Marketing Project Management Software

It’s not a walk in the park to organize a marketing event, roll out a new product to existing markets, or grow into untapped ones. Months of preparation and work go into what happens next. Calm is not a term you use very often as a marketing project management software.

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Marketing Project Management Software

The Top Marketing Project Management Tools and What They Have to Offer

1. ProProfs Project


Using this easy-to-use marketing project management tool, you can easily organize and run several campaigns from the get-go. To execute routine activities on time and under budget, you and your team will have complete visibility into these processes. The technology facilitates streamlined marketing campaign delivery by consolidating related tasks in a single location.

Key features of the ProProfs Project:

  • Its user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to access vital project data
  • Plan your project in minutes with pre-made marketing project management templates
  • Intelligent analytics will show you how well your team is doing and your project is progressing.
  • Use Gantt charts, Kanban boards, list views, and calendar views to see your projects in action
  • Program automated processes for routine or tedious activities
  • Adapt the dashboard to your specific project and team’s needs by changing the look and feel.


  • Basics: $2 per user every month
  • The monthly premium plan costs $4 per user.
  • Wrike


With Wrike, you can build campaign workflows, assign resources, and monitor progress in real-time. You can organize your projects and campaigns into separate folders for quick access. The tool lets users directly comment on photos, videos, and HTML, shortening review periods and improving teamwork.

Key Features of Wrike:

  • Modify processes to suit the specific requirements of your projects and teams.
  • Critical Path Analysis and Baselining Using Gantt Charts
  • Large projects may be broken into more manageable chunks using a Kanban board.
  • Easily communicate project updates on a group calendar
  • Make sure you never miss a deadline by prioritizing your projects and chores.

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2. Asana



Asana is a marketing team’s dream come true regarding project management software. The software has an easy learning curve and is intuitive to use. With its intuitive design, you can easily manage various marketing campaigns and complete them on schedule without breaking the bank.

Key Features of Asana:

  • Focus on what matters by automating routine tasks.
  • Implement suggestions for improvement by creating actionable items
  • Make a list of things to do in order of importance.
  • You should update the task’s status to see where you stand.
  • Easily modify project workflows


  • Basic – $0
  • Premium: $10.99/month per user
  • For commercial use, the monthly fee is $24.99 per user.

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3. Trello



Trello is a collaborative online tool for managing marketing projects across many campaigns and facilitating communication between team members. Its sleek design makes it simple to collaborate on writing, revising, and releasing content.

Key Features of Trello:

  • Built-in automation makes it easy to streamline routine chores
  • Change the project schedule by rearranging tasks and their due dates.
  • The easy-to-understand dashboard lets you monitor vital project data.
  • Label your campaigns in a way that suits your needs.
  • Use sophisticated checklists to monitor progress on tasks.


  • Free – $0
  • Regular: $5/user/month
  • Standard: $5/user/month Premium – $10/user/month
  • Business: $17.5/month per user

4. Workfront


Workfront is a robust system that can accommodate marketing groups of any size. It’s an excellent tool for getting groups working together toward the same goal. Workfront gives instantaneous data on the quantity and quality of work done by every department.

Key Features of Workfront:

  • Make use of in-depth data about the project’s development
  • Handle and maximize available assets using efficient resource management techniques
  • Workflow automation across teams and departments
  • The capacity to share files for the streamlined exchange of outputs
  • Maintaining team unity requires a centralized system of communication.


  • Business – Customized solutions upon inquiry
  • Accessible upon request: Commercial
  • Premium: Upon Request Only

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5. Microsoft Project

As a marketing project manager, Microsoft Project is your best bet for keeping track of tasks, resources, and deadlines. It includes everything necessary for effective teamwork and campaign management.

Key Features of Microsoft Project:

  • Quickly navigate with an intuitive, graphical interface
  • On-the-fly process automation
  • Manage your tasks in a grid, board, or timeline view
  • Establishing plans to better track project progress
  • Allocate and manage resources effectively


  • Plan 1 (Project) – $9.50/month per user
  • Plan 2 for Projects, $28.49 per User per Month
  • Plan 3 for Projects, $52.23/month per user

6. Smartsheet- Marketing Project Management Software

Marketing Project Management Software


Smartsheet is meant to help you keep track of all you need to do as a marketing campaign project management tool. Threaded dialogues in the form of comments within a sheet, row, or content item facilitate teamwork and communication.

Key Features of Smartsheet:

  • Having a reference point to measure progress against goals and actual data.
  • Program yourself notifications and reminders of pending deadlines and tasks
  • Utilize time tracking to see how your staff spends their working hours
  • Make in-line comments on images and documents
  • Use Gantt charts to establish task dependencies


  • $7 per month for Pro users
  • Accessible upon request: Commercial
  • Business – Customized solutions upon inquiry


Marketing Project Management Software


To streamline marketing activities and ensure projects are completed on time and under budget, provides a central hub. You can streamline your processes and collaborate with your team to achieve your marketing goals more efficiently. The tool’s reporting features offer an extensive understanding of the current status of your projects.

Key Features of

  • Compatible with almost 40 external programs
  • Highly adaptable program for coordinating multi-departmental, multi-team endeavors
  • Include media like documents, images, and more in project tasks
  • Keep a log of how much time you spend on each project assignment
  • Easily automate approval processes and procedures


  • Individuals: $0.00
  • Standard: $8/month per seat
  • Standard $10/month/seat
  • Professional, $16/seat/month
  • Business – Customized solutions upon inquiry

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8. ClickUp- Marketing Project Management Software



ClickUp is free software that helps you organize your marketing projects, from planning to tracking to executing. You can keep track of everything related to your campaign in one place, including tasks, materials, and deadlines.

Key Features of ClickUp:

  • ClickUp Forms can be used to Simplify customer requests and affiliate sign-ups
  • Maintain a centralized repository on Calendar for all project details.
  • Use custom widgets to track returns in real-time.
  • It would help if you used Kanban boards to make your tasks more obvious.
  • Use complex automation to control repetitive chores.


  • Free – $0
  • For only $5 each month, each member can enjoy unlimited access.
  • Commercial: $12 per month per member.
  • Business Premium, $19 per month per member.
  • Business – Customized solutions upon inquiry.

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9. Basecamp- Marketing Project Management Software



Basecamp is an excellent tool for teams that want to monitor the progress of their campaigns. It’s a hub from which you can coordinate your efforts and maintain forward momentum on your initiatives. No matter what city or nation a team member is in, you can set timetables, assign tasks, and keep tabs on their progress on a project.

Key Features of Basecamp:

  • File storage that facilitates quick retrieval.
  • Group chat features that facilitate teamwork.
  • Make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Keep your data backed up so you never lose track of vital project details.


  • Basecamp Individual: Free
  • Basecamp Business: $99 per month

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Conclusion of Marketing Project Management Software

Managing marketing projects is no easy feat, with all the client approvals and comments that need to be incorporated. Best project management practices include establishing an in-depth marketing plan and monitoring resource workload before assigning new tasks to team members. Using the best marketing project management software on your team is also essential.

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