Create an Impressive Digital Menu for Your Business

More businesses are exploring the benefits of using digital menus in place of or in addition to traditional menu formats.

Of course, it is not sensible to rush the process of implementing a digital menu; you need to think about how best to create and curate one so that its impact can be optimized.

With that in mind, here are some tips that should make your adoption of digital menus go smoothly and benefit both you and your customers alike.

Choose a solution that is tailored to your niche

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that there are a number of competing digital menu solutions out there, and it could make sense to pick a service that is built specifically for the needs of your industry niche.

For example, Untappd’s digital beer menu software is designed from the ground up for showcasing and selling beer, not only providing access to a huge database of products for ease of use but also allowing for instantaneous publishing across all the platforms you occupy.

Of course you may prefer to work with a broader digital menu solution, but it is still worth looking into the more targeted options if you want to conjure up an impressive, fully featured menu quickly and easily.

Iterate on an existing template

Another useful piece of advice for businesses that are eager to offer digital menus to customers is that while it is obviously good to choose a unique design which features your branding and menu items, you do not have to start from scratch to do this.

The most sensible option is to take a menu template from your digital menu platform of choice, and then adapt it to make it bespoke.

You need to go a little further than simply swapping out the placeholder text for your own copy, but equally there is no need to make more work for yourself by trying to think up an entirely fresh design with never-before-seen assets.

Once you have taken this route to put together a template you are happy with, this can then form the foundation for all of the future menus you make.

Use color carefully

Digital Menu for Business

While it obviously pays to make your digital menus eye-catching, you also have to be aware of the importance of showing restraint when it comes to color choices.

Picking two or three bold colors to dominate the menu is sensible, and opting for ones which match or complement your branding is equally important. Remember that the legibility of the menu text should also be taken into account, and it is better to opt for neutral tones, either black or white, for the majority of this text to avoid it getting lost in the melee.

Integrate genuine product photos

There are certainly some areas in which you can cut corners without negative consequences when making a digital menu for your business, but the product photos you use are not one of them.

Steer well clear of generic stock snaps of the kinds of food and drink items you are selling, and instead pay a professional photographer to get great shots of the real deal. This is important because it ensures that customer expectations are aligned with the reality of what they will receive when they place an order.

Likewise, remember that well-chosen pictures should also be up to date and high quality; old or unappetizing images will do more harm than good.

Include a call to action

The ultimate purpose of a digital menu, as with any menu, should be to secure a sale, and more importantly to encourage customers to order as much as possible in a single sitting.

You can increase the likelihood of this happening by featuring a call to action as part of your digital menu. This can take whatever form makes the most sense for your business; perhaps you can simply suggest that they ask their server about any specials that are available which are not covered by the menu, or perhaps you could alert them to any deals or promotions which you are running at the time.

Most importantly, be willing to listen to customer feedback and change your digital menu if issues are spotted.

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