Create Social Marketplace with BuddyPress or PeepSo with Dokan Compatible eCommerce Theme

Social Marketplace with BuddyPress or PeepSo

The online community is an integral part of any eCommerce business. If a brand owner wishes to transform their website into a social marketplace, they can easily do so with the help of WordPress plugins that allow multipurpose and functional options to make their website much more defined and polished to deliver marketplace and community solutions on a single platform. With a social marketplace website, any brand or business can increase its value and build trust among customers by replying to their queries or issues and being transparent in communication.

The social marketplace is a must-have feature now for any WordPress website dealing in eCommerce and product sales domain. With the help of a social marketplace integration, any website can get a complete makeover in terms of a virtual marketplace where vendors can come to flock to sell their products directly to consumers without having to engage any middlemen services and excessive charges.

BuddyPress theme Reign

What is a Social Marketplace Feature and Why is it Necessary for an eCommerce Business?

Social Marketplace with BuddyPress or PeepSo

The social marketplace is an irreplaceable feature for the marketplace as it facilitates a common ground for people (vendors and sellers) to establish direct communication with their users and also sell them their products online. A social marketplace is a facility where any business owner who wishes to reach and target the global audience can now set up their marketplace with the help of WordPress plugins and themes to sell their goods and products and increase user engagement on their marketplace.

This eliminates the need for middlemen or having to host and maintain a separate store to sustain a business. A social marketplace in its essence can deliver compact solutions to any business by setting up a virtual shop online with appropriate features and mechanisms to earn profits and revenue.

Social Marketplace features

  • With the help of social marketplace integration on a particular website, the admin can facilitate the sale and purchase of any commodity and service directly through their website.
  • Ability to have better user interaction and help deliver service promptly.
  • Social marketplace allows users to set up a virtual shop online along with community features.
  • A website with social marketplace integration will have a layout and templates to display products with a sophisticated check-out system.
  • An additional benefit of carts and payment gateway to facilitate sales.
  • Customization of the shop according to the needs of the customers and users.
  • A reduced market expense due to eliminated middlemen support.
  • Improved customer support and feedback to work towards satisfying consumer needs and interests.

Let us walk you through the process of setting up a social marketplace using a popular social networking plugin like BuddyPress or PeepSo and the Dokan multi-vendor plugin with our compatible theme for these plugins.

Setting Up A Social Marketplace With The Help Of Buddypress and Dokan

BuddyPress is one of the most popular and feature-packed social networking plugins, whereas Dokan is the most powerful multi-vendor marketplace plugin and anyone can easily integrate these plugins into their websites to make productive and compelling social marketplaces.

1. Dokan Multivendor Plugin

Dokan is a WooCommerce-based plugin, If you install Dokan into your site, WooCommerce gets installed automatically. Woocommerce is the most popular and powerful commerce plugin. This powerful WordPress plugin ensures that the website receives a complete refurbished transformation in terms of a virtual social marketplace where there are segregated sections for product display, custom layouts, individual layouts for each commodity, and a checkout facility to receive payments. Much like any contemporary online shop, WooCommerce ensures that the users can view each of the listed products compactly and buy them without encountering any issues or problems.

Reign Theme: Our Dokan and BuddyPress Compatible Theme

Reign BuddyPress Theme
Social Marketplace with BuddyPress | Check out Reign Theme Demos 

Reign BuddyPress theme is the best available theme that can complement your social marketplace vision as the theme is fully compatible with BuddyPress and Dokan plugins. Built exclusively to support buddy press and other plugins such as WC vendors, Dokan, WCFM, and EDD, the theme can modify your website to make it look much more dedicated and an organized marketplace. Reign theme offers community support where users can create Facebook-like communities using BuddyPress integration. Furthermore, the theme also comes with WooCommerce and WC vendor integration, which can help an eCommerce website convert into a social marketplace. WC vendors on the other hand can make the website seek an Amazon-inspired shop development where the website is capable enough to host several vendors and sellers to sell products. All these integrations are supported by the Reign WordPress theme.

Notable Features:

  • Reign can help create social network websites like Facebook.
  • The theme also caters to the EDD function where websites can also sell digital services as a product with a Reign theme.
  • Reign theme also comes with additional plugin support of LifterLMS, LearnDash, And TutorLMS to convert the website into a marketplace where you can sell online courses.
  • Reign widgets
  • Discussion board facility via bbPress.
  • Monetize community features via paid memberships.
  • Social gamification feature to unlock digital rewards by GamiPress integration.
  • Multivendor plugins support WCFM, WC Vendors, WooCommerce, and Dokan to stimulate the social marketplace ecosystem.

