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Are you a regular BuddyPress user over a large community and search for Groups and Members more often? Then you may have encountered the requirement for this plugin. Normally, BuddyPress allows users to Group Search based on only names. You cannot add any filter to it, it will be hard to find a group if the community has a large number of users and groups.

The BuddyPress Group Search plugin allows the site visitors to search for BuddyPress groups. This includes searching based on BuddyPress group types on the site. With this plugin, the search template that is on the “/groups” page, is modified and adds a feature of “group types” that are involved while searching groups. Now the users can search for groups based on group types, as shown in the image below:

group search



Installation and Activation

Group Search Plugin

  • Now Navigate to wp-admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.

  • Choose your downloaded plugin and click Install Now.

  • Click Activate to make the plugin take effect.

After activating, there should be a Group Types options available from the Admin Dashboard. Now go to Group Types > General and check on Enable Group Type search option.

The plugin is all set and done and ready to being used, you can now search groups based on group types from the front-end!

Group Search Plugin

NOTE: If you cannot find any group types listed from the drop-down, then you would have to create some. Navigate to wp-admin > Group Types > Group Types.


Now, you know how we can easily find groups in BuddyPress according to our needs.  Every community should have some filtering options in their searches either in groups, members’ directory. It shows how interactive the community or website is!

If you have any questions regarding this plugin, then you can ask in the comment section below! Thank you for reading.

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