How to Install Community Demos With Wbcom Demo Installer

Are you in search of a perfect community WordPress theme that comes with varieties of demos that you can load into your website with ease and simplicity? Well for this, we have a solution for you. Here, we are introducing our Reign theme which is an ultimate community WordPress theme and comes with Wbcom Demo Installer that has many ready-to-use demos for all your plugin-specific needs that is simple to set up and use.

Before getting to know how to install community demos, let’s know which type of demos you will get with our Reign Theme.

Types Of Demos That Can Be Installed With Wbcom Demo Installer

Install Community Demos
Check Out All Reign Theme Demos

There are plenty of demos that can be installed with the help of the Wbcom demo installer and that adds more productivity and momentum to the website’s overall specifications. We have community demos for almost all types of business needs. These are as follows:

  • Online Community Demos
  • E-Learning Demos
  • Marketplace Demos
  • Event Demos
  • Job Board Demos
  • Directory Demos

Online Community Demos

In community demos, we have demos based on three popular social networking plugins. i.e. BuddyPress, PeepSo, and BuddyBoss Platform. These plugins provide community features like the creation of member profiles and groups, private messaging, activity feeds, and notifications.

E-Learning Demos

In eLearning Demos, we have demos with LMS plugins LearnDash, Sensei, Tutor LMS, and Lifter LMS. These all demos also have a community feature along with eLearning features. This social learning feature helps to get more engagement of users in your site.

eLearning with BuddyPress

eLearning with BuddyBoss Platform

eLearning with PeepSo

Marketplace Demos

In marketplace Demos, we have demos with multivendor plugins Dokan, WC Vendors, and WCFM. Our all demos have community-based, so you will get a demo with either BuddyPress or BuddyBoss platform.

Marketplace with BuddyPress

Marketplace with BuddyBoss Platform

Marketplace With PeepSo

Event Demos

In this, you will get a demo of the events calendar plugin. This plugin allows you to easily create and manage an events calendar on your WordPress site.

  • Reign Demo with Events Calendar

Job Board Demos

In this, you will get a demo of the WP Job Manager plugin. It is a job listing plugin for adding job board-like functionality to a WordPress website.

Directory Demos

In this, you will get a demo of the GeoDirectory plugin. It is a directory plugin for creating a business directory website.

How to Install the Community Demos

Install Community Demos

First and foremost, to begin with, you can check out our Reign Theme demos and then the next step would be to get the theme and install and activate it on your site.

The next step in making use of the Wbcom demo installer is to select the demo you wish to import into your website to make it much more flexible and productive. For this purpose, you need to first choose the set of plugins that you wish to use to build your website.

With the Wbcom demo installer, the web admin is free to select from the different types of demos available according to the needs and requirements of their website. Similarly, the user will then select the demos based on a specific set of plugins before actually implementing the demo on a website.

So firstly you will be required to:

  • Log in to the site as an administrator to access crucial site settings
  • Install and activate the Reign theme
  • Access Dashboard> theme installer
  • Click on the demo you wish to install
  • Install the recommended plugins that the demo is associated with
  • Finish the wizard for a functional demo installation experience.

Requirements for each demos types

Install Community Demos

Once you have successfully chosen the demo you wish to import with the Wbcom demo installer, the very next step into the process is to install and activate the required plugins to install the demo. For example, you have chosen a LearnDash based demo for creating a social learning website, then you have to purchase the LearnDash plugin before installing. Free plugins can be installed instantly. After installing and activating all required plugins, you will be redirected to the Install Demo wizard.

Setup Guide to Install Demos

Go through the video to know how to install demos or follow the below steps:

  • Log into your site as an administrator.
  • Make sure you activated your Reign theme before proceeding.
  • Go to Dashboard → Theme Installer
  • Choose the demo from the list. Click on the import button.
  • Install all the required plugins
  • Click on the ‘Install Demo’ button and wait for a minute. You will receive a success message.

After importing the demo, you can set the other elements of your website such as:

1. Site Branding

Once the website has been infused with the necessary demos, the next step that should be considered by the admin is to prepare a site branding plan to add elements that are useful to promote the essence of his goods and services. You can set a logo and slogan for your website.

2. Setting Up The Menu

Once the demos and essential panels have been added setting up the menu is the next important requirement for any website. The menu should be able to deliver access to all essential pages.

3. Set Up Side Bars

A website is incomplete without a fictional sidebar for the users to seek additional information on the website’s content. The web admin can also create sidebars as a space where he can display ads or other widgets that can also help the website by making monetary gains via the website.

Setup The Color Scheme

Last but certainly not least, the website needs to have a perfect color scheme that displays the essence and intention of the website. A business needs to be expressed in such a way that the user can easily have access to and can make users happy and addicted to the website’s overall look and visual appeal.


The demo installer can be a boon to any website by helping users set up their website within minutes by just importing the demo. So, try today our ultimate Reign theme that comes with Wbcom Demo Installer and helps to build your community website for almost every niche with ease and simplicity.

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