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Setting Up A Social Marketplace With PeepSo And Dokan

PeepSo is another premium plugin for WordPress where users can create compelling social networking and community format websites in an instant. The plugin comes with a variety of features where users are free to create their community like Facebook and help create member profiles and panels, send friend requests, have engaging customer-friendly activity streams, and much more. Dokan will easily assist in setting up multi-vendor platforms

This plugin helps in creating a compelling community and social network with facilities such as adding friends, creating member groups, forums, and profiles as well as having a feature of the personal chat function. PeepSo also enables social marketplace features with Dokan and WooCommerce support through which users can easily make a website with social marketplace mechanisms and conduct direct sales to the customers browsing the website.


To create a powerful marketplace, Dokan is an adaptable plugin that can help create marketplaces with vendor support. Dokan can help enable websites to have complete eBay-like features and host several vendors to come at a singular platform and sell a variety of products and services to different people across the globe.

Social Marketplace With Peepso and Dokan

To set up a social marketplace through the PeepSo and Dokan plugins, eCommerce website owners can help create an influential domain where with the help of PeepSo, website admin can create a community enriched with users and social network features like Facebook. This community can have its member profiles and discussion groups for the members to have discussions and cultivate friendships. However, PeepSo is equally effective on the social marketplace font where users can employ the striking features of Dokan to enable marketplace features such as a marketplace with independent stores to host vendors and let them sell their merchandise and products to direct consumers. Dokan further offers support to the admin by contributing a part of the revenue of each sale to the website admin, while the rest goes into the personal vendor’s pocket. The plugin also facilitates easy coupon management from the dashboard as well as the facility to personalize shops according to the vendor’s discretion.

Reign Theme: Our Dokan and PeepSo Compatible Theme

Reign PeepSo Theme- Social Marketplace with BuddyPress

Reign PeepSo theme is a social networking theme developed specifically by keeping in mind the PeepSo plugin integration. The theme caters to the website where users can create a Facebook-like social media and have the liberty to add member profiles and panels, send friend requests, and have access to a fully customized activity/news feed function. Similarly, the theme also comes with an online community feature where Reign offers a set of add-ons to create a compelling social community. Reign also supports LifterLMS and LearnDash plugins to develop social online communities and facilitate the sale and purchase of online courses and skill set curricula.

Notable Features:

  • The facility of Bbpress to have an engaging dashboard.
  • Monetizing online community via paid membership.
  • EDD integration to sell services as products.
  • Social gamification feature.
  • Selling courses is easier via LearnDash and Lifter LMS integration.
  • Create a durable social marketplace using WooCommerce, Dokan, WCFM, and WC vendors, all essential plugins supported by the Reign theme.

Our Premium Add-Ons to Social Marketplace

1. Reign Dokan Addon

Reign Dokan Addon- Social Marketplace with BuddyPress
Social Marketplace with BuddyPress

The Reign Dokan add-on allows users to access a beautiful store with defined layouts and page designs. The elements can be easily customized and offer stunning store listing and layout, BuddyPress support, and interactive WooCommerce page designs.


  • Offers compelling grid and store layouts.
  • Also facilitates a single-store layout.
  • Interactive WooCommerce page designs.
  • BuddyPress support.
  • Extra widget availability for Dokan.
  • Detailed documentation to list products.

Online Community

Peepso Dokan Multivendor

Social Marketplace with BuddyPress
Social Marketplace with BuddyPress

Peepso Dokan Multivendor allows users to let them manage their stores from their profiles. After installing Dokan, you can mark your favorite products and list all of them in a separate tab for increased visibility. With this Dokan multivendor, users can make a separate tab where they can list their important or favorite products. Users can also manage their stores directly from the profile which is highly efficient and a convenient feature of this addon.


  • Manage your store directly from the Peepso profile.
  • Site admin can control which tabs to display.
  • Offer vendors to safely make their favorite products.
  • Offers quick links to a vendor or admin profile.

Conclusion On Social Marketplace with BuddyPress or PeepSo


The social marketplace is an irreplaceable feature of contemporary eCommerce business. For a business to seek refuge and sustain for a long, an entrepreneur must have a profitable eCommerce website plan developed to enhance the visibility of his products on a global level. With WordPress, users can easily develop social marketplace websites and serve their customers with ease and simplicity.

You can also try our free WordPress theme – BuddyX to create a social marketplace. This theme is compatible with BuddyPress and Dokan and also with various plugins to create a stunning website.

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