How To Auto-Suggests Possible Resumes And CV’s As The User Types

How To Auto-Suggests Possible Resumes And CV’s

Do you want to make it easier for your users to get access to the jobs of their choice? Auto Resume Suggest is one of the best plugins available for you which will allow the entire process of searching for jobs a lot easier. So, let us see what this plugin is all about what are the various features and functions of the plugin.

What is Auto Resume Suggest?

How To Auto-Suggests Possible Resumes
Auto Resume Suggest

Auto Resume Suggest plugin will automatically suggest resumes and CVs based on the user types. The plugin is extremely important for designing a fully-functional job listing website. It will bring you closer to the jobs of your choice. As soon as your users start typing anything on the search bar, the plugin will start suggesting resumes from the database of your website. The plugin works in a way similar to that of Google search. Everything will take place instantaneously and your viewers need not have to spend hours searching for a job of their choice.

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What are the various supported features of Auto Resume Suggest?

How To Auto-Suggests Possible Resumes
Auto Resume Suggest
How To Auto-Suggests Possible Resumes

Some of the outstanding features of Auto Resume Suggest have been mentioned below:

  • Theme independent: The plugin works well with all popular WordPress themes. Its functionalities will not depend on the theme on which it is running. The plugin will provide you with the desired results irrespective of what theme you are using for your website.
  • Style scanner: You will be provided with a built-in style scanner which will ensure that the suggestions completely blend with the design of your theme. This will leave an ever-lasting impact on the minds of the viewers.
  • Jobify compatible: In addition to other popular WordPress themes, Auto Resume Suggest also works well with the very popular jobify WordPress theme. The installation process is quite easy.
  • Twitter tech: The theme has been built using the same technology as Twitter. The auto suggestion feature will increase the speed of your job listing website and will also create a sense of satisfaction in the mind of the users.
  • User-experience: The plugin will save a lot of time for your user. They need not have to type the entire resume title. The users will be provided with suggestions as soon as they type a few letters.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, various other features are also available making Auto Resume Suggest one of the best WordPress job plugins.

What are the requirements of the plugin?

The plugin does not have any huge set of requirements. However, you need to have WordPress 3.8+ and WP Job Manager installed on your system in order to work with Auto Resume Suggest.

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Wrapping up

So, as you can see, How To Auto-Suggests Possible Resumes Auto Resume Suggest is an extremely well-equipped plugin for your job listing website. The plugin has a huge range of utilities and functions. So, make sure to install this plugin on your website. If you have any kind of queries regarding Auto Resume Suggest, you must let us know of it.

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