Best WordPress Finance Plugins 2024

Best WordPress Finance Plugins

Dealing with finance is not that easy. It requires accurate and continuous calculations. A lot of times, it becomes challenging for a business. This is where WordPress comes into play. Apart from being the best content management system out there, it also provides you with different kinds of plugins and themes that help you with better management of your finances. These plugins generally provide you with tons of features that improve your overall website and business efficiency. Investing in such plugins is always a good idea because a concept as important as finance cannot be handled without care. 

If you want to know some of the best finance plugins for your WordPress site, you are in the right place! In this article, we will explore some of the finest plugins that can help you with your financial management, reporting, analysis of business, and so on. Ready? Let’s start!

1. WPHRM – Human Resource & Finance Management Plugin:


This is a human resource and finance management plugin that will help you in so many aspects. It allows you to create departments and add staff as per your preferences. Additionally, you can also track attendance and other information as required for your employee. It even has a built-in acceptance and denial of applications. To make things better and more efficient for you, WPHRM provides you with a practical set of tools. If you are looking for a plugin that manages your employees, departments, salary, holidays, leave, finance, and others – download it right away! 

To check out this plugin, click here. 

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2. Credit Calculators:

Credit calculator

This plugin has a pool of different calculators for your benefit. It includes 14 types such as credit balance, credit payments, minimum payment by credit card, number of payments on credit, comparison of credits, loan refinancing, and credit comparison. This plugin is user-friendly and responsive. Set up is easy and it aims to enhance your overall user experience. All you have to do is select the calculator you wish to use and publish it on any page or post. In short, this plugin is of high quality and is used widely across the globe. 

Know more about this plugin – here

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3. WP Amortization Calculator:

Best WordPress Finance Plugins

If you want a plugin for a real estate website, this one is perfect for you. It has shortcodes and widgets that display your form anywhere on your website. Additionally, the featured calculator can adapt ideally to different kinds of screen sizes. To help your website, it even has a great lead generation tool! All visitors have to do is enter their email address to receive the report. With this plugin, you can calculate the loan amortization amount. It is also responsive and has a modern design. 

If you want to explore more of its features, click here. 

4. Cost Calculator for WordPress:

Best WordPress Finance Plugins

This plugin is everything you can ever want – and more. The best thing is that you can customize your form for anything. You can add various fields in a flexible manner and without any hassle. Moreover, you can also style your layout and change the colors according to your interests. So go ahead and create multiple calculators and display them anywhere on your website with the plugin’s shortcode builder! Lastly, it allows you to store the results in the database and email the results to your visitors. Some notable features include responsiveness, mobile compatibility, excellent support team, different calculator components such as a dropdown box, slider box, input box, summary box, and so on. 

Check it out – here

5. Interest only Loan/Mortgage Calculator:

If you want a simple plugin that does what you want, this is what you should choose. It does what is designed for – adding an interest calculator to your website. It has all necessary fields such as your initial loan amount, annual interest rate, length of loan repayment, compounding period, and so much more. The plugin does your calculations for you. Adding this to your website is extremely easy and it makes you much more efficient. The shortcodes are amazing and you will definitely be satisfied! 

So, this was our list! Have you used any? What do you think? Tell us below! Thank you for reading and all the best! 

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