WordPress Halloween Plugins

What’s so something special you are planning this Halloween eve? Holiday seasons are like the golden opportunity for every business owner. And, of course, on this great occasion of Halloween season, you are also planning something spooky and special for your potential customers.

Now, the question that might make you curious is how to make your site visitors engage with your site. Adding Halloween effects on your WordPress site can be a smart solution.

In this blog, I’ll let you know how well you can treat your potential customers with your spooky website. We will also discuss the best WordPress Halloween plugins that you can use to make your site ready for Halloween season.

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Tricky Ways To Treat Your Potential Customers This Halloween Season

No doubt you are exploring ways how to boost sales and increase business conversions. If you’re really serious to create a strong impression about your brand on your potential customers, just follow these spooky tricks.

👻 Run a Halloween email campaign and let your potential customers know about your Halloween treat this year. Your treat could be in the form of discount or free gift coupons or anything else that you would like to offer.

👻 Try to increase excitement among your customers. You can do this by adding a simple countdown timer on your website for your upcoming deals.

👻 Decorate your website by creating a dark and Halloween environment. If you’re using WordPress, you can take help from WordPress Halloween themes.

So, what do you say about these spooky tricks!

Now you know the best tricks you can apply on your website to boost your sale, let’s get to know what WordPress Halloween Plugins help you bring spooky and Halloween effect on your site.

11 Best WordPress Halloween Plugins You Should Try This Halloween Season

Here are the best WordPress Halloween plugins that add spooky functionality to your WordPress website:

1. Halloween Rain

WordPress Halloween Plugins
Everybody loves rain! And, I’m sure you also like it. So, decorate your WordPress website in a unique way with Halloween Rain. This plugin allows raining on your website. You can decide what you would like to rain. It could be the rain of pumpkins, zombie, witch, ghost or anything else that you want.

What’s Included:

  • Choose from 17 unique styles to rain
  • Create an amazing rain effect by combining all styles
  • Choose from 6 different sizes of components to rain
  • Give a diversified Halloween rain by selecting all sizes of rain components.
  • Control and set the number of models as per your choice
  • Control the rain speed

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2. Halloween 3D for WordPress

WordPress Halloween Plugins

Decorate the web pages of your WordPress website with a smart and unique Halloween atmosphere with Halloween 3D plugin. It offers a premium multi-purpose jQuery library to attract and engage your site visitors with Halloween atmosphere. This plugin is responsive and offers natural and intuitive effects on your website.

What’s Included:

  • 13+ unique images
  • Animation smoothly fades when the page scrolls down
  • Show animation once and save feature in the cookie for session or number of days
  • Hide button with custom styles and hiding modes: session and any number of days
  • IE11+ support and advanced 3D realism
  • Live camera

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3. Halloween Pop-Up Card

WordPress Halloween Plugins
If you are looking to do something funny on your WordPress website, take a look at Halloween Pop-Up card WordPress Plugin. This adds a funny pop-up and some fancy decorations on your web page that creates an attractive and Halloween atmosphere on your WordPress website.

Reign PeepSo Theme

What’s Included

  • Funny spiders that move around
  • Add custom music to set up the mood along with a custom message for your users
  • Personalize your message with your custom signature or logo
  • Modify the card’s contents from the user-friendly backend based on AA-Team Framework
  • Choose how often and on what page you want to display Halloween pop-up
  • Setup after how many seconds to appear after a user enters your website
  • Display transition speed

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4. Jay WordPress Halloween Plugin

WordPress Halloween Plugins
What gives more pleasure on the Halloween season than the falling snow, leaves, Halloween pumpkin, etc like rain. This is what this WordPress Halloween Plugin does for you. It works with all the themes and offers amazing images to make rainfall on your website and make your website atmosphere spooky.

What’s Included

  • Comes with 9 unique images for falling icons
  • Customize your Halloween rain with your own icon
  • Offers intuitive interface
  • 24/7 support is available

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5. Make Me Halloween

WordPress Halloween Plugins
Make Me Halloween is another WordPress Halloween Plugin that creates Halloween magic on your WordPress website. Try out this plugin and see what impression it creates on your site visitors with its awesome functionalities.

What’s Included

  • Offers animated Spider, black and white-colored Spiderweb for Head items
  • 2 Animated Ghost, Zombie Hands, and Grave footer items

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6. Easter Egg Hunt

halloween plugins
Would you like to make your simple WordPress website more interesting? Take a look at Easter Egg Hunt WordPress plugin. This plugin is designed to increase excitement among your site visitors by hiding Easter eggs on your site to engage them with your web page content. Let’s see how it increases the excitement level.

StoreMate Dokan

What’s Included?

  • Hide Easter eggs on your site
  • Place easter eggs in posts and pages
  • Allows site visitors to collect and search easter eggs.
  • Display easter eggs pop-up messages
  • Allows customizing colors and images of pop-ups
  • Choose from over 100+ icons
  • Redirect visitors to a custom prize page

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7. WP Halloween

halloween plugins
WP Halloween WordPress Plugin will be your smart choice if you want to create spooky effects on your WordPress website. This plugin is designed to shock or surprise your site visitors with spooky pumpkins, ghosts, and bats. Even you can also create spooky animation effects using this WordPress plugin.

What’s Included?

  • Take advantage of animated floating pumpkins, scary ghosts, and creepy flying bats.
  • A Lightweight WordPress Halloween Plugin
  • Beautiful Animations
  • Easy To Install & Use

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9. Halloween Box

This Halloween season, you are surely planning to create posts and pages on your site that have some scary or frightening effects. You can try Halloween Box. This plugin is designed to change the style of your post, page or other into the Halloween Style.

What’s Included?

  • A free WordPress Halloween plugin
  • Give your posts and pages a Halloween effect

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10. Scratch & Win Giveaways

 free halloween wordpress theme
Excite your customers this Halloween season by offering them surprising giveaways. Scratch & Win Giveaways is the best WordPress plugin that allows you to launch awesome scratch and giveaways on your WordPress website. Thereby, helping you boost your sales and conversions.

What’s Included?

  • Offer scratch cards to boost your lists, leads, and engagement
  • This plugin includes ‘refer & play again’
  • Allows to showcase your offering on your website, Facebook page, etc
  • ‘Play Again feature lets site visitors to play again and again

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What’s Your Plan This Halloween Season?

I hope you got the trick to make your WordPress site ready for this Halloween season. Apply these tricks and use the best WordPress Halloween Plugin to warm up your site. Leave your comments below to share your opinions to make your site spooky.

Have Fun and stay tuned!

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