How To Create Google reCAPTCHA V3 Keys

Google’s reCAPTCHA is a free service that helps you to protect your website from spam and abusive things.It is simply a test that helps to distinguish between humans and bots.

Google provides 2 types of reCaptcha services

  • reCAPTCHA V3
  • reCAPTCHA V2
  • login to your google account. Enter your Google reCAPTCHA credentials on the Google reCAPTCHA page. If you don’t already have a Google account, you’ll need to create one before returning to the reCAPTCHA page.
  • Go to google reCaptcha admin console
  • Click on + button, situated at top right corner

You’ll see a new wizard. Fill up the details. These details will further generate the ReCaptcha keys.

  • For the label, Enter your domain name and a note to identify.
  • For the label, Enter your domain name and a note to identify.
  • You must select reCAPTCHA v3 for the Choose the type of reCAPTCHA setting. This has to be v3.
  • Enter your site’s domain in the Domains field.
  • Click the Submit button. You will then be given your reCAPTCHA keys. You will get a Site key as well as a Secret key.
  • Copy these keys and use accordingly.

These were the simple steps to create the reCaptcha V3 key. If you still have any doubt or need further assistance, comment down below.



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