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How much time does it really take to start growing an online community? How do you get started? Is it even possible? Launching a successful blog or social media account is no easy task. There are countless aspects to consider, from content strategy to managing your brand image. But with the rise of technology, it’s easier than ever before to build a thriving online presence. A strong base of engaged followers is key to success. Once you establish your core audience, you can then branch out into other areas. Learn here how to grow an online community. But just having great content isn’t enough in today’s business world.

As more and more companies compete for attention on networking platforms, they have become increasingly sophisticated at measuring their performance — including everything from member count to engagement stats. If you want people to join your community or follow your community, there are various ways to promote it. One way is through Instagram Direct (formerly known as IGTV). However, many others, like Facebook ads, can be very effective in helping to drive new memberships. We have mentioned many methods like this in the article up ahead. So, get ready with the popcorn and brains!

10 Steps to follow to grow an online community

1. Engage Influencers

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grow an online community

Moderators are individuals who help keep the community running smoothly. The moderate discussions and enforce the rules. Influencers are those who have a large following and can sway opinions through their posts. These people can be anybody with a strong influence, whether that be through their followers, their own posts, or any other means. They encourage new people to join and motivate others to get active. Moderators and influencers both play an important role in keeping the community running smoothly.

2. Choose the moderators carefully

Managers hired to create an online community need to be people-oriented, passionate, and proactive. Their key role is to engage the community members and keep them interested in what they’re doing. Hire people who will get along well with others and who understand the needs of the community.

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3. Curate relevant content

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to grow an online community

Research is important because it helps you understand what your audience wants. You can then create content that meets the needs of your community members. For example, if you are creating content about a trending topic, you can create content about other related topics that may also be interesting to your community members. The research will help you understand what your community members like and dislike so you can create content that appeals to them.

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4. Select the social media platform you want to promote your community on

Social media marketing is an effective tool to engage your audience. There are many different ways you can reach them. You can create a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram profile, YouTube channel, LinkedIn company page, Google+ page, Tumblr blog, Pinterest board, Reddit subreddit, Snapchat story, etc.

If you think about it, there are hundreds of options available to connect with your target audience. Social media allows you to reach out to your customers and prospects through various means like posting updates, answering questions, encouraging feedback, connecting with influencers, and providing valuable information.

A community is essentially a gathering place for like-minded people who would like to share ideas and discuss them. can be great for bringing your community together through virtual events, interactions, and Meetups. Regular networking or brainstorms sessions can help build a stronger sense of belonging and a highly engaged community. Platforms like can help you get started.

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5. Measure your KPIs- Grow an online community

Measure engagement across all social media platforms. Identify what content resonates best with your audience. Use analytics to understand if there are any trends. Track engagement metrics like likes, shares, comments, and retweets to see how well your content is performing. Measure engagement across all channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

6. Use good community moderation tools

Community managers and moderators should use the right technology and tools for managing content and connections effectively. These tools are imperative for tracking moderation, reporting, and analyzing the data gathered. Wbcom Designs is a platform that can assist you in creating and helping your community learn, grow and connect better.

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7. Long-term visions bring effective change

A virtual community may expand quickly through social media, but unlike traditional marketing operations, the expansion has no bounds. Plan to last longer and to build gradually. Continue to monitor the graph, and if you see a sudden dip, make an extra effort to bring it back up.

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8. Make sure to keep your new members intact

Set the tone and communicate the company’s brand, culture, and the committee’s mission to new members right after they are accepted into the group with an array of emails and infographics, mind-maps, and FAQs. The faster they get acquainted with the culture of the group and the more quickly they can able to contribute.

9. Individual and personal attention

If you want to foster a community, make sure you interact with each individual member. This will allow you to know their needs and concerns, which in turn helps you meet those needs. It also makes it easier to provide personalized service.

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10. Spark discussions, and never let the flow stop

Create compelling and engaging content that will inspire community bonding and discussion among the community members. Members can share their thoughts and ideas on the forum, and other community members can respond to them. This helps the community grow stronger and become more active. Members can also request feedback from others, and if enough people agree, a group can be formed. These groups can then discuss issues together, and the community grows even further.

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Buddy X

Grow an online community- The Bottomline

Growing a virtual community and engaging your members is not a regular piece of cake. Your cake has gotten older and now it’s becoming tough to cut through. Don’t Worry; with Wbcom Designs, you can easily get through the hardest rock as well! Our self-developed community website themes and plugins set a standard for online communities in today’s world. Start your own community today and get started with the best themes, plugins, and tips and tricks from us. Happy Journey!

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