Creating a proper blog content structure is what you can’t afford to ignore in order to make your target audience engaged with your blogs.

Well, nowadays, the demand graph for good quality blog content is increasing almost following an exponential graph! In today’s vying business market, the impact of topnotch quality blog content is an undeniable fact. Whether it is a small-scale business or a large-scale one, quality content can definitely leave an enduring impact on the mind of the visitors and can have great repercussions in the business.

The zany thing about such blog content is that suppose you have come up with a content of sheer brilliant quality; but if it is not optimized in the way that Google wants it to be, there is a high chance that your content will remain unread! Hence, while structuring the blog content, plan everything in such a way so that Google understands and results in great rankings for your website.

Cornerstones of SEO

blog content structure

In today’s vying business market, SEO has become a vital part of the Marketing Mix. SEO plays an inevitable role in making a business profitable and a successful one. Read on to know more about how you can make better SEO blog content.

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Effective Use of Keywords

It is always a better approach to deciding upon the “keywords” of the blog content that you are going to develop so that you can structure the entire content focusing on the “keywords”. “Keywords” are basically word strings that users might use while looking for particular blog content. For better outcomes, you can pick a string of keyword to emphasize each post and use it throughout your content; you may pick one secondary keyword as well.

Page Title

So, this is the very first thing that your readers along with Google will come across! Form a peppy page title so that both the reader and Google can understand what the blog content is about! Use the keywords in the title; if the title is too long, try to use the keywords within the initial 50-60 characters of the page title for higher rankings.

Interesting Factors To Know For Google Rankings


blog content structure

It is advisable to insert the keyword in the URL of the page. Usually, search engines check URL to find the page’s relevance; hence, ensure that you have included the string of keyword there!

Headers and Body

Maximum blog Themes/CMS use page title as URL and H1. Hence, use the keywords effectively! It is a better practice to use the exact keyword in the very first paragraph right after structuring the header.

Meta Description

It is the summarized version (within a limitation of 160 characters) of your blog content. Make sure to use the keyword string in it.

Develop Blog Content Efficiently

Well, when you know how to structure your blog content, the next point obviously becomes developing the content in an efficient way! Isn’t it? Make sure to follow the below-mentioned points!


Use the keyword string as a mainstay and link other relevant posts of your website with the help of it. It reflects the authority over a subject resulting in more views!


Make your blog content lucrative with the use of relevant images! Don’t forget to add captions containing the keyword string!

Looking for your corner and niche in this grappling market of blog content? Keep in mind the above-mentioned points and achieve higher rankings!

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