What is WordPress? Get to Know the World’s most popular CMS


The technological onset in the current world has birthed many evolutionary media tools and techniques that allow access to vast people irrespective of their background and regional disparity. Such tools enable the users to bridge the gap between the buyer and seller, making products more readily available. What makes this experience more unique is its breakneck pace and delivery. WordPress amongst these is an ideal tool that allows any user, business, large or small, to develop, curate, and establish their website, a unique domain through which different users can access the services available via their website. It has been one of the most popular and leading website-making tools that offer various unique features that make it one of the most popular choices for designing and curating a website from scratch. 

WordPress- What makes it unique?

WordPress is one of the most simple forms of designing your website or blog to enable a business to run smoothly and provide its services. Apart from that, the platform also allows a person to create their own personal or professional blogs to post content related to any field and have it designed and customized according to the norms established by the content creator. Filled with many customization and designing tools, WordPress can create a website or blog in minutes to keep up with the ever-changing pace of the world’s current passing trends. 

What makes WordPress the world’s most popular form of website development?

Website Development

Unlike its competitors, WordPress is free to use. Moreover, WordPress is often updated to give it a modern approach; the platform often employs volunteers and is community-driven to keep the updated trends and make it more convenient and comprehensive. Another reason for its immense popularity is that it is highly diverse and offers a range of features from customization to designing, from versatile font styles to alluring plugins and themes. The platform also boasts of its sophisticated and easy-to-use interface, which is a critical factor for its pioneering performance among its many competitors.

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WordPress.com or WordPress.org? The difference?

With the advent of WordPress out in the world, there has been a bit of confusion regarding its domain name; while WordPress.org is the one that offers many flexible approaches towards website design and development, WordPress.com is another alternative, rather a paid one that boasts premium services but not that compelling as its counterpart. 

What kind of websites can I make with WordPress? 

It enables various. At the same time, options for varied age groups, versatile products, and services industries to have websites fitting their natural need to explore and create a more loyal customer base. WordPress offers distinctive and diverse templates and customization tools that can be used by any industry irrespective of the kind of services they offer. Many popular tech giants, e-commerce companies have chosen WordPress as their website to begin their journey. Apart from that, it can host a wide variety of websites and blogs such as resumes, forums, social networks, and membership sites. The platform also offers to create different themes and designs to accommodate each respective sector and service requirements. 

What Makes WordPress a hassle-free Content Management System? 


WordPress is known as CMS or content management system, which acts as an operating system for your website; when a user uses WordPress, which employs approximately thousands of plugins, receives activation and starts building the website accordingly. Since WordPress is available on a web server. It can be easily accessed via a regular browser or standard mobile version browser; no additional software is used apart from WordPress plugins and features to have a complete trouble-free website building experience. 

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Why Should You Use WordPress? 

WordPress is one of the most sought-after tools when it comes to website design and curation. Due to its various perks and untroubled user interface, the platform has received riveting reviews from across the world and has been one of the most promising platforms for blog and website development. 

Free for all services

WordPress, due to its community-driven policy and updated weekly features, the platform, unlike others, is entirely free for usage. Certain elements can be upgraded by paying a nominal fee to acquire special offers. However, WordPress in itself is abundant enough to provide excellent services in content design and development. 

WordPress offers distinctive extensions and plugins.

This versatile domain offers thousands of crisp themes and designs along with plugins enabling the user to explore marketing, designing, and content management all in one go. The themes provided in the platform can be adjusted according to the preferences laid by the business and personal requirements of the website. Currently, it boasts about 5000+ themes and 50000+ plugins that can generate content on the go.

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Hassle-free installation

It offers an easy installation process on both desktops and mobile devices. The users can download an application on android, and the same can be installed on desktops and laptops. The signup process is simple and easy to avoid any unnecessary questions, and the straightforward curating tools offer a smooth website building experience. 

Extremely Flexible

WordPress, as reiterated before, is the epitome of unique features and functions that make it highly flexible to use and offer pretty much everything that is needed to build a successful website. The prime reason for its popularity is how simple and easy it is to use this platform to make one of today’s professional age essential elements, i.e., website development and dissolving the complexity into one of the simplest forms of content evolution. 


Due to its immense popularity and potential, if you ever run into a block with this platform, numerous tutorials, hacks, forums, Facebook groups, and developer forums can fix any persisting issue that users may have with it usage. Also, there are various hacks available online to make your website more personalized and convenient and establish a virtual connection with your brand followers or subscribers. 


WordPress in itself has become a successful brand that has enabled many victorious entrepreneurial pursuits such as ecommerce and tech giants to have trouble-free websites with an attractive user interface to form a personal bond with their followers. Similarly, due to its simple, earthy approach, the platform is accessed by many people today to express themselves. At the same time, endeavors and opinions via blogs and forums on topics ranging from poetry to business, lifestyle to healthcare, and many more.

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