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It is not rocket science to sense that quality customer service holds the utmost importance in your business. Live Chat Plugins bridge the gap between you and your client but also help in enhancing conversion rates. Statistics suggest that 68% of customers prefer websites with live chat options. We have gathered the most discussed Live Chat Plugins in this article. Have a look:

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Live Chat Plugins for WordPress

HelpCrunch Live Chat

WordPress Live chat support

HelpCrunch is an all-in-one customer support tool that offers live chat and a knowledge base, email marketing, and pop-up functionality. Once you sign up and install the plugin, you get a fully customizable live chat widget for your WordPress website. Change colors, wallpapers, and buttons, and enable different chat forms — all these features are included in the ‘Standard’ subscription for $15/mo.

With the HelpCrunch live chat, you can also set up proactive greeting messages triggered by visitors’ behavior. It’s one of the fastest ways to raise their engagement and increase your overall conversion rate. In addition, support agents will enjoy features like saved responses, tags, statuses, private notes, and live customers’ profiles. What’s also quite convenient is that the knowledge base feature is included in all subscription plans. So, on top of a live chat for your website, you get to create a simple self-help portal and use it at any time while chatting with your visitors.

Tidio Live Chat

Live Chat Plugins,WordPress Live Chat Plugins

When it comes to the most discussed plugins, then Tidio is considered one of them. Tidio is the easiest and most user-friendly plugin to install, with 3 different chat theme designs and fully customized colors that fit the images perfectly it speaks volumes for itself. The live-chat plugin can be directly accessed through the WordPress dashboard. It is installation can be done in Windows, Android app, or iOS. Tidio’s platform recognizes any customer issues and promptly helps send messages online, offline, or via email to resolve the issue.

EngageBay’s Free Live Chat

EngageBay’s Free Live Chat
EngageBay’s Free Live Chat

EngageBay’s Free Live Chat is a live chat service that allows your on-site visitors and customers to communicate with you easily straight from your website. Boost customer service and grow sales instantly. All of this is right from within your website.

Take customer service experience to the next level with our free live chat software! It is designed specifically for the WordPress community. Boost customer service and grow sales instantly.


Acquire’s conversational Live chat software is the ultimate solution for real-time customer support. Through its co-browsing features and its high-quality voice & video call, it goes beyond traditional customer support by bringing more human interaction between your customers and the support team.

Additionally, the support team can resolve complex queries by adding specific chat notes. It also enhances the possibility to enhance sales with personalized messages based on user analytics. Through In-app messaging & custom triggers, it makes it possible for your agents to target a niche segment of users. Live Chat app can be easily integrated with even your WordPress websites through the Acquire-WordPress plugin.

Live Chat by Formilla

Live Chat Plugins,WordPress Live Chat Plugins

The excellent and free WordPress chat plugin is handy for websites with modest traffic attractions. The free interface offers the user a single chat each day with one agent in total. The premium version of the live-chat plugin allows the users to access the chat via various apps. The version also satisfies the user by providing personalized chat boxes and site visitor monitoring. Features like proactive chat, chat queues, and offline email forms are some of the plugin’s other advanced and impressive features.

WP Live Chat

Live Chat Plugins,WordPress Live Chat Plugins

WP live chat plugin is a cost-effective chat plugin that allows the web owner or user to chat with their clients and customers for free. The chat support platform is ideal for small business owners. Third-party connections and payment for any premium versions are not necessary for this fully functional live chat plugin. Some advanced features offer unlimited simultaneous live chats, several predefined live chatbox themes, no advertisement distractions, desktop notifications, and much more. When you activate the plugin, you will view the detailed visitors’ activity in the “live-chat” menu dashboard. You can also choose the chat places preference, such as your own website or the live-chat plugin server.

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Zendesk Chat

Live Chat Plugins,WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Zendesk Chat is one of the most popular live chat plugins available to WordPress users. This plugin is formerly known as the Zopim plugin. Its chat boxes are among the most stylish you will find, with beautiful, customizable layouts and themes. A free subscription with Zendesk Chat allows one chat agent to handle unlimited chats, though restricted to one at a time. Its dashboard is crammed with vital metrics that let you review chat performances, track chat history, and learn about real-time visits of the users.

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NinjaTeam Facebook Live Chat

Live Chat Plugins,WordPress Live Chat Plugins

The most popular live-chat plugin puts the user on the social media’s live chatbox on the website itself so that the visitors can chat with the user directly via Facebook Messenger. This is a comparatively easier way for laymen to connect WordPress website owners and bloggers in their time of need. Furthermore, the live-chat plugin also easier for owners or workers to bestow clients or prospective customers with extensive support.

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iFlyChat – WordPress Chat

A real-time chat plugin, iFlyChat can be a great plugin for community and social networking websites. Once enabled, this plugin will allow your users to chat with each other privately, in a group chat, or in chat rooms. This plugin can also be configured for providing online support for products and services.
This plugin’s other useful features include an embedded chat room, group chat,cloud-based chats, video calling, chat logging, and more.

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Live Chat Unlimited

Live Chat Unlimited

Live Chat Unlimited is a powerful chat plugin that allows 100 users to chat at one time. This plugin is lightweight and offers multi-lingual support with clean coding. It also offers email notifications when a new visitor is online. This theme also allows offline capabilities, so you can show offline when you are away.


Wrapping Words!

This is all about the free WordPress chat plugin. I have mentioned the list of WordPress Live chat plugins above. That list will surely be helpful to you. I hope you like this article, and that it solves the purpose of your reading. If you have any suggestions feel free to write in the comment box below. Thanks for reading!

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