BuddyPress Allow Users to Create Blog Posts From Frontend

BuddyPress Allow Users to Create Blog Posts

Have you ever wanted to allow your members to create and manage blog posts directly from their social networking profile? If yes, this Free BuddyPress addon – BuddyPress member blog is for you.

As we all know, BuddyPress is the best plugin to build social networking sites with WordPress, it has all the features that are required for a perfect community site like activity feed, profiles, messaging, groups, notifications, and many more. Apart from these features, you can easily add more features thanks to BuddyPress developers a lot of third-party add-ons are available. We at Wbcom designs provide a lot of free and premium BuddyPress addons. BuddyPress member blog plugin is our new free BuddyPress addon which will allow users to create blog posts using a form available on the member’s profile page.

BuddyPress Member Blog

BuddyPress Member Blog is a free plugin that allows users to create and manage their blog posts from the front end of their social networking profile. In addition, the plugin allows users to moderate their posts and also display their submitted blogs at their BuddyPress Profile.

  • Allow submitting blog posts from the front end.
  • Allow to upload within the posting form
  • Display posts tab on user profile
  • Site Admin can allow posting only to selected user role/ member type
  • Allow users to unpublish their posts
  • Allow users to edit their post
  • Allow users to delete their post
  • Allow users to publish blogs
  • Site Admin can include/exclude categories in the front-end post form.

Submit blog posts from the front end

BuddyPress Allow Users to Create Blog Posts
BuddyPress Allow Users to Create Blog Posts

This plugin allows submitting blogs from the front end of a BuddyPress profile just like we do in a WordPress site’s back-end using the classic editor. This plugin has options to set blog title, upload media, add content with various formatting styles, select a post category, set post tags, and choose a blog feature image.

Display Blog/Post tab on User Profile

By installing and activating the BuddyPress member blog plugin on your community which is powered by WordPress and BuddyPress, users get a Blog tab on their profile. Using this tab users can easily view, manage, and create a new post. It allows users to unpublish their posts, edit, and delete posts.

BuddyPress Member Blog General Settings

BuddyPress Create Blog Posts
BuddyPress member blog settings

Now, let’s take a look at the back-end settings of the BuddyPress Member Blog plugin.

1. Create new post page

This setting sets the page which is used to create a new post. The created page should contain the following shortcode (bp-member-blog). By inserting the given shortcode, the page will show the frontend posting form which has all the options similar to that of a classic editor.

2. Allowed user roles to create post

Admin can allow creating posts only to some specific user roles. It has five user roles – admin, editor, author, contributor, and subscriber. Among these, only enabled user roles got a post tab on their BuddyPress profile.

3. Enable user publishing

By enabling this setting, users are allowed to publish posts. If not enabled, users can submit posts as pending for review.

4. Media management

If this setting is enabled, when a user deleted a post permanently, the associated media file of that post will also be deleted.

5. Exclude categories

In this setting, the admin can exclude some categories for users. They can be reserved only for the admin role.

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Blogging and social networking accounts are somewhat related to each other as they serve a common purpose of connecting a viewer with each other and the content creator. Social blogging platforms are in trend these days that allow users to connect with each other and increase their reach by allowing users to publish posts.

As blogging allows more conversion and engagement in a site, try this ultimate BuddyPress addon and allow your users to publish a post on your community site using the frontend blog post submission form.

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10 thoughts on “BuddyPress Allow Users to Create Blog Posts From Frontend

  1. Hello I just downloaded and am trying this plugin, but now any member can edit any other members posts. Why would you create a plugin that would show the “edit” unpublish and publish links to any member viewing another members blog?

  2. Is it compatible with Budyboss? Does not seem to work. Does not save categories or tags. Does not save embedded Iframe either.

  3. Hi Varun Dubey, i just downloaded the plugin, everything’s looks fine. Only the issues is, the post not appear after i tried to click read more.

  4. this looks great and I want to implement it, but is there a way to make bare bones? I want users to only be able to add text, no links, ni pis, no atachments. spamers love this kind of staff and are very had to modarate, no links no spammers. is this possible?

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