Top 10 WordPress Form Plugins in 2024

WordPress Form Plugin

One of the most vital aspects of your website is a contact form. Using a solid free-form builder may also accelerate the growth of your website. The dozens of contact form plugins available in the WordPress repository might be overwhelming. This is the post for you if you seek the finest free WordPress forms plugin.

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WordPress Form Plugin

Forms are used to allow customers to contact you, receive payments, and link with third-party technologies, among other things. Customers may submit a quick email without devoting too much time, and the website with the form can process the message quickly. Not only that, but contact forms help to minimize spam and allow you to broaden your interactions with clients.

What you need to look into contact form plugin

Contact forms are an easy method for website visitors to contact you, and they improve the browsing experience and assist you in providing better customer service. Here are a few pointers to consider while selecting the finest WordPress Contact Form Plugin for your website.

  • Features: An excellent WordPress contact form plugin allows you to construct any sort of online form, including contact forms, payment forms, user registration forms, and subscription forms.
  • Ease of Use: Even if you’re not a computer whiz, a straightforward user interface makes constructing a web form simple—the less complicated the learning curve, the better.
  • Mobile-Friendly: To stay competitive, every form you build must be 100 percent responsive and operate well on all devices.
  • Pricing: Before you test out a plugin, think about if it’s worth the money in the long term.
  • Documentation: Ideally, the documentation should be comprehensive enough to guide you through the plugin’s different capabilities.
  • Support: You should also select a plugin created by a team with a solid reputation and is well-known for providing excellent customer care.

Top 10 WordPress Form Plugins in 2024

1. WPForms

WordPress Form Plugin
WordPress Form Plugin

WPForms is a beginner-friendly WordPress form plugin that comes in a free and paid edition. It offers an advanced drag-and-drop form builder process for creating WordPress forms without scripting. Over 3 million websites employ its unique features. You may also export your form entries as CSV or Excel files to manage your leads and subscribers offline or import your complete list into other applications.

The WPForms contact form plugin is excellent for creating basic contact forms without coding knowledge. The design process is simple; click, drag, and drop to create whatever form you like. WPForms includes a ready-made widget for adding forms to pages, blogs, and sidebars with the click of a button.

Key Features:

  • Pre-built contact form templates make creating sophisticated and straightforward contact forms even more accessible.
  • To personalize your forms, it uses the simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Multi-page forms to improve user experience
  • Based on user behavior, smart conditional logic allows you to reveal or conceal form fields or sections.
  • Geolocation is used to display user location information.
  • Form abandonment allows you to acquire email addresses even if visitors do not complete the form.
  • The capability of surveys and polls allows you to quickly build and evaluate user responses straight from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Create AJAX-enabled WordPress forms so that sites do not refresh upon form submission.
  • PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Stripe payment integrations.
  • Integration with over 2000 CRM, marketing, and online apps via Zapier.

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2. Contact Form 7

WordPress Form Plugin
WordPress Form Plugin

Contact Form 7 is one of the market’s oldest WordPress contact form plugins. It’s a basic plugin; however, it doesn’t include a visible form builder. You’ll need to master Contact Form 7’s specific coding syntax to create forms.
Contact Form 7 allows you to create various contact forms for your website. It’s also a free-form plugin that lets you post it to as many sites as you like. Because of the lack of an obvious user interface, Contact Form 7 is not a particularly user-friendly alternative.

Contact Form 7 allows you to change the contents of the email as you see fit. Furthermore, you can accomplish all of this with some of the most straightforward software on the market. The most significant thing is that the plugin is clean, which allows it to operate nicely with other plugins and utilities like Akismet spam filtering, CAPTCHA, and Ajax-powered submitting.

Key Features:

  • Fields for submitting files.
  • Integration with Google reCaptcha for spam filtering.
  • There are several free add-ons in the WordPress plugin repository that may be used to expand the platform’s functionalities.
  • Create primary contact forms with text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown menus, dates, and other form fields.

