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Are you planning to design your own website? But wait? did you have full-fledged knowledge about the steps you need to follow before start developing a site? If not? then this article will guide you through the mistakes you should avoid while designing a website.
Who don’t that his website need to look amazing and reflect a  brand, but for that, it also needs to be quick to load, easy to use and provide an enjoyable customer experience. You may assume that your website ticks all of the boxes, but does it really? Read on to discover some of the common web design mistakes that you are probably making.

8 website designing mistakes

Let’s dive in-

#1: Every Page should have clear call to action

Yes, this point is one of the most important when it comes to designing a website. You need to ask yourself the following question: do your website users know what they are supposed to do after visiting every page on your site? If the answer to this question is no, you need to make some changes. None of your website pages should lead to a dead end; every user needs to know what to do afterward. You need to check that you every CTA should be attractive and impactful. Viewer force to get engage with your website content.

#2: Poor link treatment

Make sure to appreciate what a link is and what it does. A hyperlink allows the web to exist if you think about it holistically. To go from page to page easily a link is required. Users need quick access to links to get the information they came for. You should avoid the broken links. This will destroy your viewer engagement. Make sure your links look like links and not those default blue underlined kind as well!

#3: Optimize your website for all the screens

This is very important for you while designing a website. Testing your website on mobile is very is very necessary. In today’s world, everything is on mobile you can start up your business anytime anywhere with mobile. Most people use their mobile phones to browse the web today. If you have not optimised your website for all devices, when someone searches for your site on their mobile, they are going to be met with a website that is difficult to read, involves a ton of scrolling, and generally doesn’t look very good. If your website is not responsive, it will be hard for the visitor to understand your site. It may also happen that he won’t come back again. So, it is necessary for you to optimize your website for all the screens.

#4: Avoid overuse of Animations and effects

You might have seen many websites fully loaded with videos animation and some glossy effects. No doubt it looks cool, but at some point, it starts annoying the users. Popular animations or hacks get in the way of the experience like elements fading in, up, down, around, etc.. or scroll hacking for example. Using these treatments can definitely add to the experience, but you should be vigilant when implementing them into your projects. So, maintain the ratio of animation effects and content on your website.

#5: Always pay attention to analytics

Did you measure your website? Where did you website stand? If not, then you are definitely making a big mistake. After all, how do you expect to determine how your website is performing if you do not look at the facts and figures? Moreover, when you consider the fast pace of the Internet today, and the need to keep up with the latest trend and developments, you see why this is even more important. After all, your website may be performing well one month, and then a few months down the line this could all change if you have not been keeping abreast of all of the algorithm updates and such like.

#6: Loading speed of your website

What’s your website loading speed? Is your website running slow this is the most crucial point you need to check out while designing a website? Have you ever spent a long time waiting for a website to load? Websites that load too slowly are major annoyances for users, as well as an impediment to your site ranking as well as it should in Google’s results. A faster speed provides the better user experience. It is noted that with every second of increased page speed, they saw a two percent increase in conversion. It is necessary for you to maintain the speed of your site.

#7: Popups are important

Yes, sometimes popups might be irritating for you be they play very role for the website. It increases user engagement. Now, this is not to say that pop-ups should never be used, but they need to be used carefully and with caution. If someone heads to your website, and they see a pop-up before they even see any of the information on your website, they are going to leave. Of course, if the pop-up appears after a short while to offer the user a discount, this is a different matter entirely.

#8: Content is essential for your website

As you all know “Content s King” if there will be not relevant and catchy content on your website then it will be hard for you to create your target audience.  If people struggle to read the content on your website, or you are providing them with an overload of information that is presented in a way that is difficult to understand, they are simply not going to bother reading it.

Secondly, this is bad for search engine optimisation. Gone are the days where you would simply keyword stuff content to get to the top of Google.Today, Google is looking for quality content, which is relevant, original, and engaging, with the natural use of keywords. So, always keep in mind organic relevant and impressive content is good to go.

Wrapping Up

Designing a website is an easy process but maintain a website is not an easy task. I hope that this helped you out with major mistakes you should avoid while designing a website. I have only covered a handful of errors you can commonly make while designing a website. For any query feel free to comment below section. Thanks for reading.

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