Keyword Brainstorming

According to reports, 93 percent of all internet experiences start with a search engine. This is something both small and large businesses have recognized and most of them now invest in SEO. If you’re running a company, now may be the perfect time to do the same and ensure your website ranks better on search engine results pages. But if you want to do this, you first need to decide what the best keywords for your SEO campaign are. In case you’re about to start your keyword brainstorming session, here are five tips that can help build an effective keyword list.

1. Focus on your products

Keyword Brainstorming

This is the most obvious part of determining the best keywords for your business and where you should start building your list. It’s very important to have consumers perceive you as one of the leading experts in your field, which makes building keywords related to what your company sells a no-brainer. Not to mention that most of the time, potential customers will begin their online experience by typing the name of the product they need in a search engine. This part of your brainstorming session should be relatively easy since all you need to do is list your products and the city or neighborhood you’re based in.

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2. Know your competitors’ keywords

competitors keywords

As mentioned earlier, almost every business now invests in SEO and your competitors are no exception. Keeping a close eye on your competitors’ SEO efforts is a good way to recognize what you’re doing right and where you can improve and give your rating a boost. This includes keeping a list of the keywords they rely on and using it to extract your own keywords. However, this doesn’t mean you should just go and copy everything they do. While competing for the ones with the highest search volume is a must, you also can’t go wrong with coming up with keywords of your own. There are tools you and your team can use in your brainstorming sessions to find out the best keywords your competitors use.

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3. Make the most of your meetings

Time is crucial when running a business and it’s critical to make the most of your every meeting. This goes for your brainstorming sessions as well and it’s why you should organize them as efficiently as possible. Everyone in your team is supposed to be aware of what their tasks are. Besides this, relying on some of the best tools for meetings can help. For example, you should get a magnetic whiteboard you can use to write down potential keywords you and your employees come up with. If some of them seem like they shouldn’t make it to your keyword list, you can just erase them and move on.

4. Use search engines

search engines

Although there are plenty of tools you can use in your brainstorming session, using search engines as well is extremely important. After all, that’s where consumers type the name of the product they’re searching for. Start by typing your product names in search engines and keep a list of the suggestions search engines offer. These suggestions often turn out to be exactly what you need to insert into your business’s keyword list. Another great thing about relying on search engines to provide you with more keywords is that there’s a “people also search for” feature that gives you an insight into exact phrases people search for.

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5. Identify your customers’ problems

Identify customers problems

One of the best things about the modern age is that you can turn to the web no matter what kind of problem you have. People who’re searching for products online usually need help with an issue they are facing and knowing what that is can help identify the keywords you should use. The good news is, this is exactly the kind of stuff you can discuss at keyword brainstorming sessions. Start by identifying your ideal customer and develop a list of the problems they might have prior to turning to the web. Think about how they would describe those problems and use that to build a better keyword list.

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Final thoughts on Keyword Brainstorming

SEO has become a crucial part of running a business and building a good keyword list is essential. Use these tips to give your brainstorming sessions a boost and you should see your SEO efforts improve in no time. Just don’t forget to observe how well your keywords are doing and make adjustments based on performance every now and then.

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