Social Media Marketing via Pinterest

Social Media Marketing via pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform that lets people see, save, and share images from all over the Web. Pinterest was started as a niche platform and now it has become an important media sharing site. People can easily share, save, and bookmark images, videos, and gifs termed as pins with other people. In this article, we will discuss How you can do Social Media Marketing via Pinterest.

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Facts about Pinterest

Before we move forward to analyzing Pinterest, let us know some facts about Pinterest

  • 150 Million user base.
  • An average Pin brings two visits and Six page views to a website.
  •  The average Pin receives ten repins.
  •  The average Pin is roughly 100 times more viral than an average tweet.

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What are the Benefits of using Pinterest?

Pinterest is completely visual and visual things always attract. Visuals are easy to access and share.

  • Pinterest lets you segment content easily into different topics and new boards.
  •  The retention rate on Pinterest is strong.  There is a good possibility to get increased followers.
  • Pinterest provides a comparatively higher chance of getting a campaign viral and reaching a huge audience.
  • This platform provides continuous traffic.
  • Pinterest is beneficial for small followers.

Why Pinterest for Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing via Pinterest

It’s a big question why does a person use Pinterest for Social Media Marketing? Let us discuss an answer to this and find a relation between Pinterest and Social Media Marketing.

Brand Recognition:
First things first, If you have decided to use Pinterest for your brand then it’s going to give you huge recognition. An increase in user base and better chances to get a campaign viral is giving a boost to Pinterest as a Social Media Marketing Platform.

High Search Rankings:
Pinterest works with Keywords. Therefore whenever the correct keywords are used and placed properly. Pinterest automatically gives you a high ranking and this, in turn, increases your search rankings.

Increase in Traffic:
Pinterest increases the traffic of your website as each pin directly links back to your website.

Growth in Audience:
Pinterest can prove to be an effective platform to increase your audience base. As more and more people will share your pins, your Brand will get more exposure thus bringing potential clients to your website.

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What to do on Pinterest?

Pinterest can be used for many purposes. Let us Look at what one can do on Pinterest.
Personal Accounts and Bussiness Accounts
If you are an individual, you can easily create a personal account and can easily convert it into a Business Account when you start your business.

Promote Pins
You can engage in Promoted Pins. These Pins are like regular pins but are paid by a brand to be seen by more people.

Promote video
Promoted videos paired with related pins to the subject of the video can easily be discoverable by a huge audience.

How many types of Pinterest Campaigns did you know?

Social media Marketing via Pinterest

Let’s check out the 3 most used campaigns that you must know-

Awareness campaign

This type of campaign targets to put your business in front of users who haven’t heard about your business before. Through this campaign, they get interested in your brand

Engagement campaign

As the name suggests. Engagement campaigns are designed to encourage the pinners to interact with your content. By repining or clicking your promoted pins

Traffic Campaign

The traffic campaign does an amazing thing. It sends the users directly to your website. 

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What are the best Pinterest Practices?

  • Make your offerings visible on Pinterest.
  • Always use captions and CTA.
  • Make your website Pinterest-friendly.
  • Create appealing and useful content.
  • Use images and visuals.
  • Pinterest is a great tool for acknowledging your customers’ needs you can do this by creating boards that tell their stories.

What is the Terminology for Pinterest?

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards are used to post images and articles that you like to share on your page.

Use of Pins:

The pins are your posts. Instead of saying “I posted a picture” in the Pinterest language you have to say “ I pinned one picture”. You pinned on your Pinterest page the same you posted on your Facebook page.


Repins are like retweets. You share the pins of others on your page.

Comment on Pinterest

You comment on your Pinterest account for you to provide Feedback or to voice out your opinion about a particular Pin likes. This is similar to the Facebook “like” button.

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What to Measure on Pinterest?

Social media Marketing via Pinterest

Now, It becomes highly important for a business to measure its growth. Pinterest is just like other social media platforms and to know how much your business has grown. You are required to measure its effectiveness. Here are the key factors you can measure on Pinterest.

Pins: You can measure how many pins have been created from the content of your website.

Engagement: In the engagement, you can measure the Repins from your website. Repins are an important metric to measure engagement on Pinterest. Repins also help your content to come into the eyes of those users who may not be following your content.

Reach: Reach refers to the daily average number of people who have seen your pins on Pinterest.

Number of Visits to your website: It becomes important to understand how much of the audience on Pinterest was driven to your website.

Most Clicked Content: Knowing the most clicked content gives a clear understanding of what the users like and wish to see more.

Most Repinned Content: To know what content has been repinned the most, it is useful to know the most repinned content.

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Pinterest is becoming the next big thing on social media to share your ideas and views. It is one of the crucial platforms for Social Media Marketing. It provides various ways to grow your business and help you gain potential clients. This article discussed Pinterest and How you can use it for effective Social Media Marketing.

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