Wbcom Designs Updates Of June Month

Wbcom Designs Updates

This month has really been demanding for us at wbcomdesigns. Our team constantly works to deliver the best quality of products and services. We released Wbcom Designs Updates of our products, addressing reported issues and adding some new and appealing features. The team continues to work on our plan for significant enhancements that will keep our customers happy.

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Zoom Integration in Learndash Dashboard

LearnDash Dashboard
Wbcom Designs Updates

Learndash Dashboard now allows Zoom Integrations. Instructors can now schedule meetings with their students and have one-on-one interactions with them. All you need is a zoom account in order to set up zoom meetings in the Ld dashboard.

1. BuddyPress Stats: New Plugin

BuddyPress Stats plugin creates an activity log of everything that happens on your BuddyPress-powered community site and keeps all counts on the user profile that displays a range of statistics of your community members.

2. Who Viewed My Profile

The Who Viewed My Profile Plugin helps you to know about your profile visitors. It provides a detailed chart, That can give a better insight into their popularity among the site users.

3. Latest Updates

We also have released a couple of products with some enhancements and fixes. Let’s have a look:

4. Reign Theme

Reign WordPress Theme

Reign Theme is coming up with the latest features. We are providing support with third-party plugins, improving, and much more.

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5. BuddyX PRO

BuddyX Pro Theme- Wbcom Designs Updates

BuddyXPro is one of the best themes for the community website. We have improved the UI and implemented the customer-requested features.

6. Woo Sell Services- Wbcom Designs Updates

Woo Sell Services- Wbcom Designs Updates
Wbcom Designs Updates

In this month’s release, we managed the subscription integration and provided the default images and color options for the conversation section.

7. BuddyPress Polls- Wbcom Designs Updates

buddypress polls
Wbcom Designs Updates

In BP Polls, we have fixed conflict with Kirki customizer, issues with multiselect polls, and covered other customer-reported issues.

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8. WBcom Designs Youtube Channel- Wbcom Designs Updates

For several months we have been focusing on video tutorials to provide you with a complete overview of our services. If you also have a topic to cover, let us know.

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