WordPress SMS Plugins Of 2023 To Send SMS From Website

WordPress SMS Plugin

According to recent research, Mobile SMS Marketing has a 98% reach whereas Email Marketing has a 22% of reach. So it is better to choose SMS marketing rather than Email Marketing. If you have a WordPress website then, different SMS plugins can help you to reach a mass number of people in just one click. SMS marketing plugin is very beneficial to grow your business in very little time.


In this article, I will tell you about some interesting Twilio WordPress plugins 2023 for WordPress websites.

1. FairPlayer SMS Gateway

wordpress sms plugins

The FairPlayer SMS Gateway is a perfect SMS plugin for WordPress by which you can directly send SMS from your WP website. This plugin converts your WordPress website into SaaS. The core features of FairPlayer SMS Gateway are you can send both Mass and Single SMS from your website. If your website has an active blog page then the user will automatically be notified through SMS when a blog post is added, this feature is known as SMS-TO-POST. You can remotely send a message from your website by using the SMS SaaS feature. You will get unlimited terminals for sending SMS. This plugin has a high-end security feature by which all your message sends and received without any middleman.

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2. SMSmaster

wordpress sms marketing plugin

It is a multipurpose SMS Gateway for any WordPress website. If you have a school management, gym, hospital, and hotel WordPress website then you can send SMS to mass very efficiently. You can simply set up this plugin within ten minutes. This plugin will give an SMS gateway to different countries such as Africa, India, the USA, Europe, and Brazil. SMSmaster is very easy to install and use. By using this plugin for your school WordPress website you can send mass SMS to parents informing any changes or meetings. For the hospital, this plugin is useful for sending every single update to the patient through SMS.

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3. WooCommerce SMS Customer Notification

wordpress sms plugin

WordPress WooCommerce SMS Notification is a multifunctional plugin for the WordPress WooCommerce website. This plugin has advanced features like SMS sending, autoresponder, scheduling, and much more. By using this plugin you can create your own message and promotional messages which you can send to bulk at one time.

The advanced features of this plugin are, you can customize every single message of order. You can also add coupon codes to messages. This is the best plugin if you want to boost your business through Mobile SMS Marketing.

4. ARforms- Twilio WordPress plugin

wordpress sms notifications

By using ARforms you can send a customizable message as a notification or an administrator. The core feature of this plugin is that you can handle auto-reply from the gateway section. This plugin can be integrated with any WordPress theme. This plugin supports multiple SMS gateway options such as Nexmo, Twilio, SMSGlobal, and Clickatell. Every message which is sent is automatically confirmed by this plugin.

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5. WooCommerce Order SMS Notification

wordpress sms

By using this plugin admin can send every single notification of an order through SMS. this plugin is very easy to install and customize. The interesting thing about this plugin is that you can send SMS to any number. This plugin is very useful for any WooCommerce website because the SMS you send to your customer contains all the information like the order number, the status of an order, the amount, and much more.

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6. WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin

wordpress sms marketing plugin

WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin is a fully integrated plugin for the WordPress website. This plugin will enhance your business through SMS marketing. This plugin has rich features like campaign management, handling, autoresponder, and campaign scheduler. If you have a WordPress website related to a hotel, restaurant, shopping center, gym, yoga, and spa then this plugin can boost your website. You can send all the information in the form of a message like promotions, discounts, and many more. WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin is very easy to install and use. This plugin comes with lifetime updates. The core feature of this plugin is you will get autoresponders for every order update.

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07. WordPress SMS Contact Form Plugin

sms plugin for wordpress

WordPress SMS Contact Form Plugin is the outstanding and most innovative plugin. With the advanced feature of this plugin, you can track all information of filled forms through SMS straight to your phone. This plugin is also known as four in one plugin, use of this theme will let the admin create endless campaign messages and promotional messages. You will get features like subscriber notification, mass bulk message option, order status, lead statistics, multiple time zone support, and helpful message control.

