain operates on a cost-per-click (CPC) model similar to Facebook. You will be charged on account of the clicks received by your every campaign depending on the CPC you set. 

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# 15 LinkedIn Pulse

Content Promotion Platforms And Tools

This is LinkedIn’s own publishing platform with a personalized news feed. With over 500 million subscribers, LinkedIn Pulse has become a professional network with active users searching for business and job opportunities. Any post appearing on LinkedIn Pulse has the ability to receive huge exposure and traffic. 

Their section “Top Posts” showcases the top-performing blogs, headlines, posts, and industry news. Getting your posts noticed under this segment, provides you plenty of engagement.

LinkedIn Pulse supports a company in building reputation, sharing on social media, generating organic traffic, and increasing profits. It comes with an online news aggregation field that allows the users to share the blogs by themselves.

It presents you content that are curated from the leading influencers, publishers, journalists and others. You receive access to top content from different industries.

LinkedIn Pulse helps you to view other industries, job titles and their location to generate heavy traffic. This platform conducts performance analysis for traffic on your website. It eases your task in generating the blog posts, highlights, and daily news updates from the top industries and influencers who are inclined on company’s expansion.

There are numerous reasons to use LinkedIn Pulse like connect with the audience, combination of professional and social networking. As per the estimates of LinkedIn, around 62% members revealed that informative or educational content is what engages them more to a particular website. Other 61% members disclosed that they engage with relevant content only.

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Content marketing has leveraged brand building and given greater exposure to brand and helped to build credibility. By promoting their content on the above mentioned channels have made brands reach out to a wider audience base. Such content promotion platfroms have enabled you to partner and further your published content in multiple sites and social media channels. All this helps to garner and engage your likely audience with superior quality content. 

As a matter of fact, content marketing and promotion can help you to generate three times higher leads compared to paid search advertising.

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