WordPress Form Builder Plugins

Form builder plugins are extremely important in creating an interactive WordPress website for your company. These form builder plugins will allow your viewers to contact you from your website itself without having to leave your website. This will help you in increasing your conversion rate and also lower the bounce rate.

These are a few of the best WordPress forms plugins that will help you out in creating the best website for your business.

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WordPress Form Builder Plugins 2022:

1. Ultimate Form Builder

Ultimate Form Builder

Ultimate Contact Form Builder is one such plugin using which you will be able to create contact forms. The forms created using this plugin are fully responsive and have a beautiful and elegant design. Ultimate Form Builder is a premium WordPress plugin and has several useful features. You will get over 17 pre-built form templates to choose from.

You will be able to create different types of forms like Opt-in, Contact Us, Survey, Enquiry, etc. The free version of this plugin has quite a several basic features and can be downloaded online. Ultimate Form Builder also supports conditional logic.

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2. Everest Forms

Everest Forms is one of the best WordPress free form builder plugins which has extremely lightweight. The drag and drop feature of this plugin allows you to create beautiful contact forms in no time. You will also get multiple column support, successful submission emails, and multiple email recipient support. There are various other features as well.

The Everest Forms plugin has an extremely interactive user interface that allows you to create forms with ease. You will be able to create an unlimited number of forms using this plugin. The Google re-captcha option allows you to protect your system.

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3. WP Fluent Forms

WP Fluent Forms

WP Fluent Forms is the ultimate user-friendly, customizable drag-and-drop WordPress Contact Form Plugin that offers you all the premium features, plus many more unique additional features.

A perfect WordPress contact Form builder plugin should be developed in a way, so that you don’t have to code every time you need to integrate a form in your website, but can be set up in minutes. And that’s why we have developed WP Fluent Forms for you.

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4. Kali Forms

Kali Forms

Kali Forms is a form builder WordPress plugin that offers several predefined templates that look extremely stylish and elegant. You can easily use these templates to create forms within minutes. You may create any kind of form be it a contact form or a feedback form.

Kali Forms provide you with a drag and drop form builder option using which you will be able to add different kinds of elements to your form. It can be used by beginners as well. Kali Forms is created using React JS development and has an extremely fast speed.

Besides the Free version, you can also go with its Pro version that will offer extra interesting and powerful features to the plugin.

Some of the interesting features include:

  • Conditional logic for your form fields to build dynamic forms that will display a different set of fields to the user based on his selections
  • An easy to use calculator for performing operations between your form fields
  • Extra form templates
  • Additional form fields

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5. JetFormBuilder


The next form builder plugin is created especially for Gutenberg editor. JetFormBuilder is the free WordPress plugin, allows you to build any type of form from scratch or choose among ready-to-use patterns.

The free version has everything you need for creating a registration, contact us, subscription, booking forms, etc. JetFormBuilder has 20+ field types, advanced features, conditional logic, dynamic values, hidden fields, and calculated content. Furthermore, you can create multi-step forms and style your form directly in Gutenberg using the free JetStyleManager plugin.

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6. HubSpot Form

HubSpot Form

HubSpot is one of the most powerful WordPress form builder plugins available for you. This tool has been built with the most advanced form of technology and can be used to create excellent forms. You do not need any kind of expertise to use this plugin. You will also get the drag and drop form builder option.

Using HubSpot, you will be able to get an unlimited number of forms like contact forms, fields, submissions, etc. You will also be able to set reminder tasks and send personalized emails to your users. This will allow you to improve your contacts and enhance your business.

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7. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a very popular WordPress plugin using which you will be able to create unique forms. The forms look extremely good and will grab the attention of the viewers. Several advanced features are used which you will be able to create your forms. Gravity Forms is highly optimized in terms of speed and performance.

This plugin is extremely easy to use and does not require any kind of advanced knowledge of coding. Gravity Forms is one of the best WordPress premium plugins available for you which will let you connect well with your customers.

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8. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a form builder WordPress plugin that is packed with advanced features. This plugin is an extremely powerful tool and can be used to create any type of form. The most important feature of Formidable Forms is its flexibility. You will be able to customize it any way you want to.

Formidable Forms has a customizable layout, visual styler, and conditional logic. Over 27 fields are available for you to choose from. You will get several addons using which you will be able to add additional features to your forms. It also comes with MailChimp integration.

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9. Ninja Forms

Form Builder Plugins

Ninja Forms can be used to create different kinds of contact forms for your website. It is a free WordPress plugin and can be used for a variety of purposes. You need not have to code to use this plugin. Ninja Forms comes with different addons which have multiple functions.

Some of the important features of Ninja Forms include Conditional Logic, Front-End Posting, Multi-Part forms, etc. The interface is quite easy to use and is also very interactive. Even a beginner can use it with ease. You can add different kinds of colors and images to your forms as well.

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10. Quform

Form Builder Plugins

Quform is a very powerful WordPress plugin that can be used to create forms within seconds. The plugin is extremely easy to use and comes with various exciting features. The drag and drop option is the most useful feature of Quform. Anyone can use this plugin without any problem.

Quform is lightweight and can be used with different types of themes. This plugin allows you to create multiple forms without having to code even a bit. You will also get 15 form elements along with this plugin. Different color and typography options are also available which you can use to create your forms.

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11. Contact Form 7

Form Builder Plugins

Contact Form 7 is one such WordPress form builder plugin that has thousands of users from all across the globe. This plugin is one of the most widely used forms builder plugins and has endless functions and features. The plugin is extremely easy to use and is very interactive.

Although it is a simple plugin, it is packed with some of the most powerful features. It works seamlessly with any of the popular WordPress themes. The most important feature of this theme is the powerful drag and drop page builder option using which you will be able to edit your web pages.

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All these tools which we have mentioned above are highly interactive and easy to use. If used properly, they can bring huge prosperity to your business. Which plugin do you think is the best among them?

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