Buddypress Create Group Type

BuddyPress Create Group Type

Buddypress Create Group Type

BuddyPress Create Group Type plugin offers the feature for BuddyPress users to create Group Type and search. When the users create a group within the BuddyPress social network website, they can categorize those groups under specific group types. Once selected, the group type is displayed in the group cover area of the group’s pages.

Current version: v2.7.0

Tested up to BuddyPress: v7.3.0

Update: 30 May 2021

Say for example you run a site aimed at people involved with sports and you want to add groups for differing football teams. With this plugin, you could set up a group type of “Football” which would help members understand the nature of the group. We have done modification in BuddyPress search plugin to avail for BuddyPress group type search. There is also a drop-down for group types through which you can do a BuddyPress search for a group based on group types.

Features of BuddyPress Create Group Types

  • Allows site admin to add group types.
  • Categorize buddpress groups.
  • Group types tabs on group directory page to filter out the group according to group types
  • The group type tabs will show group count for each on all group type
  • The buddypress search will allow group type search

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Add Group Types

The BP Create Group Type plugin allows the website administrators to add group types to their sites.

Add Search option

To add search option on Group Directory for Group types, plugin have inbuilt options for it.

Categorize Buddpress Groups

The BP Create Group Type plugin categorize buddpress groups.