Best Marketing Analytics Tools To Try in 2024

Marketing Analytics Tools

Marketing Analytics tools aid marketers to estimate and managing marketing output. The aim is to maximize the success of marketing activities and endorse investment. Thereby, marketing analytics tools aid marketing crews in both enhancing their efforts and showing their worth.

Tools can accumulate data from entire channels in the marketing combination and report on them simultaneously. They permit marketers to build reports without depending on data scientists.

Marketing Analytics tools promote things like:

  • Cross-channel attribution.
  • Campaign tracking.
  • Customer segmentation.
  • Marketing mix modeling.
  • Competitive analysis.

They cater to the 3 major areas of marketing performance management that include attribution, optimization, and justification.

Finally, dashboards offer a view into the manner marketing efforts affect the bottom line. This helps marketers and executive leadership.

Marketing Analytics Tools

1. Looker

Marketing Analytics Tools

Looker arrives with business intelligence application features that help with simpler data discovery. In the form of a data discovery forum, the application aids firms take improved business decisions by real-time access to data. It can cater to the needs of startups, enterprises, and mid-sized businesses, offering capacities to analyze data of all dimensions with its 100 percent in-database and 100 percent browser-oriented platform. Further, Looker can combine with any SQL database or data storehouse employing an inventive approach to data exploration.

The software allows you to create and exchange reports on the fly, so different functional groups can gain from their queries and the knowledge created by you. You can surf the data through interactive and precise charts and tables with simplicity and without complex coding. The platform also contains self-service features like pivoting, filtering, and the development of dashboards and visualizations. You can obtain greater insight into your clients and their whole journey by mixing different data sets, cross-channel client behavior, and client segmentation by qualities.

2. HubSpot Marketing

Marketing Analytics Tools

HubSpot Marketing is a sophisticated comprehensive marketing system that coordinates your whole marketing efforts to aid your team generate traffic and raising conversions. It arrives with drag-and-drop features that enable you to design involving websites with reactive pages irrespective of the device they are displayed on.

Similarly, you can develop extremely customized landing pages for your campaigns, share static as well as dynamic HTML messages, make and format content for publishing, and incorporate information from different systems. The whole of these can be performed in the absence of any coding experience.

HubSpot Marketing helps you to read and optimize appealing content, and share it among the proper audiences. It arrives with SEO and social recommendations to direct traffic and tools to customize messages for particular visitors. It also provides contact forms and A/B tests to build effective lead generation schemes, an operational marketing funnel, a contact database, scheduling, and mobile marketing, among others.

3. Marketo

Marketing Analytics Tools

Marketo is an all-in-one cloud platform that particularizes in client engagement marketing and marketing management. It contains tools for account-related marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, mobile, social, email, web, digital ads, and marketing analytics.

Marketo arrives with a viewable drag-and-drop user-friendly interface and HTML skills are not needed to design expert email templates and landing pages. Email checking is also provided so you can attempt various content and actively alter them to suit specific situations.

Marketo offers native incorporations with major CRM platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, to aid sync marketing crews and sales crews for improved association and understanding. Its lead management capacity allows you to collect powerful leads based on pre-ascertained parameters and criteria, like demographics, product scores, input from sales reports, and prospect behavior.

4. Salesforce Einstein

Marketing Analytics Tools

Salesforce Einstein constitutes an AI tool for sales data processing. It collects and processes detail to convey precise predictions, offers recommendations framed to specific business needs, and enables a more intense understanding of clients. The tool arrives with “myEinstein,” a platform where you can create and publish your own wise and predictive applications to customize the solution more for particular business needs.

Salesforce Einstein carries automation capacity to facilitate your sales agents to get more productive. It examines detail to supply data that permits agents to align their priorities and locate the most advantageous opportunities. This tool functions as your sales crew’s data scientist that aids in discovering fresh contacts and remaining updated on business news while improving productivity by linking emails and calendars to the forum.

5. Percolate


Percolate is a comprehensive marketing software that enables you to schedule, design, execute, and handle your marketing operations across all markets, channels, and teams. It’s content marketing and asset handling features offer a sturdy platform for content motivation, management, distribution, and analysis, among others. It permits you to publish content to various marketing channels from one hub, including digital, social, and conventional marketing channels. You can estimate marketing from idea creation to execution, permitting you to monitor team productivity and cross-channel display.

Percolate offers lavish insights into content performance, focusing on areas that need improvement. It arrives in 4 key modules – sharing and social relationship management, content marketing, and asset handling, planning and campaign handling, and marketing analytics. All these are mixed in one platform to aid you to handle and make viewable all marketing activity, whether it be a global initiative or a separate piece of content.

6. Nielsen Marketing Cloud

Nielsen Marketing Cloud

Nielsen Marketing Cloud is built to enable agencies, brands, and media companies to join more intensely with clients by mixing Nielsen’s world-class information, media planning, marketing activation, analytics, and data handling platform capacities in one cloud platform. It supports a deeper understanding of consumers and fans, more efficient one-to-one messaging, and stronger ROI analysis and campaign optimization. It affords your capacity to smoothly transfer data between apps to grow to learn and trigger a 360-degree display of your customers.

The tool provides the main hub and handles and triggers the first second and third-party consumer information. It offers a potent analytics solution that activates adjacent ROI metrics for entire digital media channels to tell media to spend and optimize marketing strategies. It allows tracking consideration and purchase-motive metrics in actual time to permit in-flight campaign optimization, from media assigning to creative versioning.

7. Visual IQ

Visual IQ constitutes a marketing intelligence remedy aimed to assist you to comprehend marketing performances in conjunction with the specific profiles of your clients and prospects. It enables you to estimate audience aspects and behaviors, optimize budgets, and better the general customer experience. The software supplies the actionable, audience-oriented marketing intelligence you require to offer meaningful business outcomes in the present consumer-driven, multi-screen world. You’ll be enabled to estimate all kinds of marketing and media, evaluate the specific profiles of your fans, and take instant action on insights.

The tool can change your disparate data into audience-based intelligence with the multi-touch aspect to deliver transparency to your advertising and marketing efforts. It can gather and copy performance, expense, and audience ascribe data from your marketing channels and gadgets in true time. Once gathered, you possess the flexibility to describe your rules-oriented attribution model (Even-Weighting, First-Touch, Position-Oriented) or employ a more advanced, algorithmic version (Enhanced, TrueAttribution) to estimate the sway by audiences of each channel and campaign strategy.


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The value of marketing analytics cannot be underplayed. While companies have since long made profitable use of marketing software, you need more improved tools to analyze, manage, and evaluate your marketing performance to heighten their success and optimize ROI. It will be achieved by Marketing Analytics Software.

A study discovered that companies that do advancements in measurements and ROI capacities were more probable to defeat rivals and have a greater degree of effectiveness and expertise in their marketing. Marketing analytics tools will offer that critical edge to propel you in the current competitive and data-based business environment.

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