How to Create a Dating Website While Using WordPress Plugins

Have you ever wanted to create a dating website that gets effortlessly with the commercial guidelines but never completely pursued the idea because it sounds too difficult to make? If you are one of those people then we have a solution for you. We’ll show you a flawless way through which a dating website can be created in minutes and let you dive deep into the world of virtual dating.

Being a multidisciplinary platform that is WordPress, it has been on a roll to evolve and revolutionize the very niche of all digital foundations. WordPress has also been quite resourceful in building online dating websites using plugins and themes that have been gaining massive popularity due to their exotic layouts, easy accessibility, and accuracy in finding the partner of your dreams.

WordPress plugins have also evolved to become more able and have been delivering smart elements through which online dating can become a real-time deal with such plugins. Let’s explore different ways through which we can successfully create an online WordPress dating website from scratch.

What Are The Benefits Of Creating A Dating Website in WordPress?

create a dating website

With the progressive technological advancement and our environment being heavily dependent on office and work-from-home scenarios, our developing love life has taken a backseat in this forever drive of life. The time spent in searching for a suitable partner has now been sucked by those 9 am meeting calls and zoom integrations to earn a living.

To alleviate some of these millennial pains and provide quick access to all eligible bachelors of the town, a conception of a dating website has been formulated to keep track and progress of how virtual online meetings can also be a thing in the 21st century.

WordPress has been very resourceful in composing sophisticated layouts and templates in minutes where organizations interested in the dating website idea can come and develop some important functions and features to get an online community ready which is safe and secure to take things up a notch in the domain of dating and relationships. So here we have compiled a list of how to create a wonderful dating website using WordPress plugins and themes.

An Exemplary Concept to Begin your Dating Website Journey With

Existing dating communities like Tinder, OkCupid, and eHarmony were created with a unique vision in mind, an exemplary approach was required to make these websites more popular and gain a massive following. Similarly, with the inception of a tinder clone, any dating website, an organization is needed to work on a marketing blueprint, segregating their target audience to deliver the best to those who need it. The concept should be planned to keep in mind the millennial needs of the world and how technology can provide ease in selecting potential partners and companions.

Using WordPress to Build a Powerful Website Layout

After securing a plan for a dating website, our next job is to prepare an actual website by using WordPress tools and techniques. Users can create easy, interactive websites using WordPress in minutes by navigating the drag and drop feature of the website and filling in all the important details. Even if the brands or users, in particular, are not aware of any coding, WordPress’s simple features and no coding requirement will prepare a wonderful layout in minutes for you to play with.

What Should A Dating Website Include?

As the concepts of modern dating have been receiving constant upheavals and changes, the world of digital dating experience had to evolve as well to adapt to these growing contemporary changes and develop a website that delivers the best of the 21st-century dating experience.

User Experience

The new modern dating sites should predominantly cater to enhance the user experience through rich graphics, visuals, and precision in performing online tasks. The theme should be responsible and fast to deliver the best results on time.

User Communication

A theme should be compatible and work in sync with the user’s existing communications to enhance the overall productivity of the website. A customer should have ease in procuring online data and information without digging much deeper and exhausting his resources and interest.

Member Profiles

A dating website should have a compelling member profile with beautiful layouts and visuals to make your website more attractive and worthy of attention.


A simple on-the-point notification service can be an added advantage to make the website sharper and precise. The notifications should be delivered in a timely fashion and avoid excessive reminders to retain more users for a long.

Location Settings

A dating website largely works on the principles of location settings to meet and greet potential dating companions. Hence the location settings should be embedded with utmost importance and also should have a permission button or option to avoid unnecessary visitors knocking on a user’s door.

Matching Profile Feature

To allow the members to find the perfect match according to their preferences, the website should have features like a searching option, the ability to search for nearby matches, and many more.

Let’s begin!

Buying a Web Host and Domain

To power your website and make it functional, a web host is required which can be purchased by accessing the online packages displayed over the web host websites such as to buy one that suits your annual budget needs. Once the web host is purchased, your website now owns a legitimate space in the virtual sphere of the internet. Similarly, a domain is a chic cool name that you get to select to make your website known and also to provide an address to the website through which people can search and access your website in minutes. Therefore a domain name has to be something simple yet catchy to make it more memorable and easy to access.

Choose The Best WordPress Plugin To Include Community Feature

WordPress’s database is filled with unique and special plugins or files that will make your website more distinguished and distinctive than your adversaries available on the internet. These plugins act as a powerful tool for your website which delivers some key essentials in terms of functioning and special features to add more depth and identity to the website in terms of looks, features, and style.

