Best WordPress Product Visualization Plugins 2024

Inserting images into your posts is an important way to bring life to your content. If a picture is valued at a thousand words, then including some relevant pictures in your posts can aid to impress your readers and put your message across with greater effectiveness than simply a wall of text. While screenshots are splendid for illustrating software-based posts, and photographs can truly boost a travel blog, in the matter of illustrating data-targeted content, the existing options aren’t as clear. Screen-catching charts and graphs from a spreadsheet are one alternative for visualizing your data, though if you are employing WordPress then you have a few superior options available. To discover the finest way to include graphs and charts in your WordPress posts, explore the best WordPress Product Visualization Plugins 2023.

Based on the plugin chosen by you, you could just key in the data to be utilized in the chart, attach it to a Google Spreadsheet or a file mounted externally, or also utilize SQL to query an external database.

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WordPress Product Visualization Plugins

Whether you wish to build a static chart or develop a dynamic visualization of your data, the following WordPress product visualization plugins will aid you to attain your goal.

1. wpData Tables

Product Visualization Plugin

wpData Tables is a freemium WordPress table plugin with the finest interface of any plugin. Besides that, it also possesses a stellar feature list, with lots of options to aid you to build interactive tables or nice-looking charts.

And if you’re operating with external data, you obtain plenty of options for importing your data also.

Main Features

  • Edit tables in an Excel-type interface – straight into your WordPress dashboard. There’s even a second “Standard editor interface that permits you to edit utilizing forms.
  • Tables are responsive from the default, and you can select precisely which columns become collapsed on mobile.
  • Import tables from different external sources, like Excel, Google Sheets, MySQL, and more.
  • Convert tables into graceful active charts operated by Highcharts or Charts.js
  • Enable visitors to filter your tables on a per-column basis.
  • Front-end table editing, containing an option to allow users to edit their personal rows.
  • Excel-type features, such as formulas, conditional formatting, and more

Table Editor Interface

To design your table, you’ll receive this user-interactive setup wizard. You can either create a table from scratch or import it from an outside source.

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2. Visualizer

Product Visualization Plugin
WordPress Product Visualization Plugin

Visualizer constitutes a free plugin for including a collection of chart types to your WordPress website. The plugin can utilize the data from files uploaded from your computer or mounted online. This also implies it can function with Google Spreadsheets if you install the file properly.

The 9 chart types present from the Visualizer plugin comprise:

  • Area
  • Line
  • Bar
  • Pie
  • Column
  • Geo
  • Scatter
  • Candlestick
  • gauge

The charts are made utilizing HTML5 so they load fast and don’t impose a burden on your existing resources, while also assuring they are mobile responsive.

Once the plugin is triggered on your site, you can build your first chart from the Visualizer library which is pinned away on the Media sub-menu.

  • Visualizer Chart Library

When designing a chart, you can select from the 9 types on offer, and then present the necessary data.

  • Visualizer Chart Types

In the matter of furnishing the data for your charts, you can either upload a CSV file from your computer or input the URL of a CSV file that is mounted online. The second option permits you to utilize the data from a Google Spreadsheet, just by placing the URL of a public spreadsheet that has been configured as a CSV.

  • Visualizer Chart Builder

After the file has been furnished, the chart preview is updated to show the data for the chart type you have selected. The following step then permits you to customize the chart settings, sizes, labels, and various chart properties.

After the chart has been designed, it can then be added to your posts and pages utilizing the matching shortcode. Optionally you can add the charts through the Add Media button on the post editor. You can also alter and clone any available charts on your site.

  • Visualizer In Post

The builders of the plugin have built a helpful knowledgebase that should reply to the entire questions new users might possess to aid them to get started and running with Visualizer as soon as possible.

Visualizer is an excellent option for someone wishing to build charts related to CSV files they can upload from their computer or import from a URL

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3. Live Responsive Chart – WordPress Pie Chart plugin

Product Visualization Plugin
WordPress Product Visualization Plugin

Live Responsive Chart fast and easily employing the live editor, your individual CSV files, or sync data from your published Google sheet.

