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In this article, I am going to explain to you how to create a private social network for a niche group of people. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn allow us to connect with each other through our personal profiles. Most of these sites also enable their users to form groups or communities. These groups can then share interests and collaborate together. For example, you might want to start a group for people who love reading books.

In order to get started, you’ll need to register on a new site. Then you can invite friends to join your group, add tags to describe events, and even post photos and links.

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Create A Private Social Network For A Niche Group Of People

This is where things begin to get tricky, though. The problem is that these platforms are not designed to facilitate privacy.

1. Privacy matters

People don’t want to disclose information they consider sensitive. They need a way to interact privately within the community.

2. Sharing is key

Group members should be able to see each other’s content without having to ask permission. That means every member has to actively choose to reveal themselves.

3. Control over-sharing

Each person should have complete control over whether he wants to participate in a discussion and to whom he wants to talk.

The solution to these problems

A private social network or a niche community will work better for such stuff. You can further add many additional functions that smoothen the flow of your online community. Here are some reasons why a community is better than creating a group on a social media platform:

1. Privacy settings

A private social network allows its members to set up different levels of visibility. Some may want to have a public profile, while others would like to keep everything hidden.

2. Grouping

Members can be grouped into categories based on common interests. This makes it easier for them to find relevant discussions.

3. Content sharing

Content resharing

Users can easily share posts from their own blogs or websites.

4. Content moderation

Moderators can moderate discussions and remove inappropriate content before it goes live.

5. Social networking/Private Messaging –

It provides an interface to help members build connections with one another.

What is a niche community?

Community Forum Platform- Create A Private Social Network
Create A Private Social Network

A niche community is one that has a specific interest or focus. For instance, if you are interested in the history of the United States, then there’s no need to join a general interest group on Facebook because it will be too broad for your needs. You can find groups dedicated to particular topics such as Civil War reenactors, the American Revolution, and even World War II.

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What is a private social network?

A private social network is a website that is built specifically for users who wish to communicate privately. Mostly, It does not require any registration and is free to use. However, some online communities sell memberships which helps separate spam and waste accounts from real discussions.

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Benefits of creating a private social network for a niche group of people?

private social network

Instead of relying on Instagram and Facebook Groups, you should create your own community website. It is to stand out from the crowd. It is possible to include your branding and is not restricted by any third-party company’s policies or rules.

At the moment, very few companies have their own professional communities. This trend, however, is about to change. Perhaps, why is it so critical to establish your own profitable niche online communities?

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1. More engagement is advantageous

By developing your own niche community site, you can converse with your members more effectively and provide engagement opportunities.

BuddyPress, for example, allows you to live-stream content and send push notifications. You can notify everyone about a video broadcast and then distribute your materials to those who can socialize with you.

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2. Builds brand image for your company

You can build a niche community website for entrepreneurs or business owners. This makes it easy to customize your members’ experiences. Logos, branding images, colors, fonts, and themes are all valid options. This will help you to stand out and gain credibility.

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3. Expands trust and loyalty

Expands trust- Create A Private Social Network
Create A Private Social Network

People are becoming more skeptical of social networking platforms. Growing in popularity year after year, reaching 2 million Facebook platform users each year. This is partly because people prefer smaller, more independent online communities to larger, social-media-controlled ones.

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4. More profitable than possible alternatives

Niche communities can be an excellent way to add value and enjoyment to the lives of members while also generating high-level profits for those who run them.

According to a University of Michigan study, customers spend 19% more when they join a specific community website than when they join similar social networking platforms like Facebook.

Another option is to combine “passion income” with “passive income.” This enables people to monetize their interest in learning and skills. A fitness teacher may design a private premium area in which to offer a fitness intensive course with weekly group coaching sessions.

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How to create a private social network for a niche group of people?

1. Create a standard website- Create A Private Social Network

Create a standard website
Create A Private Social Network

To begin, obtain a WordPress standard website. Then, create your niche community website with BuddyPress, the industry standard for community creation. After that, choose an identity for your niche community website and purchase a web hosting package. Be cautious when choosing a name for your website, as this could be the first mistake you make!

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2. Look for a theme that is 100 percent compatible

You should select a theme based on your niche. For example, in order to create a crypto community, we need to use some nice and fancy themes—choose Reign, the most compatible and modern-looking WordPress and BuddyPress theme on the market. Reign supports all of the most recent plugins. Reign includes a free demo, so you don’t have to worry about investing and having your money wasted.

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Final Thoughts- Create A Private Social Network

Creating a private social network for a niche group of people is simple. Begin your community journey and invite people over to have discussions over a cup of tea which everyone has to make at their homes! Organize online or offline events to engage your community’s members and take your community to new heights by adding multiple features. You can later monetize your community and ask members to buy subscriptions to be connected with the community. Well, that’s all with the guide to building a private social network for a niche group of people.

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