Firstly, you have to select WordPress Plugins that provide community features like member profiles, groups, chat, connections, private messaging, and many more. For this, you can select from some popular plugins like BuddyPress, PeepSo, BuddyBoss Platform (BuddyPress fork).

I will recommend going with BuddyPress, as it is the most popular and feature-packed plugin and has hundreds of add-ons available to include more features in your dating site.

BuddyPress Plugin for WordPress


BuddyPress is one of the most top-rated plugins available for WordPress and delivers some of the best community-driven experiences to the users. The plugin gives access to users to create fun and immersing social community sites where users can create their own member’s profiles, add friends, send private messages, and have discussion forums to express their voice and opinions. Other than that, users can also have an activity/news feed like Facebook to explore and share content and posts.


  • Create member profiles and community
  • Establish personal contacts via adding friends
  • Private messaging feature
  • Access to groups and discussion forums
  • Activity streams and newsfeeds like Facebook and Twitter to have engaging posts and content to share and like.
  • Paid membership options

BuddyPress Profile Search – BuddyPress Addon to Add Profile Matching Feature

BuddyPress Profile Search

Buddypress Profile Search facilitates a smooth experience in terms of building member search forms. The addon plugin also works to deliver shortcodes to make member directories or build additional member directories in a go.

Features include:

  • Build a search form scratch with multiple editing tools
  • Display a search form from the target directory
  • Run A Search with relevant filters
  • Build member directories with the help of shortcodes

WordPress Dating Themes to Complement your Website

WordPress websites are incomplete without any theme that complements the layout and functions that the website has been prepared for. These WordPress themes play a crucial role in customizing the website in terms of style, fonts, and color management to give an appropriate feel and look to the website. We have also accumulated a few influential themes to serve your dating website with a hint of romance and a whole lot of love.

Reign Community WordPress Theme

create a dating website

Reign is a wonderful community theme that caters to all hobbies and dating needs, niches, and professionals to deliver the best in terms of style, layout, and customizations. The theme creates an enigmatic community where users can engage and interact with each other in a safe social space. The theme supports major open-source platforms like BuddyPress and BuddyBoss as well as provides easy monetizing options with membership plugins such as MemberPress, S2 members. The theme is highly responsive and easy to install. The theme boasts a wonderfully curated community theme that caters to building a functional community website and the seamless UI experience to make the website much more smooth and efficient.

Other features include:

  • Multiple header variations to style your website
  • bbPress support to have engaging discussion boards
  • Gamipress to earn digital rewards and badges
  • LMS support
  • Supported by a major page builder like elementor
  • Advance theme customized
  • Suitable for all devices

Download | Demo

BuddyX Theme

create a dating website

BuddyX theme is another outstanding theme to quell all your dating websites’ hassles in a go. The website is user-friendly, extremely responsive, and comes with a great set of functions. The theme is highly customizable and works well with a variety of niches and sectors. BuddyX offers a whole new dimension of external support such as extended LMS support as well as Woocommerce to make your website more revolutionary and upgraded. The theme also offers expressive color tones and management to make a lasting impact on the target audience via compelling designs and layout.

Other features include:

  • A theme that caters to many niches and professionals including dating and social networking
  • BuddyX comes with an integrated Woocommerce and LifterLMS Support
  • Customize member and group layouts to make the website more attractive.
  • Multiple header variations to support professional and crisp looking dashboards
  • Compatible with BuddyBoss platform for increased accessibility and functionality
  • Screen optimization for all gadgets
  • Social gamification feature for earning digital reward, badges, and certifications


BuddyX Pro Theme

create a dating website

BuddyX Pro is an upgraded version of BuddyX which is an exemplary theme available to create functional websites simply. BuddyXPro is embedded with visionary features such as WC vendor and Woocommerce to make the websites transform into legitimate marketplaces. The theme is also quite resourceful in transforming the website into an efficient online marketplace as well as a place to sell online courses via LifterLMS/LearnDash and WC Vendors Support. The theme is created keeping in mind the holistic approach towards developing websites that cater to large businesses and brands requiring a mass following.

Other Features Include:

  • Multiple header variations to make the dashboard more lively and beautiful
  • Sell multiple courses online with an embedded LifterLMS and LearnDash support
  • Create impeccable marketplaces to sell products online with Woocommerce and WC Vendors integration
  • Added Dokan Support to make the website more functional and organized
  • Gamipress to display virtual rewards and badges
  • Simple drag and drop features for easy-going and responsive support
  • Integrate Contact Forms, Gravity Forms easily with this theme
  • Open for customization and user friendly



WordPress plugins and themes can be instrumental in developing dating websites that can amass a massive digital following and make an organization generate hefty profits and provide ease in services. We hope this article assists you in ways where you can create dating websites in minutes and have a unique digital experience in this domain.

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