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BuddyPress Message Plugins

BP Better Messages

Is a fully featured replacement for standard BuddyPress Messages and can run without BuddyPress as well.
The plugin is fully backward compatible with BuddyPress Messages.

Improved features comparing to standard system:

  • AJAX or WebSocket powered realtime conversations
  • Reworked email notifications (More info)
  • Fully new concept and design
  • Files Uploading
  • Embedded links with thumbnail, title, etc…
  • Emoji selector (using cloudflared CDN to serve EmojiOne)
  • Message sound notification
  • Whole site messages notifications (User will be notified anywhere with small notification window)
  • Mass messaging feature

Supported features from standard messages system:

  • Private Conversations
  • Multiple Users Conversations
  • Subjects
  • Searching
  • Mark messages as favorite

BuddyPress Instant Chat

This plugin allows users to chat in real time using AJAX. Users can connect with any other users.

Use the [bp-instant-chat] shortcode to embed the front end chat on any page.

You Have a New (BuddyPress) Message

This plugin is as simple as it is useful. Add the widget or use the shortcode [you-have-a-new-message] anywhere to display a notice if the currently logged in user has new messages. The notice links to the user’s inbox as a convenient and omnipresent shortcut.

Message texts can be configured via widget interface and shortcode parameters, e.g. 
[you-have-a-new-message single="new message" multiple="%s new messages"].

Mass Messaging in BuddyPress

This plugin is for BuddyPress, it adds a dashboard menu and a tab in the messages section. Once you navigate into the messages section and click the “Mass Messaging” tab you have access to all the options which you chose in the dashboard.

Including mass messaging to:

  • Members
  • Members of Groups
  • Members of Blogs (Sites)

Mass Messaging

Mass Messaging in BuddyPress, is pretty much the opposite of the alternative Mass Messaging plugin – Mass Messaging for BuddyPress by Alkaweb. What I mean by this is this; whatever Alkawebs plugin does in the back-end, Mass Messaging in BuddyPress does from the front-end. Both of these plugins allow site admin to send mass messages to all, or groups of users in BuddyPress. What Mass Messaging in BuddyPress does extra, is to provide the ability to allow that privilege to other user types, and also it has the ability to track if the message has been read.

BuddyPress Message Attachment

Extend BuddyPress’ private message feature by enabling attachments. This plugin enables users to send attachments in private messages. The type of file types allowed and maximum size of the attachment can be controlled by admin.

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