  • Live Preview

Preview every chart type live. View what type of chart shows your data the best. Choose the chart type from the dropdown, and it’ll instantly redraw the chart with your selected chart type.

You may even live preview color changes, X & Y labels, tooltip point type and sizing, chart sizing, besides more!

  • Responsive

Fully responsive. Just choose your chart height. The width will instantly fill the container that it’s in, irrespective of the size of the browser or device.

  • Customization

With lots of customization options, you can wholly customize your chart to your desires. Customization options like point types (square, circle, star, triangle, diamond), custom X and Y labels, point size, activate/deactivate chart animations, enable/disable grid lines, enable/disable line curves, enable/disable legend and legend position, besides more!

Configure custom data types by including tags in columns like [boolean] and [date] for advanced filtering and sorting.

Colorful Choose your line, fill, or dot colors quickly. Just include a new color set that will be utilized for the data set in your chart. These colors are moveable and wholly customizable so you can select the precise color for each column.

Integrate your data straight from Google Sheets! Just publish your sheet for the web and key in the URL in the field provided.

The data will instantly be formatted properly and presented for preview and customized in the chart of your preference.

  • CSV Import

Already possess your data in a CSV file? Just import the file and it’ll instantly be included in the live editor and update the live chart preview also.

  • Big Data Sets

In contrast to other chart plugins, Swift Live Charts can manage thousands of data points without getting slow! Employing Google’s chart library, data is loaded fast and optimized whether you possess only some data points or thousands!

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4. Responsive Charts – WordPress Chart plugin

WordPress Product Visualization Plugins
WordPress Product Visualization Plugins

Charts are made utilizing HTML5/SVG technology to offer cross-browser compliance (including VML or previous IE versions) and cross-platform mobility to iPads, iPhones, and Android. Your users will not be required to mess with additional plugins or any software. They can view your charts if they possess a web browser.

Time-conserving features present in the Pro version include:

  • Import data from various charts, tables, and graphs
  • Simply edit the data employing an excel-type  data editor
  • Get access to 6 additional chart types (Timeline, Gauge, Candlestick, Radar/Spider, Combo, Polar Area)
  • Synchronize your data regularly
  • Import data from any database
  • Permit visitors to edit charts
  • Build private charts (customizable permissions system)
  • Design charts from your products, pages, WordPress, or different post_type
  • Updates and support for as long as your membership is valid
  • Priority email support from the plugin developer

The free version is equipped with 9 kinds of charts, like area charts, line charts, bar charts, pie charts, column charts, geo charts, bubble charts, table charts, and scatter charts.

You can insert these charts without installing any additional plugins, also.

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5. DW Chart – WordPress Chart plugin

WordPress Product Visualization Plugins
WordPress Chart Plugin

DW Chart comprises a WordPress plugin that aids you in easily creating Google Charts depending on the existing data imported. The plugin backs 11 cool chart types, and its strong admin panel allows you to customize your charts much more conveniently. The plugin utilizes the Google Visualization API.

DW Chart upholds the following 10 wholly customizable chart types:

  • Bar chart
  • Area chart
  • Geo chart
  • Column chart
  • Line chart
  • Combo chart
  • Pie chart
  • Waterfall chart
  • Trendlines chart
  • Scatter chart

DW Chart allows you to design charts by uploading a CSV file. In the following coming updates, DW Chart also backs importing the data employing Google Spreadsheet.

6. Visualizer Pro – WordPress Graph and Chart Plugin

Visualizer Pro
WordPress Product Visualization Plugins

Visualizer Pro is an excellent plugin that inserts superb charts and graphs into your posts. Stats may not be liked by the users if they are not positioned in interactive visual ways. This is where the Visualizer plugin plays its part.

This plugin allows you to insert 9 separate types of animated charts and import your data either from Google Docs or a CSV file. It’s that easy.

