WordPress Frameworks For WordPress Themes Development

WordPress Frameworks

Creating a WordPress Theme from scratch is not a tough task these days! WordPress frameworks made it a lot easier. Think of your styling options, explore the vast code library offered by frameworks, and start developing your WordPress themes with ease.

In this article, I’ll walk you through some best free and premium WordPress theme frameworks. Besides, you’ll get detailed information on what it is all about, why should you consider using it, and how it works.

Let’s start with a brief introduction of what a theme framework is all about.

Widely Used WordPress Frameworks

WordPress Frameworks

WordPress Job Board theme

WordPress frameworks contain the core code and offer all basic features and design elements. It is like a code library that assists web developers to develop a feature-rich WordPress theme. It allows creating a child theme by adding your own custom styling options. All the functionalities are hosted at the parent template, i.e., WordPress Theme Frameworks. By updating a specific theme framework, the child themes get updated automatically without losing their custom styling options.

In short, neither you need to create WordPress themes from scratch nor do you have to modify all the files separately.  The wordPress framework has made it simple to create a child theme.

Working with Framework requires a child WordPress theme that goes with it. Both free wells and paid WordPress Frameworks are available in the market that you may choose from.

5 Reasons for Using WordPress Frameworks

These powerful reasons will help you find an answer to why should you consider using WordPress frameworks to develop your own custom WordPress themes.

  1. Ease updates without losing your custom styling options in your child’s themes.
  2. It facilitates switching child themes.
  3. A framework that is well-coded, responsive, and secured, also develops the child theme that adheres to the WordPress coding standards.
  4. The supportive framework community assists you to resolve your problems related to your theme.
  5. There are some tools and plugins that are built for use with that framework. You can add new features to your site using such tools and plugins.
  6. Speeds up the process of WordPress theme development.

How Framework Works

Take a look at the following 3 steps that will make it clear to you how WordPress Framework works.

WordPress Frameworks


Widely Used WordPress Theme Frameworks for Developers

1. Codestar Framework

WordPress framework

key features of Codestar Framework

  • Admin Option Framework
  • Customize Option Framework
  • Metabox Option Framework
  • Taxonomy Option Framework
  • Shortcode Generate Framework

2. Genesis Framework

WordPress frameworks

Key features of Genesis Framework

  • Open Source Genesis Framework
  • Get Instant Access
  • Unlimited Updates, Support & Sites
  • Access To Detailed Tutorials
  • One-Click Theme Setup

3. REDUX Framework

WordPress frameworks

Key features of REDUX Framework

  • An open-source WordPress Framework
  • Outstanding support community
  • 30 field types and validation options
  • Completely Brandable
  • Clean codebase
  • Cross-browser compatible

4. Cherry Framework

WordPress frameworks

Key features of Cherry Framework

  • GPLv3 & Fully Open Source
  • Offers Well Documentation
  • Modular Structure
  • Based on the latest security best practices
  • Build Themes and plugins both
  • Extend the core of the framework by applying your own modules

5. Gantry

WordPress development

Key features of Gantry

  • An open-source framework
  • Easy to configure and use Layout Manager
  • Active community support
  • Visual Menu Editor
  • Megamenu support
  • Ajaxified lightening-fast backend

And, many more.

6. WP Onion Framework

Web Development

Key features WP Onion Framework

  • 100% FREE and OpenSource
  • 25+ Modules & 50+ Fields Types
  • Visual Composer, Elementor & WooCommerce Integration
  • Lightweight and flexible

7. Unyson framework

Web Development

Key features of the Unyson framework

  • Free WordPress Framework
  • Built-in extensions & options make work easier
  • Tons of Customization Options along with drag & drop page builder
  • More than 400 WordPress Themes

8. Beans

Web Development

Key features of Beans

  • Responsive content, adaptive images
  • SEO friendly
  • Built with UIkit front-end framework
  • Fast loading speed
  • Stable updates along with top-notch documentation
  • Built with the latest technologies

And, many more.

9. UPThemes

Web Development

Key features of UPThemes

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Use of Settings API
  • WordPress-Standard Media Uploader
  • Custom Layouts & Color Schemes
  • Live Theme Customizer
  • Customizable Header and Background Images

10. Type Rocket

Web Development

Key features of Type Rocket

  • 100% FREE and OpenSource
  • 20 Repeater Fields and More
  • High-quality documentation, tutorials, and videos
  • Modern Security Options
  • Modern Deployments
  • Custom Data Structures

And, more!

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Final Thoughts On WordPress Framework

StoreMate WC VendorIt’s fair enough to say that all the frameworks have their own advantages. Make sure before taking a final decision, you are well aware of your site and theme requirements.

Explore and analyze these feature-rich and robust WordPress theme frameworks in-depth and select the best option for your next project. Don’t forget to share your opinions on which one clicks your mind the most!

Stay tuned!

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