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Online communities are creating all the buzz on the internet and rightly so! They are a new form of making groups and doing things together … but on the internet. It is easy to be a part of a community or even create one. Communities exist to help you be a part of something bigger than yourself.

This post is to introduce you to a type of community you will love: for our furry friends!

Did you know that you can be a part of multiple communities to know everything about animals? Almost every other household has a pet and at times it gets difficult to fulfill their needs or find places that understand what your animal wants.

An online community of animal lovers aims to rescue you from all your troubles by providing excellent and easy solutions! Another purpose is to save animals from all the issues they might go through in their everyday life.

The members in such a community consist of people who are pet parents and want to know more about taking care of them. It can also include people who are in love with four-legged creatures and other animals! It is the go-to place to make connections with people who share the same love you have for animals!

Another thing about an online community is that there are no restrictions or preferences when it comes to animals: it s a safe, happy space for dogs, cats, turtles, fishes, birds, reptiles and all animals alike!

An online community of animal lovers can be useful in ways more than one. Make your online community easily using Reign BuddyPress Theme.

Here are some of the things you can do with an online community:

1. Find solutions

Every pet parent has faced one issue or the other when it comes to their pets. Often, finding a good veterinary clinic, arranging for food and even toys for pets and finding other furry friends for them can be way too difficult! An online community is made for this very purpose! It forms connections and thus provides answers to many difficulties. Members can share their experiences, provide useful information, do house checks, organize vaccination drives, put up data related to adoption, organize meets, talk about animal behaviours and do so much more! It can be a solution oriented community.

Further, such a community can even keep its members up-to-date with developments in the paw world! It can organize funds for animals and encourage people to donate and volunteer for charity events. Safety measures and tips to take better care of pets and strays can also be posted.

2. Connect:

An online community like this acts as a hub for animal lovers from all over the world. People can find their local members and organize meetups, picnics or spend a day in the park with their pets. This will ensure playtime for animals and help members form bonds with each other!

Members can even share photos and videos of their pets! Who does not like a cute animal picture or a funny video? Communities can also host dress-up competitions and other games wherein members can participate and thereby make the community engaged at all times.

These connections can go a long way!

3. Contribute to blogs and forums:


Every pet parent has a story to share. They can participate in writing content for the community. Sharing a cute story about their animal, providing information that helped them and even raising awareness about animals that are going extinct will keep the community relevant whilst bringing a social change in our society.

Every month or so, professionals and experts such as a veterinarian can guide members of the community with respect to various aspects. Curating and providing accurate information with the help of blogs will aid its old members and new. Parenting or fostering an animal will become much easier when all the information is available at one place.

An online forum can be created where members ask questions that can be answered by others. It will be a support group for animal lovers.

Guidance as to how to take care of strays during natural disasters and harsh weather can be shared. Furthermore, it can even host a rescue clinic that works toward the welfare of animals.

4. Rescue and Adoption:

One of the best things that an online community can do is provide shelter to stray animals and help them find a loving, caring home. Volunteers can sign up and organize weekly or monthly meets, share information, vaccinate animals and have discussions about everything related to fostering and adopting animals.

It can even provide guidance to members as to how to care for animals when they are sick and give expert advice. When an online community has a donation drive for charity, it can help the community on the financial front.
Animals can get lost, be abandoned or treated unfairly by their parents. They also face the fear of extinction and can fall sick due to climate change. They are used for entertainment and often are the subject of experiments. With the help of volunteers, these things can be stopped and animals can live a life they truly deserve.

Having an online community of people that care about animals and their welfare is hugely essential because animals do not have any other place to go to. They rely on us for their well-being and we have to deliver.

Animals suffer a lot at the hands of people who treat them harshly and hurt them. An online community ensures none of this happens and through its foster and care system, hundreds of animals can be taken care of and fed every day.

If such a community does not exist around you, we suggest you make one yourself. It is simple and very effective. You just have to take the first step. With the help of fellow animal lovers, you can save animals from having a nightmarish life. Every small act of kindness can make a whole lot of difference for our four-legged friends.

Start and make a difference, today!

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