Design Principles for Creating a Great Website

Creating a Great Website can make a big difference in how well your customers relate to you and even how much you can make in profits. Figuring out how to make a website that stands out from the crowd can seem hard, which is why many companies choose to work with a top-rated web design firm like The Creative Momentum to help them out.

Whether you hire a web design agency or take the DIY route, there are different design principles that you can consider to help you get one of the best websites out there, one that will attract your customers and make you money.

Creating a great website include:

1. Less is More

It is important to get all of your essential information onto the website, but you do not want to overcrowd the page so much that your visitor doesn’t know which way to look. Many sites over-design, trying to fit as much in one area as possible, which can reduce the effectiveness of the page.

When it comes to web design, simplicity is important. A fresh, clean design will be easier to use and actually looks better. It does not matter how cool a feature looks; if it is not relevant to the page, then it should not be there.

2. Innovation without Distractions

Creating a great website

An impressive design will involve a lot of natural talent and creativity. Web design professionals know how to create a design that makes good use of whitespace. Whitespace, sometimes known as negative space, will be all the parts of the page that are empty.

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This can be seen as boring, but it does help to clean up the design and make it look sharp. Take a look at some of the websites for your competitors and see how whitespace is effectively used to get the message out there.

3. Usability and Functionality

It does not matter how much you put into the website, if it is hard to use, then your visitors will not be happy. Each decision you make needs to be driven by how functional and usable the design is. Too many websites are hard to use, which will frustrate the visitor and make them leave your website without a purchase or finding the information they need.

Think about the last time you used a website that took too long to load or one that was hard to navigate. Did you stick around to wait for it to behave or just give up in frustration and find a different website to meet your needs? The same thing will happen with your visitors if your website is hard to use.

4. A Cohesive Design

While it is a good idea to add some individuality to any website you want to create, you do need to make sure that this results in a design that is cohesive and easy to use. Changing up the look from one page to another can confuse the visitor and make them question how organized you are.

There are no minor details in the design that you use. Your goal is to get all the pieces to fit together seamlessly and to give a cohesive appearance that will support your brand and helps the customer know you are serious about serving them.

5. Visual Elements to Focus User Attention

Visual Elements to Focus User Attention
Creating a great website

Not only are the types of elements you use important, but the proper attention to where they are placed can be important as well. You need to place all the design features so they provide an inviting path that leads to conversions.

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This does not need to be complicated but is something you must think through. Some are explicit, such as arrows that point to the Contact Us button, while others are a little more subtle. The goal is to use these design elements as cues that will focus the attention of the visitor right where they should go.

There are different ways to do this and you may need to use some A/B testing on several different versions of the website to see which of several elements work the best for providing conversions on your website too.

6. Place the Emphasis on What Matters Most

Think about why your customers are coming to your website. Do they need more information about you? Are they there to find a product? Each website is designed for a specific purpose. You need to make sure that no matter what is on the website, all the emphasis is on what matters the most.

The balance between the copy you write and the images on the page is just one part of this. To appeal to your target audience, you need to always check that the emphasis is on what the customer wants the most.

This may require a little bit of research on your part. You need to know as much about your customers, as a group, as possible to figure out what they are looking for and what questions are important to them when they come to your website.

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Once you have identified these wants and needs, you can use these concepts to create a presentation that will really emphasize this through color, text, and design. It may take a few tries to get it done, but it is so worth it.

Creating the Best Website for Your Company

Creating the Best Website for Your Company
Creating a great website

There are so many unique designs and techniques that you can use when creating your own website. Creating one that meets the needs of your customers, one that is easy to navigate and actually helps them out, can be so important. The tips above will help you to make an amazing website.

Conclusion on Creating a Great Website

Woo Sell Service

While you can utilize these tips and more to create a website that fits the needs of your customers, another option is to use a web design company. These professionals have all the right tricks to ensure the website functions and do exactly what it should, saving you time and worry when it comes to your website.

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