Ways To Retain Customers To Your Online Store

Retain Customers

Your customers are the lifeline to your revenue and brand reputation. In fact, a company needs to invest more to get a new customer than retain a current one. This is why it becomes equally imperative to treat your customers properly after they purchase your product compared to those who are about to purchase. Among the best ways to expand your business is to make your existing consumers coming back to your store again and again. It is well-known that returning customers would be spending more in contrast to first-time buyers and is crucial for your business growth.

Let’s take a purview of the ways to amaze and please your buyers so as to make them satisfied and loyal to your online store and brand.

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Learn To Express Thanks

It may sound a bit obvious, but it really works. You can express it in various ways but it gets easy if it is through your personal presence in your location: “Thanks a lot for your business”. “Looking forward to your visit soon.” If you own an online store, you can insert a thank you note when the product is fulfilled, or despatch an email message with a “Thank you” and include a coupon for their next product purchase. The impact will be bigger if you slip in a handwritten note. Needless to say, this approach can be time-consuming, but you can always outsource the task to a handwritten service provider. They will create beautiful, custom handwritten cards in calligraphy.

Receive Customer Feedback

Requesting customer feedback with regard to their buying experience or quality of product reveals that you are engaged and dedicated to your business and making an effort to improve it. Customers have options to share their response with review websites such as Yelp. You should instantly respond to comments received on such sites. Moreover, you should think of sending a convincing survey directly to the customers. This helps you to receive useful feedback so that you can bring further improvements and upgrade your business and make it stay right on top of the list of your consumers.

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Maintain A Consistent Communication

Make it a point to consistently reach out to your consumers either through a newsletter, an invitation to an event or coupon. Customers always desire to hear about your latest products, services, rebates or events. Remember that Personalization is key to customer retention.

Display Customer Experience

Exhibiting one of your consumers in your retail store, in a re-tweet, or an email newsletter enhances greater engagement. People like the spotlight being offered to them or to their cause. If you have a consumer raising funds for a charitable cause, mention in your blog posts or tweets regarding it. Sending special wishes to your customers on their birthday or anniversary is an effective way to make them know that you care about them.
If you communicate with your consumers after they purchase a product, it denotes that you are concerned more than simply selling.

Build A Loyalty Program

This features a great method to reciprocate your product buyers with a small effort. Loyalty programs are intelligent marketing plans crafted to motivate customers. It is conducted by offering some rewards to consumers who make frequent purchases. Such a reward could be a discount coupon, a gift voucher, points reward or just a free product. Build a loyalty program that presents something worth for your loyal consumers.

For instance, Starbuck has introduced a loyalty program based on points. Consumers are offered various food and beverages based on the stats they accumulate. For collecting 25 stars you are entitled to an espresso shot. In addition, you can also earn various freebies such as mugs or t-shirts. If you are opening up a new store, gather feedback on your loyalty program. Such a customer loyalty program is a wonderful way to achieve customer retention and tons of retention objectives with one tool.

Extend A Dedicated Customer Support

Customer support makes you appear distinctive in your niche. Create a robust support team for those customers who are frequent purchasers. See to it that each customer is satisfied with regard to the support system you offer. For instant pre-sales queries, you can create chatbots. In the case of FAQs, set up forums, guides and help centers. In situations of product returns or issues related to products, you can extend assistance through a live chat. If it is not possible to offer real-time assistance, you can send help emails and calls.

Maintaining diverse ways to reach out to your team can aid to improve and troubleshoot problems of the customers speedily. Excellent customer support will surely create satisfied and loyal customers, more so if they are unhappy with your product.

A happy, satisfied customer has a greater chance to revert to your online shop and conduct extra purchases.

Final Thoughts

Customer retention is more preferable than customer acquisition as making your customer return back to your store is more essential as bringing new consumers. By following customer retention plans like designing a value proposition that defines your product in a better way, employing personalized emails, even using a customer’s name in your email stands to boost the CTR of your emails. Make the best use of your user experience and product catalog to retain customers and personalize the marketing campaign by assessing your purchases to help your e-commerce store gain traction. Follow the above-listed strategies to bolster the purchase frequency of your present consumers and also retain your loyal customers.



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