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The web isn’t reserved for businesses selling products. When selling a service, having a well-designed website is equally important when selling a physical product. While most website design rules apply to all types of businesses, there are some things you need to do differently if your company is selling a service. Getting these things done right can do wonders for your company’s internet presence. With that said, let’s take a look at a few smart strategies for building your service business website.

Establish your credibility

There are numerous ways companies that sell products can establish their credibility. Not only can they upload images of their products, but they can also provide detailed information on guarantees and delivery procedures. Basically, they can make the majority of their site focus on products. When selling a service, you’re the product. This means there are some other things you need to do if you want people to trust you. First of all, you need to take professional pictures of yourself and your team. Giving users a professional image they can associate with your business is always a good idea. Next, you should include your credentials and provide evidence that your clients are satisfied with your work. This is something online reviews can help you with.

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Be flexible

Another difference between selling products and services is that you can always customize your service to suit the client’s needs. Your website is the perfect place to demonstrate your flexibility, and its design is one of those things that can help users decide to buy your service. Design is an ideal model that teaches us how things both great and small are bound together by invisible threads, as nicely explained by the professionals behind a recent bachelor’s degree in visual design. Now, this may sound like a difficult task but it’s actually quite simple. All you have to do is come up with a few different categories most of your clients fall under and describe how you’re able to adapt to meet every group’s needs. Make sure you emphasize the benefits that apply to each group and you can be assured your website will help you make more sales.

Rely on data

Data has never played a more important role in the business world. The more data your business can collect, the more you can improve and the better service you can offer to your clients. This rule also applies to run a website, and you should always look for new ways to collect data on your internet presence. Data can also help you strengthen relationships with clients as it shows your business making progress and is on track to reach its goals. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should let data collection and reporting take your focus off your core operations – now you can use an automated marketing dashboard to save hours on reporting and still get the job done right.

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Be specific about your service

One of the most common mistakes business owners make is assuming that everyone knows everything about the service they offer. No matter how common is the service you offer, it’s imperative to provide visitors with further explanation. After all, how can you expect them to turn to you if they’re not 100 percent sure what the service you offer is? So, instead of just uploading a photo of your team at work, make sure you write a detailed description of your service. This includes writing about things you specialize in, how your service is delivered, and what it is that sets you apart from your competitors. Be specific about what you offer, and turning visitors into clients will be much easier. Once everything is in place on-site, it’s time to start thinking about the offsite promotion of your services.

Make it easy for visitors to contact you

Nowadays, people browse the web more than ever before, and it’s safe to say you’ll often have users spend a lot of time on your website. The problem is, that doesn’t mean they’ll actually buy your service. Unlike when selling products, you can’t include a shopping cart on your website, and the only way to make a sale is for visitors to contact you. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can encourage them to do it. For example, you can provide an online form they’ll be able to use for buying your service without picking up a phone. On top of this, consider leaving an email address and phone number they can use as well.


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The bottom line is that running a website isn’t all that difficult when selling a product and when selling a service. However, it’s critical for service businesses to focus more on visitors’ needs and how they can benefit from choosing them over their competitors. Therefore, if you want to design a service business website that’ll help you make sales and grow your business, employing the five strategies covered in this post is recommended. Once you get the hang of it, everything else should fall into place, and you’ll have a site that turns leads into clients who keep coming back.

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