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3. Ninja Forms

WordPress Form Plugin
WordPress Form Plugin

Ninja Forms is a versatile WordPress contact form plugin with a visual form builder interface. When you pick a form template, you will be sent immediately to a live editor, where you can alter it. In contrast to the other form builders on this list, you may design various shapes with simply the free version. Another enticing feature is the date picker. Finally, the plugin sends messages to numerous employees in your business and confirmations to consumers who fill out the forms.

The core plugin is entirely free. As needed, you may supplement the feature set with numerous paid add-ons. Multi-page forms, conditional logic, front-end post submission, user analytics, and more features are available. With this plugin, you can control, modify, and export any form submission that comes in. You may also store some of the fields you make as favorites for future use.

Key Features:

  • Several add-ons are available to alter how the plugin operates, allowing you to receive only the functionality you want.
  • Connects easily with platforms such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and AWeber to help you stay on top of your marketing activities.
  • Create AJAX-enabled WordPress forms so that sites do not refresh upon form submission.
  • To personalize your forms, use the simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Forms with many pages to increase user experience.
  • Templates for pre-built forms.
  • Extensive form customization.

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4. Jetpack Contact Form

WordPress Form Plugin
WordPress Form Plugin

Jetpack is a powerful multi-purpose WordPress plugin. It includes various features, including a WordPress contact form with a drag-and-drop editor for adding, editing, and reorganizing form fields. This multi-purpose plugin consists of a clean and effective form builder. The shapes are among the simplest alternatives on our list, making them accessible to designers of all skill levels.

This plugin integrates nicely with the WordPress block editor, making it simple to design customized forms with blocks visually. You may also modify your form settings directly within the WordPress editor and interact with Akismet for spam prevention.

Key Features:

  • Create primary contact forms using both the traditional and Gutenberg editors.
  • Notifications on the dashboard.
  • Filtering spam using the Akismet plugin.
  • Set up a custom email address to receive form alerts.
  • In addition to forms, there are several more site administration, performance, and security features.

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5. Formidable Forms

WordPress Form Plugin

Formidable Forms is a sophisticated online form builder plugin that embeds a form on your website. You can use it to develop completely responsive forms that look great on any device. Formidable allows you to show submissions on the front end of your site rather than merely gathering data from visitors.

If you wish to go beyond the basic WordPress contact form, Formidable Forms is the task’s most fantastic all-in-one WordPress form builder. The Formidable Views feature allows you to structure, filter, and display user-submitted data on the front end of your site. As a result, it’s excellent for creating job boards, grading systems, calendars, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Form styler with a drag-and-drop builder.
  • Conditional logic is a feature that allows you to show/hide components based on the user’s choices.
  • Spam filtering.
  • Calculation fields are used to build complicated calculator forms.
  • Collect, display, change, and filter submission data without any additional plugins.
  • When completing the form, users can upload files.
  • Email marketing solutions such as Mailchimp and Aweber are integrated.
  • Create event registration schedule forms.

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6. Gravity Forms

garavity form wordpress plugin
WordPress Form Plugin

With Gravity Forms, you can create a custom form according to your requirements. Use it to collect your website visitors’ data, collect payments, and automate your workflow. Easily design your form with an intuitive visual form editor. Whether it is registration or subscription, donation, or product sales. They put a virtual airlock in place to protect our data. The forms, entries, and conditional logic are all unlimited with gravity form.

It has tons of other features like an FAQ page, documentation, language translation, and others. Gravity form has easy-to-drag options you can even change your form’s column layout. Create forms like content, payment, and survey. Here you will not get chatbot support. 

Key Features:

  • Visual form editor, so you can quickly design your form and easily embed the form on your website.
  • Let you manage the transaction with the same tool you use to create content forms on your site.  
  • It supports many add-ons, including AWeber, Dropbox, Freshbooks, Mailchimp, PayPal, and stripe.
  • Can access more than 30 forms of felids
  • Conditional logic is built right in
  • The gravity form supports email notification, file upload, and the option to save and continue.     
  • You can schedule a form.

