Better your workplace communication by adopting Enterprise Social Networking in your organization. Currently, businesses extensively implement enterprise social networks (ESN), internal tools built in the mould of prevalent social media like Twitter and Facebook. Their intention is to make the maximum of these benefits of social media as facilitated access to information and growing horizontal and vertical communication and thereby improve employee collaboration.

What Comprises Enterprise Social Networking?

In simple terms, Enterprise Social Networking constitutes a platform within which your workplace interacts. This includes team messaging, collaboration tools, project management, besides more.

The world is becoming social, while your business is also. Enterprise social networks (ESNs) are getting more popular in the workplace, substituting traditional intranets through a centralized hub for workplace association.

What does this imply? Enterprise social networking tools such as Jive or Yammer are developed with organizations in mind, permitting multiple teams and employees to communicate all in one place. Conversations happen through topic threads, status updates, direct messaging channels, or comments. Various ESNs also provide company-wide announcements or news streams to broadcast company communications and promote employee advocacy.

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The Main Features Of Enterprise Social

Enterprise Social Networking Solutions
Enterprise Social Networking Solutions

Consider the social media platforms you utilize everyday, like Facebook and WhatsApp for instance, an Enterprise Social Network copies the way these networks operate, affording all employees an opportunity to be heard. Similar to their public social network counterparts, employees possess the capacity to pursue colleagues and share and like content they’ve found helpful or exciting. Other features incorporate the ability to include events to their calendars, update to-do lists and configure notifications for the items which concern them the most.

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Benefits Of Enterprise Social Networking

Enterprise Social Networking Solutions

One benefit is that by employing Enterprise Social Networking Solutions you can greatly lessen the clutter in email inboxes. Rather employees can perform a fast and clear discussion in real-time, in a private discussion or in the public forum. The growing adoption of different communication platforms, imply the volume of emails being dispatched is beginning to decrease. This works especially nicely for any public-facing employees, like customer service roles. Frequently these employees require a fast response, a social platform enables answers to return almost immediately, offering crowd-sourced answers from different locations within their network.

When utilized internally inside an organization, Enterprise Social can immensely improve collaboration. With the capacity to interact in real-time, team members tasking on the same project can exchange documents and project progress with convenience. They have rapid access to knowledge from employees across the organisation, which permits them to solve business problems in a timely manner. This kind of communication and collaboration is hugely improved by platforms like Yammer, which can be inbuilt to a customised in-house intranet.

Enterprise Social Networking can cast a positive effect on general company culture also. Employees can utilize the groups and mini communities rendered on your network to cultivate better relationships. This will lead to not just a more effective workforce, but a happier one also. Greater job satisfaction and morale will eventually result in reduced staff turnover, which is something every organisation expects to achieve.

Customer insights on how a product should “appear” or “function” is vital to continue building superb products – and enterprise social networks are placed to gather this type of data. These networks can plug into social media and different linked customer end points to track brand conversations, both from inside and beyond the company walls. Storing such data employing the more formal research methods, like focus groups, would be too costly for most enterprises and might not always be correct.

The final value of enterprise social networking tools rests in communication.

Businesses now possess a light-touch manner of interacting, which is usual of social media. This direct communication allows for a more rich and normal dialogue that has a permanent effect. Communication inside an enterprise is also advanced as it provides a much improved way of spreading information, expertise, best practices, and different precious information at a speedier rate. It is also possible to post questions for further interpretation on matters or to launch an idea not covered.

Similar to social networks for the normal population, social media for business organizations starts with being social. They permit real-time communication, and generally contain a playful element or two, such as emojis that can aid message recipients infer tone. However, enterprise social media also presents a host of business-relevant features and functions that can aid teams take more efficiently and successfully. 4 things that your teams can gain from the most comprise:

Document Collaboration: With the capacity to share and discuss documents like a team, along with the capacity to edit and co-author documents directly inside your social network, this feature permits teams to build more inclusive, insightful, and meaningful deliverables. It also offers teams the rare ability to edit and exchange items on the fly – since they’re discussed inside the group.

Internal Groups & External Collaborators: internal groups permit your teams to design a space that’s only for them – and connected by invitation solely. It’s a spot where they can discuss work, like a team, and handle projects and initiatives jointly. Apart from internal groups, some enterprise social networks permit your teams to invite outside client representatives, consultants, vendors, contractors, etc. into the area for you to discuss and collaborate on projects either on a restricted or an on-going basis.

Search & Discovery: Some business social networks permit users to search across their systems for conversations, experts, and files that concern their work. This can aid teams lessen the amount of duplicate work, employ best practices, and function more efficiently. Apart from search, discovery features that permit users to remain abreast of what’s occurring within the company (in usual) can aid you teams locate people, groups, and information that are appropriate to them, their clients and/or their interests. By the discovery process, users may meet mentors, and find regions for cross collaboration, etc., which can aid the not just progress professionally, but better their work.

Seamless Integration: Irrespective of how well praised an enterprise social media solution might be, if it doesn’t back your current tools, like your word processing and presentation programs, then it’s probably not the proper solution for you. Ultimately, the purpose of buying a solution like this is to streamline communication and promote collaboration, and if your teams need to employ “tricks” for making your programs work with your platform, it will use their time and retard your process.

Besides the features that your team will employ daily, one important feature that won’t be seen by your team that can really make social networking for business a success or failure – and it’s security. Having an enterprise social network that encrypts data constantly, at-rest and in-transit, and contains multi-factor authentication to improve identity protection, you can assure that not just is your data secured, but your employees are safeguarded, also.

Issues In Enterprise Social Networking

Like other business tools, Enterprise Social Networking doesn’t arrive without its difficulties.

Social Media Boundaries

Enterprise Social Networking Solutions
Enterprise Social Networking Solutions

Many businesses make the error of regarding personal social media tools like WhatsApp or Facebook for their company communication. But WhatsApp isn’t designed for business, particularly in the matter of vulnerabilities in privacy and security. The app doesn’t present file-sharing limitations and it can’t maintain records to avoid data leaks or workplace bullying. And employing Facebook for business renders it hard for your team to divide the lines between personal life and work.

Besides, utilizing apps like Facebook and WhatsApp – which employees use everyday – renders it all the more difficult for them to close work at the culmination of the day. That obscured work-life balance casts a detrimental impact on employees, which results in reduced workplace productivity, bad morale, and burnout – all of which affect turnover.

Confusing Collections

Enterprise social networks are advantageous in part due to their capacity to collect conversations, files, and activity in one spot. However, they’re not the sole tool a business employs. Between Asana, Google Drive, Docusign, and others, your entire business detail doesn’t stay in one place. It’s vital to incorporate tools like these within your ESN to locate it all when you require it. But if your ESN isn’t adopted correctly, your employees remain digging through it all to locate what they need. That’s why it’s essential to discover an ESN that provides integrations that function for your business.

And what about the innumerable conversations that occur over the platform? Chat tools promote camaraderie throughout the organization, but these casual conversations can get irritating and disorderly. Keeping your team on track can be difficult if your business hasn’t established rules and regulations for correct use of the tool.


After your ESN is configured and your team learns how to use it most efficiently, the benefits will tumble in. You might view more interaction on projects, an improved sense of affinity and community, and also skill-sharing. But mostly, you’ll notice your employees performing work that counts, more efficiently.

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