How To Upsell Services To Your Clients That Boost Your Business Revenue

As a business owner, you, obviously, explore ways to grow your business revenue. No doubt, how much effort you put to convince your target prospects and boost your sales. But, you might want to know what is an easy way to do this that helps to increase your average revenue per customer. And, the answer is to upsell services to your business clients! This article is all about how to upsell services to your clients that boost your business revenue.

Before understanding what strategies you should use to upsell your services to your clients, let’s first discuss what it is all about and how it helps businesses:

What Is Upselling?

Whenever you visited a shop to buy something, you often noticed salesmen trying to pitch you to buy more expensive items or upgrade your previous models. That’s what upselling is. It means inducing customers to purchase products that have more cost in order to make a more profitable sale.

And, when we talk about upselling services, it simply means to induce clients to get more services from you rather than just what he wants.

You can do upselling in 2 different ways:

  1. By increasing your prices
  2. By offering the basic service + extra benefits

In both cases, you can boost your revenue.

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Smart Ways To Upsell Services To Your Clients

Now, let’s take a look at how to upsell services and induce clients to pay more.

1. Make A Premium Version Of Your Services

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Upselling works when you have something that clicks your customer’s minds.

Say you are a logo designer. Your client wants to make a deal with you to design a logo for his company. At that time, you may offer him another package deal.

For example, Logo Design+4 Rivisions+Copyright Ownership+Vector Source Files+3D Mockups
This is what you are offering extras in your premium package instead of just a basic logo design of a company.

To put it simply, always make a premium version of your package deals ready that you can use to upsell your services.

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2. Show Your Expertise

Your clients would like to pay you more only when they believe you are an expert professional.

You know more than your customers. That’s why they come to you. So speak like an expert.

Let’s take this point with an example:

If your client wants legal advice for one of his business projects, you may ask them to book your advisory services plus legal document preparation services for that particular project.

A win-win situation for you!

3. Offer Benefits

client benefits

Pull Marketing works better than push marketing!

And, the best way to do pull marketing is to offer benefits that they will drive from your services. The more the benefits, the easier is to sell services online.

Think about how your services fulfill their needs well. And, present all these benefits in front of your clients.

For example, If you are an SEO Specialist, you, obviously, try to convince your clients to let you serve them. On the other hand, the very first question that clicks their mind is that why should they accept your offer? Actually, why only you and not anyone else?

Here is the point where you need to talk about the benefits that they can leverage.

Here you may compare your services with your competitors like “You may say that you can rank their website within one month for the right keywords while others will take at least 3-4 months.”

That’s just an example! Make sure whatever you commit, you deliver as it is.

4. Options and customizations

how to upsell services

Another brilliant way to upsell your services is to offer some more options and customizations. The more customizations you can accept, the more likely your clients want to work with you. Pricing, of course, won’t matter for them as they know they can’t get better services other than from you.

You have heard about a term in French “à la carte”

This means asking just a piece of something, rather than the whole menu or package that includes something more.

Same thing you can do here while offering your services. you may offer a flexible package of your services to your clients and allow them to pick what they actually want. And, when they are ready to work with you, you can easily usher them further down your sales pipeline.

5. Extend Your Service Time

Who won’t like to get served more than a predetermined contract time!

You can easily convince your clients to get served by your services with increased prices by extending your service time in the service package.

For example, if you are a Digital Marketer, simply offer your clients an additional contract period for a fraction of the full value of your digital marketing services.

6. Offer Bundle Services

Offer a bundle including your basic service and other extra services and charge more from your clients.

When your clients review the total services you offer in a bundle, they generally won’t consider a little bit of increased cost.

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Points To Remember While Upselling Services To Your Clients

Of course, upselling services to your clients increase your business revenue, it isn’t that easy. The following points are worth noting while you try to upsell your services:

  • Know the customer
  • Provide real value
  • Help solve a problem
  • Show evidence of what you are committing

Final Thoughts

Woo Sell Services

If used properly, upselling customers is really a profit-driving technique for businesses. What you need is a good pitch that helps to click your customers’ minds.

Include these upselling strategies in your service business and boost the return on investment of your business.

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