Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation strategy is very important when you want to get more sales and more people to notice your content. However, gaining high-quality leads isn’t always easy. In fact, most of the time you are generating leads that will never buy from you but they signed up for some reason – some of which may be on this list.

However, this doesn’t mean that gaining quality leads is impossible.

Here are some lead generation strategy for you to test out:

Create a lead magnet

This is one of those strategies that will get you many leads but they might not always be high quality. However, because of the sheer number of people that will subscribe, you can count on at least some of them being your great leads.

Here’s the deal – most people will take the magnet and forget about you. However, there are people who are truly interested in what you have to say and who will pay attention to your emails if you write them properly. Of course, you will also get a few extremely good leads but always bank on the middle group which can be persuaded into becoming a perfect lead.

Invest in a strong YouTube presence

YouTube presence

“YouTube is for more than just time-wasting videos – you can use it for marketing too. In fact, it might bring you some of the most dedicated leads yet. So, create beautiful videos and pay attention to aesthetics and details like your description. Leave links there – people who are going to turn into great leads will click on your links,” says Rhett Burns, a leads generator at Academized and BestBritishEssays.

Optimize your optin form

Your optin form doesn’t have to be a giant buzz killer. And you don’t need all of that info on your leads. Sure, it’s useful. But no lead has the time – or patience – to type all of this in. And just think of your poor mobile device users. So, to get more leads, optimize your mobile form so it requests only their name and email address – the essentials – and make it work well on mobile too.

Create an awesome CTA

CTAs that invite your readers to subscribe are super important. You can go with the generic “click here to subscribe” or you can go with something way more compelling like the example below:

Call to action

How can you even say no to this? Are you a hater of everything useful?

So, as you can see, a CTA is a great tool in your arsenal. Make it stand out, make it sizzle, make it compel the reader to click yes because no is not an option. Combine this with a super simple form and a good lead magnet and you’re already there, gaining an enormous amount of leads.

Improve Instagram strategy

Your Instagram could be a lead magnet as well. But you have to rebuild it a bit to become more effective. For one, show yourself – your face might be all the lead magnet you need. Show images of your employees and what happens backstage. This will show your audience that there are humans worth talking to behind the brand.

You should also make sure that your bio is perfect and that it has a strong CTA to your link.


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Host contests

Contests may seem like a fishy strategy – just like the lead magnet – because it drives many leads and not so many of them convert. But, again, the sheer amount of people that will subscribe will bring you some leads. Create a social media contest – entry rule can be that the contestants have to subscribe.

Offer discounts

Offer discounts

Again, a technique that may seem a bit like it will bring too many people who don’t want to buy but you can still count on them being the people that are interested in your products. So, a nice discount may be all it takes to bring in the perfect lead.

Get leads through LinkedIn

“LinkedIn is the perfect social media to help you connect with businesses and professionals. If your niche is software, for instance, you can find professionals online who would find it useful and interesting,” says Theo Green, a marketer at BoomEssays and Essayroo.

Final thoughts on lead generation strategy

Gaining leads isn’t always easy but creative strategies can help. Test one of these out and make sure that you nurture those leads so that they turn into a successful conversion.


Author Bio:

Chloe Bennet works as a marketing expert at Law Assignment Help and Write My Paper. Before she started working there, she was a librarian and book marketer. Chloe covers blog section at College Assignment Help educational portal.



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