The charts can be customized in various ways, in a Live Editor, so you can view the alterations live in the browser. You can pick the chart’s border, color, size, legend, background, text, layout, and various other minute details.

Visualizer Pro creates a specific shortcode for every chart you design, and you can utilize in any page or post you desire. Further, there’s an archive with the entire charts created by you during this whole period, so there will never be any loss and you can revert to an ancient chart if you wish to employ it again. Visualizer Pro will never make your statistics appear boring.

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7. WP Business Intelligence- WordPress Product Visualization Plugins

WP Business Intelligence
WordPress Product Visualization Plugins

WP Business Intelligence is present in a free, lite version and 2 premium options. What renders this option separate from the different plugins encountered so far is that all versions permit you to query a database with a view to creating charts, graphs, and tables. The objective of this plugin is to convert your WordPress website into a potent business intelligence tool.

While the free version permits you to query your WordPress database to create the charts, the premium versions offer you the choice of linking to an external database. The top-level Enterprise version permits you to join an unrestricted number of Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases, and Microsoft SQL Server, affording you a lot of flexibility in developing dashboards for your entire clients.

Utilizing the data gathered in a database, whether external or not, to create the charts implies that whenever a visitor to your site loads a page, the graph or chart will be updated, displaying the latest visualization of the data in its source.

With regard to employing the WP Business Intelligence plugin on your site, the initial step, after turning it on, is to generate a query that will retrieve the data you would wish to utilize for your tables or charts.

  • WP BI Tables- WordPress Product Visualization Plugins

As you act with the settings you can check them to obtain a preview of your table or chart, prior to saving it. The settings allow you to activate the option to enable your visitors to download the data in CSV format, and also customize the labels and colors employed in the charts.

  • WP BI Chart Settings

Once the table or chart is prepared, it can then be added to a page or post utilizing the shortcode.

The premium versions of WP Business Intelligence have greater features including extra data source options, greater chart types, and advanced reporting dashboards.

If you possess the SQL skills to write the queries and would want to utilize the data gathered in a database to create the tables and charts for your reports, then this plugin could be the proper tool for you. Nevertheless, the user documentation is slightly thin on the ground, so be ready for a slight learning curve before gaining expertise in this potentially strong tool.

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8. Uber Chart – WordPress Chart plugin

WordPress Visualization Plugin
WordPress Product Visualization Plugins

If you desire a visually striking solution for inserting data into blog posts, UberCharts offers excellent value. The plugin presents a plethora of chart types – 10 to be precise, including bar charts, line charts, and pie charts.

Although, the plugin’s greatest selling point is the large number of customization options it flaunts – 240 customization options for each chart. You can set your chart’s color, responsiveness, font style, and animations, permitting you to design super-stylish charts for automatic visual improvement to your blog posts. From a data viewpoint, you also possess complete control over your scales and axis.

It’s easy to set up the charts, also. UberChart presents a back-end spreadsheet editor, and you can upload data straight from Open Office, Excel, or Google Spreadsheets.

Various Features:

  • 10 separate data types
  • Highly customizable
  • Spreadsheet editor

9. WPBakery Page Builder- WordPress Product Visualization Plugins

WordPress Page Builder

WPBakery page builder is a quick and simple-to-use tool. It arms the user with almost limitless design options to build custom, responsive website layouts. WPBakery is the finest WordPress plugin to show your complex data in a manner the viewers will adore what they see even if you are a novice in coding. Built-in page elements for charts, graphs, and galleries are only some of the features:

  • 50 plus Premium content elements
  • Lots of predefined layouts
  • SEO-friendly page composing tool
  • 40+ specific grid design templates

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Final Thoughts on WordPress Product Visualization Plugins

As you can view there are a few excellent free and premium options for including the functionality to your WordPress website that will permit you to create a range of charts, graphs, tables, and different graphical representations of data.

Whether you wish to key in the source data for the charts right into your website, upload a file, or utilize an external source, like Google Spreadsheet or MySQL database, the above options will fulfill you.

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