Best Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

As a restaurant owner, you must be wanting your existing customers to order your menu frequently and get the best user experience upon ordering. With the ongoing health crisis – COVID -19, dining experience has changed from sit-down dining to online ordering. To make such changeover smooth you require to have access to a restaurant online ordering system that offers quick food delivery. 

Businesses already involved in delivery plus pickup facilities handled the change faster. However, several restaurants were found wanting. Though, there is a high availability of platforms and applications that you can utilize to deliver food, but they charge exorbitantly. Besides, setting up any new process is time consuming whatever be the situation.

However, the solution does not lie in remaining shuttered for days and months, and yet pay a restaurant labor cost and rent for the premises, not to speak of profit. In fact, if your clientele already exists, it does not matter to them whether you use DoorDash, Uber Eats, or your individual online ordering platform. They only prefer your food, and if you make your ordering process simple for them to place an order, your business can be kept running. 

Predictions are made by experts that 2023 will witness a rise in off-premise spending almost by 70-80% by way of effective delivery systems, and drive-throughs. This is due to the accelerate growth of the online delivery segment in the restaurant sector


Top Restaurant Online Ordering Platforms For Your Business

Thankfully, adaptive platforms like WordPress allow you to modify your present website to make it easy for your customers to put forth their orders online. While choosing platforms for the below list, we gave importance to the ones that are high on mobile UX and are affordable since several businesses are at present on a limited budget. 

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Keep your oven simmering with our list of restaurant online ordering systems that keeps your pick up orders bustling and makes it convenient for your customers to order again and again.

1. Gloria Food

Restaurant Online Ordering Systems
Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

 A free platform, Gloria Food has its individual WordPress plugin that lets you make an online menu through its drag-and-drop builder and integrates a complete order processing system to your site. This restaurant online ordering platform enables you to receive orders and process delivery, along with reserving tables. Customers can also make use of it to place their food orders beforehand, so that it is prepared when they come for dining which is an advantageous feature that helps to decrease wait times as you finally open your restaurant.

To process payments online, you require to make payments for an add-on priced at $29/month. This gives you premium features such as credit card payments, site optimization and more. If you prefer to utilize it for free, you can use delivery drivers to carry Point of Sale gadgets or adhere to cash. Its free version provides you every basic feature that an online ordering site and app type ordering widget.    


  • Enables maintenance of detailed reports regarding order activity on your tablet or smartphone
  • Conducts promotion, and place orders via Facebook or website
  • Assists takeout orders and delivery


  • Lacks native credit card processing
  • Does not provide out of the box online payment processing

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2. RestroPress

Restaurant Online Ordering Systems
Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

A WordPress online food ordering system, RestroPress is a complete plugin that lets you integrate food ordering systems to your WordPress site. This platform enables you to receive PickUp as well as Delivery orders. Its pre-built dashboard helps user to handle their orders and profile.

Equipped with an interactive frontend plus backend interface RestroPress manages orders effectively. It allows you to easily go online and receive orders within minutes. If you are not making use of WooCommerce, then RestroPress can work as the fastest ordering platform to include in your site.  


  • Simple menu management with handy admin options
  • Mobile responsive that adapts as per the screen size of the user
  • Offers customers discounts, offers and coupon codes
  • Seamless store management by tracking sales, handling open and closing times, including cut off time for delivery.
  • Receives order through email notifications and push-notifications, besides automated call and sms
  • PayPal integration
  • Built-in add-on-products


  • A free plugin that could have been further optimized

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3. Restolabs- Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

This platform improves your restaurant business as your customers can place their orders for delivery, pickup or advanced payment for dining. Restolabs has exclusively created its online site to serve small and medium enterprises. If you prefer a system that effortlessly transfers directly your online orders to present POS, lets you place orders on social media, along with presenting digital tools- everything at a single place, Restolabs can be advantageous.

Their monthly plan is priced at $45 every month per store that sounds economical given the features offered by them. If you decide to start and lack a sizable budget, Restolabs can be an option worth considering.


  • Easy installation and no coding skills required to include food ordering system into your WordPress
  • Processes credit card payments or allows consumers to pay cash upon delivery
  • Assists email notifications and automated phone calls to know new orders and print tickets automatically for your kitchen
  • Opens order analytics


  • Driver management features are exclusively available if you take up the Premium plan and up

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4.  MenuDrive- Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

You can make use of this restaurant ordering system to carry out take out orders as well as delivery. Menus that can be viewed and read across all devices are created by MenuDrive that makes it simple to use for smartphone users. 

MenuDrive stands apart from others as it provides site hosting along with social media marketing and email features. This transforms it into a perfect choice if you are presently starting to create an online presence for your restaurant and want it instantly. This online ordering system converts your restaurant menu into a responsive site. You can even customize the appearance of your site to align with the theme of your brand. MenuDrive assures you greater return customers, higher order rate, and substantial ticket sizes.


  • Contains customer engagement functions such as coupon builder, customized loyalty rewards, quick ordering and reordering choices
  • Receive online payments through credit card 
  • Allows group orders
  • Configures the type of notifications you prefer


  • The Basic MenuDrive restricts you to a single location and single user
  • MenuDrive levies a credit card processing charge of 4.5% which is a bit more compared to the industry standard

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5. Cloud Waitress

Restaurant Online Ordering Systems
Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

An online reservation and ordering platform, Cloud Waitress allows you to build a website if you have not created one. Every site made on Cloud Waitress gets hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. It provides you abundant customization and you can utilize their integrated site editor to build your personal tailor-made branded online ordering site. 

If you promote ads on Google, Cloud Waitress enables you to make landing pages containing a contact form for sending customers to the website for gathering the information or for ordering. In addition, you receive for free the basic features for online ordering along with app functions. Though their Starter package is totally chargeless, if you pick up a premium plan, it will cost simply $39 per month/store. Not at all, an adverse deal, Isn’t it?


  • Single platform that allows you to receive and handle all types of online order
  • Enables pick up, dine-in, order delivery to a particular address, reservation of table
  • Create an exclusive online ordering site using your brand colors, selecting from pre-built themes plus stock images using integrated site editor
  • Order management interface in real time to maintain track of pending order and make future preparations
  • Personalized email, device and audio notifications
  • Automated printing of receipts to countless printers


  • Lack of desirable features such as analytics
  • Limited food promo engine when compared to Gloria

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Conclusion of Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

Online food ordering systems have grown tremendously during the past years with new startups and huge funding in this domain. With huge orders being conducted on smartphones, mobile ordering is anticipated to become a billion dollar industry by the end of 2022. Your revenue stream can increase with an in-house delivery and ordering platform that streamlines your restaurant orders as it reaches a greater number of customers and also raises your profitability.

However, before tyeing -up with one you should evaluate what they offer, contrast their prices and explore the best one for your restaurant business. 

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