Good Reasons For Choosing WordPress While Designing Your Website

WordPress website design

A software that lets you smoothly create, manage, edit and publish content on the website without any knowledge of programming, WordPress has become a hot favorite for both web-savvy and web-beginners. The fact that it is simple and still powerful makes it a well-liked platform with more than 74 million websites of various types and scales using it to post latest content every second! WordPress presently powers over 33% of the websites.

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Must known Reasons for WordPress Website Design

If you are still waiting to take a plunge here are some good reasons to join the bandwagon and secure the benefits of using WordPress for your site.

WordPress website design

Not a Penny Charged For Using

It is not a major concern if it is business portal or an individual blog, the reality that WordPress does not cost you anything is a big impetus to use it. Further, no additional charges are required either if your portal starts receiving greater traffic than you expected. Apart from being free, it is also open source, which indicates that you can change or enhance its source code to customize the user experience and functionality of your website.

A Frontrunner In The CMS Market

Not only is WordPress the most in demand CMS, but it remains unrivalled in the market segment. Statistics speak out that WordPress is employed by almost 59.5% of the websites that makes use of a content management system (CMS). The second ranking CMS, Joomla has a market share of 5.9% and is tracked closely by Drupal with a market share of 4.9%.

Adaptive And Lets You Create Any Genre Of Website

A common misunderstanding with regard to WordPress is that it is primarily for creating blogs. Initially, WordPress was formulated as a platform for blogging, but it has undergone transformation with the different new releases with time.

Actually, WordPress has a winning edge because of its blogging origins. It is among the cleanest, quickest mode to compose and publish blogs and is inbuilt at the very beginning.

Certain website creation tools visualize first the design and apps, followed by the blogging interface as a second thought. However, this does not apply to WordPress, as you can develop stunning ecommerce sites and are aware that the blog is an essential element of the development practice.

Both User And SEO Compatible


Installation of a WordPress site seems easy after you locate the perfect domain host. All you need is a few clicks and you have the basics working for you and the theme and customisation depends on you. The charm of WordPress lies in its intuitive backend and you do not require to read and formulate code. Needless to say, if you want to follow more advancement and consider web development you can proceed and thoroughly edit  the way you want. With user friendly, wholly customisable feature, this finest CMS and blogging platform is simply great both for starters and career professionals.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the backstage operations that drives your website high on Google rankings. WordPress is created to resolve a host of SEO problems by default, and a variety of plugins are available that makes SEO convenient even for a first timer web developer.

Constant Support, Security And Updates

An open-source application, WordPress delivers a top quality user experience. This constitutes one among the varied reasons as to why WordPress is backed by a huge community of millions of subscribers all across the world. If you face any issues with the application the experts are always around to handle your queries.

Automattic, the firm notable for WordPress, releases no less than 3 major updates for the CMS annually. Your system gets updated naturally along with the different minor updates for free. Besides, you can verify WordPress version with various methods. Can you ever imagine that any separate web designer would extend for free future website upgrades?

Interactive On Mobile Devices

WordPress is completely responsive and supports various mobile platforms and screen dimensions. Contrary to custom-made HTML sites, there is no requirement to develop an individual version of your site for smartphones and tablets. Themes of WordPress are already pre optimized for mobile screens, particularly when you purchase premium WordPress themes.

Keeping a responsive design boosts the ranking in search engine results and mustering qualified traffic. When you acquire a WordPress website, mobile optimisation is an inbuilt feature. Though some websites do require special coding for mobile optimization, for WordPress it is simple as it is already a component of what you sign up as you select WordPress for your CMS portal.

Countless Themes To Select

A major reason for the popularity graph of WordPress is that it offers you access to thousands of WordPress themes to create a website of your choice. Certain themes extend great support for ecommerce outlets while others are remarkable for membership-based websites. For instance, if you desire to create a niche website such as a site for a construction company or a parlor, you can quickly select a construction WordPress theme or medical theme to develop your website through a fast search on Google.

Scales Up The Website With Plugins

wordpress plugins

WordPress plugins makes your website functional and interactive thus converting the visitor into a potential consumer. Utilizing the plugins, you can build a contact page for your site, include a checkout mode, enhance SEO, incorporate an additional level of security and also generate landing pages through easy clicks.  With more than 43,000 plugins present on the official database of WordPress plugins and above 4,100 plugins on CodeCanyon. You have at your disposal abundant options to scale up your website with the expansion of your business.

Installs Your Website In Five Minutes

Setting up WordPress is similar to strolling in a garden. You can actually set it up and begin working on the website within five minutes. It can be installed on any web host as it powers almost 60% of the total web. Further, bulk of the hosting plans contain single-click set up for the CMS or has an already pre-installed one. This indicates that consumers have complete scope to decide where to host their WordPress website.

The WordPress specific hosting plans lets the hosting provider set up WordPress for you where you dive directly into the dashboard of WordPress and operate on the site. Inside the WP dashboard by employing the Live Editor, new pages, blogs and media can be added on your portal. You can even enter the Appearance section to personalize the appearance of your site by adding a background, headers, widgets and also menus.

Simple Customisation

For beginners who desire to choose their own theme it is convenient to customise the theme through the back end customization tab. Editing the theme and previewing the changes can be done prior to going live. A lot of tasks can be performed through plugins also such as create forms, optimizing SEO, share on social pages, despatch newsletters and much more.

Exhaustive Consumer Support

WordPress is a software that is open source hence a significant portion of the additional bits and details are furnished by an active subscriber base. With diverse forums and bloggers with ten years expertise documenting the ways they fixed the bugs, it becomes convenient to find solutions for your problems.

Has A Futuristic Relevance

Automattic has huge plans for future with regard to WordPress. So, you need not have to worry as your website will remain relevant and perform qualitatively also in the near future. The opportunities with WordPress seem endless as it is a realm of its own. Prior to engaging a web designer and investing thousands of dollars on a non performing website, give WordPress a chance and experience its sheer power. Once you switch over to WordPress, you will never prefer to revert to HTML again.

Final Thoughts on WordPress Website Design

WordPress has proven itself time and again with its functionality, expandability and convenience of use. This popular platform not only help you to maintain complete mastery over your website, but also bestows amazing advantages such as themes, free tools, plugins and complete media support. This is what makes it the perfect choice for bloggers, enterprise owners, developers with their clients, and ecommerce experts.




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