Using Hashtags can make or break things for any digital marketer in 2020. They are an amazing way to build your brand, enhance a marketing campaign and remain in touch with your followers. Hashtags also facilitate in building an online community.and helps you to boost your social media marketing.

Create A Community With Hashtags

hashtag community

People applying hashtags get the opportunity to discover each other and forge relationships – a great instance of it is the communities created around Twitter chats. Every week people turn up to learn and share ideas emanating from the chat they participate in – and they spot each other by using the event hashtag.

Apply A Hashtag To Carry On A Twitter Chat

 Role Of Hashtags In Creating Online Community Website

Text chats are carried on Twitter. As Twitter is simply a large open platform, you need to find a way to specify who is taking part in the chat. Or else, you are not able to know whether there is a response by the tweet to something being said by someone else in the chat or not.

This makes the hashtag particularly useful. Designate a unique hashtag and you will find yourself hosting a discussion, even though a text discussion.

Why Use Hashtags In The First Place

Users can look for posts having a specific hashtag, which makes hashtags useful in making individuals locate tweets and posts that fascinate them. And if you are interested in getting your posts found, adding a hashtag or two can help you to reach out to your audience.

Hashtags need not relate to a topic, but can also reflect your mood within your post. Like for instance, if you post about receiving a prize, hashtags such as #so thrilled and #love winning can be used.

Hashtags can result in extraordinary focus in social media of your brand, make people stick to a trend and also help you to carry out engagement with a community. They also serve numerous purposes, from clubbing together content related to topics to describing the emotional state of a user.  For instance, a user can post a photograph on Instagram of a cooked meal at home and insert the hashtags “#PureVegan” or “#GlutenFree” and “#nailedIt”. Every mentioned tag lets us know about the various particulars of the user.

Social media in a large way promotes the creation of online communities. One hashtag can make you feel being a part of a bigger discussion through the exchange of opinions with different users. Whether specifically or casually included in a social media post, the usage of a hashtag indicates to various users a purpose or intention. The advancement of hashtag use from categorizing posts to one that connects similar users collectively all over the globe has made the hashtag effective in creating online communities by binding users jointly.

Hashtags boost your social media presence by making your content viewable to any person who is interested in your hashtag. It also helps in brand building for your business or for yourself by engaging with the audience and participating in a trending conversation. From a business outlook, hashtags offer you the chance to get noticed in a conversation and build the voice of your company on certain topics. In fact, knowing how, why, and where to use a hashtag can transform your social media scenario and presence immensely.

If you take part in a high-traffic conversation, by finding out the leading trending topics, you stand to gain high visibility with regard to your business, The higher the online presence and visibility the larger the audience that raises exponentially the chance of new leads for your business.

Build An Online Community Site Based On BuddyPress

 Role Of Hashtags In Creating Online Community Website

If you like to convert your site to resemble a social network, an awesome option is the free WordPress plugin BuddyPress. This effective community plugin allows you to incorporate extensive social features, such as user profiles, news feeds, activity, messaging, notifications, groups besides more.

A handy plugin that empowers you to control the features for activating your site. This lets you build an online community site containing the social networking features that align with your audience and niche. WordPress makes it simple to create a captivating website and using BuddyPress plugins makes it easy to power an online social community that caters to your website. There are also different plugins that have been piled out in the marketplace to serve the diverse needs of multiple vendors who are operating communities such as an online shopping community, or an educational community.

To put it simply, BuddyPress is the building block while the rest of the BuddyPress plugins can be mentioned as the support system in the matter of creating a stunning and resourceful community website.

BuddyPress Hashtags Plugins functions for WordPress

Presently, you can utilize any Hashtag when you post as a topic in a forum or activity. Hashtag works as an awesome feature which can be clicked and you can view others who are utilizing the same Hashtag and discussing the same topic. Hashtags also have immense popularity on different social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

BuddyPress Hashtags provide dedicated widgets for BuddyPress Activities and bbPress Forums and can be displayed at desired sidebars. It lets members use hashtags in BuddyPress activities and bbPress topics. You also receive sorting processes from BuddyPress Hashtags and limitations of displaying a specific number of hashtags.

The Buddypress Hashtags Plugin imitates the behavior of the Twitter hashtag and lets the users use # to tag a topic into their activity update and blog post ( to be installed on multisite).

  • This plugin supports Unicode characters (like for instance Greek language)
  • Offers a “Popular terms” widget
  • Includes the categories and tags of every post in a multisite installation
  • For multisite installation, if a hashtag is within the content of the post, it also has a link to the concerned activity
  • It offers a shortcode which approves similar arguments as wp_generate_tag_cloud () function
  • BuddyPress hashtags plugins do not change the activity content rather all hashtags are stored within a new db table for generating lighter queries in the activity table


Choose hashtags wisely from the start and look for one that would suit your business. In present times it has become necessary to create a brand community as it helps to garner brand loyalty and social media expansion. In fact, a customer spends more on your product, after they join your online community and hashtags play a decisive role in making brands grow their online community.

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