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There’s a myth about productivity that people have unconsciously grown to believe. It’s the lie that activity equals productivity. Much Productive Content Marketer has fallen for this lie and is trapped in a cycle of exhaustion. Grinding for hours alone doesn’t yield results but leads to burnout.

As a Productive content marketer, productivity is more than just putting out content. Instead, it’s about consistently publishing the right content for the ideal prospect while making the best use of your time. Your productivity is measured by how your content drives traffic and boosts conversion rates.

And as it turns out, the content marketing space is constantly evolving. As a result, your content strategy must cater to new user preferences and developing trends.

Creating Your content


Productive Content Marketer

The six tips listed below will help you improve your workflow and show you how to be more productive in 2022.

1. Identify your target audience

One of the sacred principles of content marketing is creating content for your target audience.
Now, this probably seems like the most obvious thing in content creation. However, It’s surprising to find that lots of content marketers are still stuck creating for no one in particular.

Creating content and hoping that “everybody” will relate to it will see you achieve nearly nothing. Imagine trying to sell dog treats to people who are allergic to dogs.
For your content to get the desired results, you must know to who it will be relevant. Also, if they have the means to pay for your services.

That is why it’s critical to carry out thorough market research to know your ideal target. You must also understand their online behaviors and know which channels to meet them. Then, your data can help you shape a powerful content strategy.

Find out what kind of content interests your target audience. When a content marketer publishes a blog post or YouTube video every day, it seems like they are doing well. That is until you find out they’re only getting one view per day from their mom.

It is not just about daily output. You need to be an analytical thinker. Know what platforms to focus on, depending on the content to be shared. Strategize on the best ways to reach the target audience, and ensure your online presence has multiple channels.

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2. Focus on one task at a time

Focus on one task
Productive Content Marketer

What’s the point of working on five different projects simultaneously if none of them ever turns out better than average? Doing too many things at once will stop you from putting the best into any of them. This work behavior will also drain your mental and physical energy much faster.

A 2016 study found that multitasking can negatively affect attention, comprehension, and general performance.
In addition, switching between jobs in rapid succession can leave you confused and cause you to make mistakes. That’s because picking up where you left off can be more challenging and complex than you think.

And when it comes to content marketing, you need laser focus to produce great content or formulate a strategy.
So, try to take things one at a time and ensure your work is thoroughly researched. This way, you’ll produce quality content that will speak for you and your brand.

Better to have three finished projects than to have five half-done ones.

Use the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique involves 25-minute work periods separated by 5-minute breaks. You can then take longer 15 to 20-minute breaks after four pomodoros. The main goals of using this technique are focusing on one thing at a time, avoiding distractions, and keeping yourself recharged.

3. Get organized and remove distractions

remove distractions- Productive Content Marketer
Productive Content Marketer

Sometimes, creating content takes up more time than we’d like. And so, many content marketers find themselves getting frustrated in the process.

Having a process to follow comes in really handy with this. Creating a schedule, using a to-do list, and keeping a journal will help you go through your workday without wasting time on frivolities.
List out every task you have to perform for a project to be completed, and then approach each of them in order of priority.

To make the best of this, take away distractions. You can switch off your phones or use apps that help you mute other distracting programs. You could use the focus-mode option on your phone to keep distracting apps from affecting your workflow.

  • Prioritize your tasks

Whenever you create a to-do list and work up your schedule, arrange your jobs according to their importance and deadlines.

  • Manage time wasters

Some tasks can easily become time wasters if you prioritize them above other tasks. They include meetings, organizing your email, and decluttering your desktop. Reserve these tasks for non-critical and non-productive work hours.

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  • Deal with potential distractions

You should eliminate tasks that may interrupt your workflow during intense work. These tasks can include a client call you’re expecting, an email, or even a delivery. You can delegate them to someone else.

4. Leverage productivity tools- Productive Content Marketer

Productivity tools allow you to monitor and assess your performance. The insights you gain from these tools will help you optimize your schedule and work pattern.

For example, a time tracker keeps tabs on how much time you spend on tasks. This way, you can determine which assignments you need to improve on. It also helps you identify activities that cut into your productive hours so you can shed them.

You should also consider using project management tools to streamline your workflow, especially if you work with a team. From task management to document sharing and integrations, these platforms make life easier for teams and individuals, particularly in remort work environments.

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5. Schedule your posts and stay consistent

Schedule your posts- Productive Content Marketer
Productive Content Marketer

Business strategist Connie Siu says, “Consistency is the secret sauce of productivity improvement.”
One common mistake marketers make is trying to sell their idea or product to their audience in one go. Unfortunately, this strategy rarely works since the average person needs to come in contact with your content multiple times before making a decision.

According to the marketing rule of 7, prospects are provoked to take action after hearing a marketer’s message at least seven times. To keep your product/service fresh in their minds, they must keep seeing relevant content that offers value.

Send too much content their way, and they don’t even have time to catch up. Send too little, and they forget you even exist. Staying consistent requires figuring out what time your audience is more active online and on what days. This helps you know when to post and how often to do it.

You should also maintain the same tone of voice throughout your publishing channels. Your video, audio, and text contents should relay the same message to your audience. This way, they can be routed to your sales funnel even if they bounce between channels.

Consistency does not just help you carry leads over the line but also enables you to keep customers engaged and loyal. It does not matter if you post four times a day or four times a week. All that matters is finding out what works best for your audience and you.

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6. Batch-Produce- Productive Content Marketer

Have you ever wondered how top creators never seem to experience burnout and how they stay consistent?

Producing in batches! That’s how.

Now, you are probably wondering what I’m going on about but think about it. Do you feel the same way every single day? Of course not!

Some days, you’re in a great mood and excited to get a lot of work done. And on other days, you feel tired and don’t feel up to it. Some days, it takes longer than expected to finish your content. So, you have to postpone publishing or posting it (which defeats the whole concept of consistency).

The trick here is to find your productive hours and work on as much content as possible during that period. Then you slowly start to release the content on the scheduled days. This way, you remain consistent and produce great work.

To achieve this, carefully plan your content strategy well ahead of time. Your topics and keywords should be in place. This way, you can pick them up and get into producing content when your productive hours kick in.
Also, you can reorganize your schedule to account for those periods when you’re energized for work. That is, you can reserve the tough jobs for those moments.

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Conclusion of Content Marketer

Content marketing is the soul of digital marketing and very competitive space. It requires content creators to be at their creative best and isn’t kind to even minor quality drops. So, ensure you’re always learning new marketing skills, managing your time properly, and optimizing content for the right audience.

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