Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms

Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms

You get plenty of options when it comes to adding forms to your WordPress website. From a simple contact form to purchase and sales forms, these plugins let you create all. While Contact Form 7 is so far the best and most popular form plugin for WordPress. But this form does not provide all the advanced features to add forms. There are many other plugins that provide you the features that Contact Form 7 doesn’t.  Two such most popular form creation plugins are Gravity Forms and Ninja FormsBoth these plugins are premium plugins and provide some top-notch features to extend your form creation capabilities. But the question arises, What is the difference between the two? Therefore, in this article, we decided to compare both plugins.

Let’s get started with the Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms comparison.

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Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms


When it comes to features, both the plugins offer great variety. Let us check some of the important features of each.

Drag and drop                         YES                          YES
Conditional logic                         YES                          YES
Available Field Types                         30+                          30+
Form Entry Handling Options                         YES                          YES
Responsive Design                         YES                          YES
Payment Gateway Integration                         YES                          YES
Exporting Forms                         YES                          YES
Create Polls and Surveys                         YES                          NO
Know More Features               Gravity Forms              Ninja Forms

Both Gravity and Ninja Forms provide some ultimate form creation features. Most of the features are same between the two. But the noting fact is that Ninja Forms also comes in a free version besided its premium version. You can easily download and configiure this plugin at your site without spending a penny on it.

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Screenshots- Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms

GRAVITY FORMS WordPress form builder Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms
NINJA FORMS WordPress form builder Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms


Starting $59 per year Starting $49 per site
No Free Trial Free trial available
Pricing Plans Pricing Plans

Gravity Forms is a premium plugin while, the basic Ninja Forms plugin is available for free. The free version gives you access to the basic form functionality while for advanced functionality, you will be required to purchase the premium version.

Customer Support- Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms

There are customer service forums on the support page and an FAQ section that you can check before submitting a support ticket. They offer support via email, with different response times, depending on the subscription
Basic and Priority Support. Support depends on pricing plans.

Support is highly important for customer’s satisfaction. If you do not provide timely as well as satisfactory support, you cannot win your customers. Both the plugins offer some amazing and extensive documentation. Talking about support, Gravity Forms is surely a winner as it provides support via FAQs, Ticket system as well as social media platforms. Its support is quicker as compared to Ninja forms which make it dependent on your pricing plans.

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Some Other Features

One of the important aspects is integration with third-party plugins. Both the plugins integrate with major third-party plugins with the help of additional add-ons.

Gravity Forms Ninja Forms 






Zapier and others.






Mad Mimi and more.

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Final Thoughts- Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms

Gravity and Ninja both are two best of form creation plugins for your WordPress website. Gravity is completely premium, while the Ninja core plugin is free. From the comparison between the two, we could find out that there is not much difference between both the plugins. Turn your form submission into useful content with display Gravity Forms entries.

The major difference was the pricing. Since Ninja Forms is available for a free trial and you can purchase add-ons to extend its functionality, people would prefer going with a trial version. On the other hand, Gravity has a strong client base as well as its support is outstanding. But considering the front features point of view, both the plugins are almost the same and provide similar features. It always comes to a user to decide which one suits him best. So which one do you choose for your website, Gravity or Ninja? Let us know in the comment section below.

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