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Community-based brands have become more common for companies that focus on customer satisfaction, and we examine ten ways the existence of one can add value to the brand. It’s no longer a unidirectional affair was the case in the past. Nowadays, a brand’s image is heavily influenced by how it conducts business in its community. The community can be one-way or forum-based like Monzo’s or an app-based one like that of Rod Stryker’s. It’s not just forged by memorable elements like logos and typefaces, but also from the interactions and relationships the brand has with its supporters and customers. More than ever, branding represents the essence of an organization. And as with people, the worth of a brand is determined by the company it maintains and the communities it creates around it. A solid brand community is among the most important assets that a modern business could ever possess.


Top 10 ways a brand community adds business value

1. Monetize your target audience

Brand communities can provide new opportunities for selling to existing and new customers alike. The most efficient of them can be social buying, an eCommerce method where shopping experiences are shared between friends. In a sense, social shopping is similar to the way that people go into the shopping malls with their buddies and can influence each other’s purchasing decision-making.

The ability to reach your audience through selling your brands to your community will provide you with a direct source of income. This lets sales teams exceed their goals and improve customer experiences to meet the demands of today’s customers. Brand communities are particularly well-suited to engaging online classes.

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2. Deflect customer support tickets

customer support

Customers rank excellent customer service as being one of their primary reasons to remain loyal to the brands they love. In the same way, as your customers’ base and your reach grow, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a high standard of customer service. This is why many companies leverage their communities to offer peer-to-peer support and sharing of information.

The purpose of many brand communities is to provide better customer service. This includes giving the ability to address frequently asked issues and questions, many of which will be answered in communities. This helps reduce support tickets and frees up the support department to focus on more pressing and complex issues.

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3. Brainstorm your next great idea

Transparency and engagement of customers work hand-in-hand to make unforgettable and pleasurable customer experiences. They are accompanied by two-way conversations and the possibility to allow customers to be actively involved in the creation of brands that they enjoy. Brand communities are often created to aid in product development and brainstorming.

Innovative companies invest huge amounts of dollars in research and development to discover the next big idea. It’s a process that usually results from a collaborative effort. If the internet community can help in that effort it is possible to convert customer information into profits.

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4. Run new products in test mode

Certain products and services require several years of study, design, and prototyping. Sometimes the amount of internal testing can guarantee that an item is available for sale on the day of its launch. Communities for testing products are well-known in the field of software where it typically takes thousands of hours of effort to make a product available for sale.

Through tapping into the wisdom or experiences of some of your loyal customers, an online community for brands provides the perfect platform for testing new products and gaining feedback. This not only empowers customers to speak up however it also elevates quality control to a completely new level.

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5. Be a recognized industry authority

It’s becoming more difficult than ever before to stand out in today’s highly competitive marketplace, which is the reason that most startups fail within the initial few years. Brands, both established and new have to be able to put in the effort to establish an image for themselves and to have their names immediately associated with confidence and quality.

When you share relevant and valuable information with your followers You can help spark discussion and establish credibility. The higher your authority is, the more reach you have and your customers will be more likely to recommend you.

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6. The reputation of the brand is strengthened

Brands face constant waves of threats from people who wish to destroy their reputations. From scams involving social engineering and copyright infringement to accounts being taken over, social media is a risky place. The process of establishing and maintaining the reputation of a brand requires an active approach and solid personal connections to the biggest supporters.

When you’re part of your brand’s community is at no risk of third-party companies and their sometimes shaky track record in terms of security and privacy. This will allow you to establish and sustain a solid brand identity that can be integrated into the whole digital strategy.

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7. Nurture customer loyalty

Customer loyalty image

In the past, the customer loyalty system was supported by reward programs. There’s now a lot more to cultivating customer loyalty than just trying to get them to buy items like special discounts. Also, you must make every effort to make sure you are ensuring the satisfaction of your customers and letting them get the most benefit through your service or product.

Brand communities facilitate customer satisfaction through user-generated and brand-branded content such as guides and solutions to frequently asked questions and concerns. This increases customer satisfaction and will keep customers coming back to get more.

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8. Enable data-driven decision making

Data is now a major factor in every business decision that leaders make, and branding building is no different. While it’s difficult to define and quantify the significance of the relationships that are reflected in the context of brand communities there are many methods to measure interactions and discover how people consider your brand.

More than just the insignificant ‘likes the ‘likes’ of Facebook and the owned community of brands give you complete control over the information, which also allows for more useful ways to analyze it. For example, you could analyze analytics to monitor recurring issues, engagement rates, and even customer feedback.

9. Enhance brand exposure

Consumers who first learn about a company online typically are doing so after the simple search engine Google or after receiving the recommendation of a friend via social media. Advertising sponsored by sponsors is another option however, it’s an expensive and enormous amount, and is usually not effective. Your brand’s social media community can help increase visibility on both search results as well as on social media channels.

A community for brands provides an opportunity for customers and customers to share their feedback and participate in online discussions. These interactions boost authenticity which is a crucial Google ranking factor. Additionally, it increases the likelihood of people sharing good words via social media.

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10. Help to promote brand awareness

increasing brand awareness
increasing brand awareness

In a community that is generic like your typical following on a popular social media site, it’s hard to determine which of your most loyal followers are. Anyone can be a fan of a brand on Facebook and a large part of them could be fake profiles. To promote brand loyalty it is essential to cultivate your most loyal fans and acknowledge their contribution.

The members of an elite brand group are then just motivated to participate and allow you to transform them into loyal supporters. If you take the proper approach advocates can be an extension of your team, providing value across all areas of your company.

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Conclusion on Brand Community

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These 10 strategies to increase value could be implemented during your daily sales activities. It is no doubt that it takes imagination, creativity, and the ability to compete with your competitors.

The reality is that should you continue to do business in the same way that you have always done prices will always be the same. I am sure you’ll face a competitor who will adopt one or more of these suggestions and implement them. Your challenge? Do it before they do it!

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