8 Mobile Optimization Tips To Improve Your Site

Mobile Optimization Tips

The world is speedily turning mobile, and when you haven’t already developed a mobile version of your website till now, then your competition will attend to this portion of you…….by wresting your mobile visitors far from you.

A “mobile makeover” can significantly alter the experience for your mobile visitors. The difference before and following mobile optimization is obvious.

The following are some easy guidelines to ensure the mobile experience of your website is built to impress and convert!

# 1 Maintain Your Mobile Site Plain, Consistent And Simply Navigable

Keep in mind, mobile screens are quite smaller to navigate than laptop and desktop screens so just offer important information needed by you to render the user experience memorable and clear. Excessive information can be disturbing and annoying to a viewer on such a tiny screen. The following things must be kept in mind:

  • Prevent your page from being content loaded with too much information
  • Emphasize the content that users require most
  • Ensure that the landing page is neat, plain and concise. Visitors can click through buttons at all times to reach further information on a secondary page
  • Retain essential features and structure steady across the whole site (return-to-home screen, menu options, etc.)
  • Guide your likely customer to the core of the information, taking a definite path to the action you wish visitors to finish (rsvp, buy now, visit, submit, download, etc.)
  • Ensure to utilize as little form fields as probable (not exceeding 6) to retain the page tidy and streamlined
  • If your site is complex, ensure to add a search bar for simple navigation,

# 2 Offer A Simple Scroll Experience

Do not configure your user experience to be a “pinch and zoom” affair. You will drive away from most clients with the entire hassle this generates, particularly if you are requesting them to complete a survey or expanded form field.

Employ scrolling menu bars and checkable boxes to ease the data entry process. By lessening your page content, you get the option to slightly increase the text size (readable on a small screen). This renders the important information on the page reachable in one simple vertical scroll.

Further, ensure the action buttons are of a nice size and have sufficient room in between each for simple navigation with fingers. Always bear in mind that you’re creating a page where visitors will be employing their fingers in place of a mouse arrow.

# 3 Maintain A Legible And Big Font Size

The aim should be to attract the average user in with simply legible text, removing the requirement to zoom in on the screen. You don’t desire your user to squint for reading text or fail to understand the letters so it is recommended to use a minimum font size of 14 points. Maintain the fonts organized and less stylized. A few graceful, more design-oriented fonts that are readable will look awesome.

# 4 Speak In Sound Bites

Maintain your text brief, sweet and precise. Keep it catchy. Design remarkable phrases that your fans can conveniently tweet out and repost. A brief testimonial from a happy customer can also be included by you. You should regard employing the following for your mobile landing page:

  • Titles
  • Mission Statements
  • Slogans
  • Action Buttons
  • Brief Descriptive Phrases
  • Bullet Points (in place of paragraphs)
  • Scroll Menus (retain your content within lists)

The following are a few instances:

“Dominos is the best pizza in town!” – customer testimonial
Save big on your next meal! – download coupon for a restaurant
Business is what we do – corporate slogan

Observe the brief and punchy description lines, tidy backgrounds, clear action buttons and complimentary snaps and text colour in the instances.

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# 5 Make The Imagery Talk

Within a visually constricted space such as mobile, image option is an excellent means to rapidly sum up your message. The correct image can tell volumes drawing a visceral experience and link from your viewer that may not be probable to achieve with just text on the tinier mobile screens. When selecting imagery, the following things must be kept in mind:

  • Select a picture that will attract your audience and include a matching smooth background
  • Another alternative is to employ a non-disturbing snap or abstract picture as the page background
  • Stay away from selecting harsh and conflicting colours for your picture or background
  • Do not allow the background visually contest with the text, so ensure the text colour is simply viewable on the background and does not disappear in a pattern
  • Neon yellow and different similar colour are difficult to view on screen and diminish the attraction of your page
  • Remember forever to size your snaps for the web and condense them for your viewers to enjoy speedier image loading time on the site. ImageOptim and TinyPNG are excellent tools to diminish image size without compromising quality
  • Maintain a complementary colour palette in thought when designing your page. It is vital to employ colours that are complementary to the picture you have selected, building a visual experience that appeals to the eye and not extremely distracting.

# 6 Ensure It Scales

Having a stunning page that does not scale to the entire mobile devices present is a shame. There are more than 500 separate screen sizes among Android, Windows, iPhone, blackberry, and tablets, turning it into a contest to possess a really mobile-optimized device universal landing page.

Try to observe these 3 parameters for scalability:

  • Ensure your page scales to the landscape as well as portrait views
  • It’s suggested to build your mobile site in HTML5 since it resolves numerous issues of flash on mobile
  • Prevent coding your mobile site in Flash or employing Flash video if possible since it does not load on whole devices (primarily iPhone and iPad)

Finally, Google proclaimed last September that websites optimized for mobile will translate into ad quality. Therefore, if you wish to maintain your Quality Score high and keep on running an easy Adwords campaign, you must probably begin contemplating about undertaking some nicely designed mobile landing pages instantly!

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# 7 Configure Your Personal Analytics

It is a nice idea to configure a plan for monitoring your analytics in advance. One striking reason is that two-thirds of mobile traffic does not permit third party cookies. That can render it truly hard to monitor the success of your mobile advertisement output.

For instance, iPhone and iPad do not permit cookies till you activate them manually. And you can’t hope that consumers will activate them.

The remedy to this is to employ analytics software that employs first-party cookies to monitor visitors. Finally, you should monitor conversions and perform A/B or multivariate checking to enhance your site’s goal performance.

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# 8 Simplify Interface Actions

Bear in mind, your visitors are seeing your page on a phone and a lot of simple action options are available to account for them.

Clients search regionally the whole time so render it simple for them to locate you and join. When employing icons and action buttons, ensure to utilize universal symbols so your visitors can simply know the action and where to perform it on your page.

Think about including:

  • Maps
  • Click to Call
  • Facebook
  • Foursquare
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Email
  • Tumblr
  • 1 Stop Checkout
  • Form Field Submissions
  • Play a Video
  • Visit a URL

This is a superb example of a universal menu, mobile-friendly and content buttons.


The bottom line is that marketers and businesses must pay attention to consumer attitude since consumers will be anticipating a constant and active presence on all mobile gadgets. Mobile is fast getting to consumers what web originally was – an intent-driven area.

Any ads or searches clicked across on mobile will most probably be worked on in 24 hours, if not at the time of engagement. Presently, the mobile ad room is 10 per cent less expensive than on the web, so presently is the moment to purchase into mobile before the prices increase with the optimization and standardization of mobile practices.

So this is all about mobile optimization tips for website To make businesses attain their top potential and gain in mobile, they require a smooth mobile strategy that contains a connecting mobile landing page, banner ad placement, and a mobile-optimized site.



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