10 Benefits of Social Logins in eCommerce Websites

Benefits of Social Logins

Many times, while you are trying to navigate to an eCommerce website, you will come across a signup form where you will have to enter all your necessary details. This can be quite irritating as the user will have to go through the entire signup process before they can actually enter the website. The pop-up also does not have the option to skip the process. However, because of social login, it has become extremely easy for us to register to eCommerce websites. Social login has a very big role to play in user experience. So, let us see what social login is all about and what are its features. 

What is social login?

Social login is also known as social sign-in. It  allows the user to login to an eCommerce portal using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This will save you the trouble of creating a new account whenever you wish to visit an e-Commerce website.

How does the social login feature work?

Step 1: The user will select the social media network using which they wish to sign in. 

Step 2 : The system will then automatically send a login request to that particular social media network.

Step 3:  The user will have to enter his login credentials. In case the user is already logged into the social media network, he or she will automatically be able to navigate to the e-Commerce website. . 

Some major benefits of social login:  

Social login has numerous benefits. It has a major role to play in improving the sale on your eCommerce portal. Let us discuss 10 major benefits of social login in eCommerce websites:

Easy registration process:

The most important benefit of social login is that the registration process is simplified.  It sometimes becomes extremely frustrating for the users to create a new account every time they wish to visit an eCommerce portal. Social login has made it extremely convenient for the customers to navigate from one eCommerce store to another and that too with just a single click of the mouse.

Social login increases the sign-up rate:

The users will no longer have to create a new account. The overall user signups will also increase. This will help you to get a lot of customers for your eCommerce store. Subsequently, your number of sales  will also increase. Your email list will develop to a great extent.

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Reduce cart abundance rate:

Social login has a big role to play in reducing cart abundance rate. Because of social login, your customers will be able to shop from their social networking  platform without having to go through a registration process. Research has shown that most people abandon e-Commerce portal on the checkout page of the website. Social login can greatly reduce this possibility and also increase your conversion rate. 

Reduces bounce rate:

There are a lot of people who absolutely hate filling up registration forms. They make an exit as soon as they are asked to sign up on your website. This increases the bounce rate. With social login, your customers will be encouraged to visit your website without having to fill up the registration form. 

You do not have to remember passwords:

Another major benefit of social login is that you need not have to remember your password every time you navigate to an e-Commerce portal. You can automatically login using your social media account.

Fewer login failures:

There are a lot of people who forget their password while they are trying to login to the E-commerce website. This causes them to take an exit from the website. There are a lot of websites  which offer options for the users to recover their password.  But most people try to avoid that and abandon the website. Using social sign-in features, you will not have to remember your password and the rate of login failure will also decrease. 

Improve mobile conversion rate:

Today, most people shop for their favourite products online from their mobile phones. Therefore, you cannot give less importance to mobile optimization. Your website needs to be optimized from mobile devices as well. This will make it easier for your users to navigate to your website from their mobile phones. Social login will make it easier for mobile users to sign up to your website. This will also help to increase conversion rate and grab a lot of traffic towards your website.  

You can do target marketing:

Social login allows you to focus on target audiences. You will be provided with a lot of customer data using which you can enhance your marketing campaign. This information may include name, gender, age, email address etc.

Provide proper comfort:

Even if your brand isn’t that popular, your user will be able to connect with your website by means of Instagram, Facebook and Google. It will allow you to develop a sense of trust in the mind of their users and they will no longer hesitate to sign-up.

Get real email addresses:

Using social login features, you will be able to capture the real email addresses of the users. This is a very good way of increasing your email list. In this way, you will be able to remain in touch with your customers and keep them informed about the latest products on your website.

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