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7. Everest Form

evrest form wordpress plugin
WordPress Form Plugin

Everest form is available in free and pro versions both. For form building, the Everest form is one of the best forms because of its drag-and-drop option. Its free version provides you with so many templates so you don’t have to build your form from scratch. You can customize the form according to your requirements and change the settings. It has a preview option so you check your form and how it will look on the front end while creating it. 

In its pro version, you will get many other functionality to use. There is no restriction on form fields, use as many fields as you want. All the form entries will go to Everest from the dashboard so you can check them from there.

Key Features:

  • Protect your form from bots and malicious spam with Google Recaptcha. 
  • You will get 14 add-ons to add more functionality to your website. 
  • Create the form with as many fields as you want there is no restriction for this.
  • Many integrations are available so you can build your user experience better. 
  • Design form with color, background, font, and spacing. You don’t have to write a CSS code for this.
  • Create dynamic forms with conditional logic. 
  • You can create multi-step and can add multiple uploads on your form. 

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8. Metform

metform wordpress plugin
WordPress Form Plugin

Metform is the fastest way to create an Elementor contact form. Yes, it’s only an Elementor-based drag-and-drop form builder that helps you to build Amazon forms. Metform integrates with many add-on plugins including Mailchimp, Slack, Aweber, and more. It has easy payment methods so you can easily control your user’s payment. They have 30+ pre-defined templates Choose the form on the Elementor building page that suits your business best. 

You can create any type of form like a subscription, feedback, or contact form. Also will get a 14-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the Metform plugin. It will store your subscriber’s data like email addresses, phone numbers, names, etc. Metform supports lead generation with CRM services like Zoho and Hubspot.

Key Features:

  • Help you to validate your form to make your form professional and standard.
  • It sends a notification to the admin after every form submission
  • Pre-define templates so you don’t have to create the form from scratch.
  • Integrate Google Recaptcha to make your Elementor form safe. 
  • You can store users’ submission data with Zoho and Hubspot.
  • You can easily divide your large field of content into multiple steps so your user doesn’t find it difficult to fill out your form.
  • The first thing a user looks for before filling out any form is security and Metform secures their experience with PayPal, Stripe, etc.

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9. HappyForm

HappyForm wordpress plugin
WordPress Form Plugin

Happyform is a completely free plugin and it’s a lightweight plugin so it will not make your WordPress website slow. It’s fully WordPress compatible so you don’t make an extra effort while setting up this plugin. HappyForm is the newest plugin among the mentioned plugin in that article. it was developed by The Theme Foundry, they had a theme designing experience for a very long. 

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Live preview forms as you create them 
  • You can easily add the form anywhere according to your requirements.
  • Mobile responsive form – no need to worry about whether your form is mobile-friendly or not.
  • You will get a confirmation message after every submission of the form
  • The submitter will a confirmation message after the form submission 
  • You can add multiple forms on the same page

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10. weForm

weForm wordpress plugin
WordPress Form Plugin

weForm has the functionality to build a form itself with more than 20 custom fields. These fields will help you to create different forms such as support tickets, event registration, or job applications. It is created for every skill level people whether you are a developer or not you can easily understand the weform. You get modern form pre-design templates so no need to worry about if your users gonna like the form or not. 

Its free version does not support many features including you are not able to see the contact form submission data in the WordPress dashboard. It has anti-spam integration to protect you from unwanted visitors. It’s a weDevs product. 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited form so you can create as many as forms you require for your work.
  • You have both options here pre-define and customizable templates. 
  • You easily edit forms with drag and drop editor with real-time preview
  • You can set the number of entries for each individual.
  • You get a notification after every submission and users will get confirmation mail after form submission. 
  • Redirect to form to any URL
  • Google ReCaptcha built-in to prevent spam

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Contact is made through the usage of website forms. It’s a terrific method for your website visitors to contact you without leaving your site or doing extra steps. This article’s contact form plugins will all assist you in creating a contact form in WordPress. However, choosing the ideal one for your website depends on your specific company requirements. I hope this roundup has assisted you in locating the finest contact form plugin for your website.

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