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8. WP SMS- Twilio WordPress plugin

wordpress sms plugin

This plugin adds the ability to send SMS in mass from your WordPress website. The core feature of this plugin is that you can even send SMS to your newsletter subscribers. The other features of this plugin are that you will get the mobile number of each newsletter subscriber. This plugin has two-step verification which keeps all the information safe. The user can even log in to your website if they have forgotten the password. This plugin is completely free all you need is just an account to use services.

The unique features of this plugin are you can add up to 180 SMS Gateways. You can send all the information related to your business and service through a single SMS.

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9. Joy of Text- Twilio WordPress plugin

sms plugin for wordpress

This is one of the best plugins if you want to connect to your customer through SMS. The best feature of this plugin is that you can send both SMS and voice messages from your WordPress website. If you don’t have a Twilio account then you can sign up for free to use this plugin. By creating a subscription form you can send SMS updates to every new subscriber. The plugin is compatible with the following extension such as WooCommerce Extension, Message Scheduling Extension, Comment Notifier, and BuddyPress Integration Extension. The free version of this plugin has a member group option where you can send SMS to mass in just a single click.

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10. YITH WooCommerce SMS Notification

wordpress sms plugins

If you want to send an SMS to your customer after every sale then this plugin is for you. You can end updates regarding order changes or anything to your customer with just a single click. To send all the SMS you can add different SMS gateway in your WordPress website. You will get custom 160 characters for every SMS, this plugin reduces the communication gap between the user and admin. There are different custom order statuses in this plugin that you can use. This plugin comes with complete documentation which makes installation and usage very easy.

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11. WooSMS- Twilio WordPress plugin


This plugin extends the capability of your WooCommerce website. You can promote your product and service in bulk with SMS. you can make your customer happy just by sending all the order details and changes through SMS. by using this plugin customer will get an SMS every time he places the order or makes any changes to the order. The main features of this plugin are two-way SMS, SMS notification, different SMS templates, and the DND start and stop function. If you want to send SMS in bulk then you can choose a different gateway. It is a very flexible and easy-to-use plugin.

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12. TXTImpact SMS Notification and Mass Text Messaging

wordpress sms plugins

This plugin allows blog visitors to get an SMS notification for every new blog post. A user can sign up with just a few texts. This plugin is very easy to install and you can also add a widget to your sidebar. By using this plugin you don’t have to send regular emails to visitors, this also reduces the communication gap between them. When you post a new blog on your website then you don’t have to send SMS to each and every user, all you have to do is, select the number of people and just with one click send mass SMS to all.

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13. WordPress SMS Plugin- Twilio WordPress plugin

WordPress SMS Plugin

If you want to keep your client updated about the order at every step then this plugin is for you. You can send the newsletter in the form of SMS, you can also coupon codes and links through SMS. the features of this plugin are, you can send SMS through your WordPress website, the user can subscribe to the newsletter through SMS, and shortcode, and it is integrated with WooCommerce, CF7, and WPML. This Plugin can be used with different WordPress websites very easily.

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14. Contact Form 7 SMS Integration

Contact Form 7 SMS Integration

You will need to have the Contact Form 7 Plugin in order to make this extension work. This SMS integration sends a notification when somebody submits a contact form. It is a simple integration but will be helpful for you. This plugin allows you to customize your SMS Template and set an SMS API.

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15. SMS Alert Order Notifications – WooCommerce

SMS Alert Order Notifications

SMS Alert Order Notifications is a WooCommerce Add-On. It works by sending SMS notifications to the buyer and admin about the transaction. Moreover, SMS notifications can easily be customized from the admin panel. There are many cool features that this plugin offers such as Login or Reset Password with OTP, Sending Order Details, All Order Status Support, OTP verification while registration, etc.

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Twilio WordPress plugin-Final Thoughts

So now you know SMS Marketing Plugin is the best tool to grow your business. By using SMS Marketing Plugins you will remove the communication gap and you can target a mass number of people with just one click. By using the given plugins SMS plugins you can spread awareness about your new product and services to those people who are not in habit of using emails. If you have a WooCommerce website then by using these plugins you can send every single update of an order made by any customer.

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