Amazing Tips to Optimize your Website Homepage

Optimize Your Website Homepage

What is the Website homepage? The website’s homepage is the front page of your site. It gives an overview to the visitor of the complete business. This means if any visitor just lands on your website homepage, it should give an overview of what your business is all about. What’s your vision and mission?

What services and features you have offered to them? Moreover, if they want to connect with you, it must also include some contact links as well.

For the Homepage Optimization, you make sure that the exact keyword is added in the Title tag, Description tag, H1 tag, H2 tag, and H3 tag.   It is not only for the people who want some service from you, search engines also pay attention to the SEO. After just landing on your website homepage people got an instant idea regarding the concern they use to visit your website.

Your website homepage should have an attractive design and also shows all the important parts of your business. Visitors will get a reason to stay more on your website.

How to Set Homepage Title and Description?

optimize website homepage


Homepage Title

Make sure title should not exceed the limit of 60 characters. Use only brand name is not effective for Search Engine Optimization. It must include keywords that represent your business.

Homepage Description

Homepage description is also very important. You must notice its importance for SEO. The description is what users will see in the SERPS so you may add a good quality thoughts as a business overview. So that your users can not consider your website as spam. You can set the words limit of between 150 to 160.

How to set H1, H2 and H3 tags?

optimize your website homepage

  • Add only one H1 tag to your homepage: It is the heading of the page and it must include the exact keyword.
  • Only one H2 tag to your homepage: It is the subheading of the page and it must include these exact keyword.
  • Add multiple per page H3-H6 is fine: It is the subsections of the page. Not required to add an exact keyword.

Additional Tips for Homepage Optimization

  • Use of Exact Keyword: Use exact keyword only 2-4 times. On rest of the content, you can use related keywords.
  • Word Limit: Depending on your website’s theme. If it allows adding a lot of content then you should add around 2000+ words to your homepage.
  • Optimized Content: Your writing content on the homepage must have the exact keyword. You should also make it bold, italicize or underline within the first few lines of the content.
  • The keyword should add Anchor text: Your exact keyword should found in the “Anchor text”.
  • Link your blog and sitemap on Homepage: Make sure to add your blog to the menu bar of the Homepage. It will help users and search engines to find your blogs easily.
  • Link with XML Sitemap and HTML Sitemap: Must link with the XML and HTML sitemap as XML tells search engines about the new pages of the website and HTML helps your visitors and search engines to find all pages added on the website.
  • Add Navigation links: At the top of the page, or just below your website logo, you should add 3-7 links to important pages on your site. It will help to navigate to other pages too.
  • Keep your content up to date: Review your homepage content to be up to date on every week to ensure about latest products, services, and offers. All the new happenings must be up-to-date on the page.

Final Thoughts On Website Homepage Optimization

Here I am wrapping my words with a hope that you have like these tips of “SEO Optimization” and your purpose of reading has been solved. If you have more good suggestions and tips you can also write the comment.

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