Ever Think Why Your Website Form Is Not Converting?

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Website Forms are essential to make your site more interactive, engaging to collect the data you need from your visitors. But your Website Form isn’t converted? Have you ever think, what could be the reason for non-conversion? We can say. Ideally, the visitors set the mark to commence the long-lasting relationship. But, it is also true, it is up to your website form design, how it makes them get converted and connected.

Most of the site visitors, want to fill out forms just at the same time they visit first. So, make sure to make process easy and painless. Simply put, the first step to generating leads from your website is the addition of landing pages with forms. Moreover, you can say that landing page or contact page forms have become an integral part of generating new business and converting leads for inbound marketers. Without these pages, there is nothing for the visitor to do to show interest in your business. However, based on our experience.


Check Out Some Mistakes Your Forms Could Have:

Let’s check out some major mistakes and reasons, every one must know, why your website form is not converting? Find the reasons below and try to improve them all.

Form Doesn’t Work Properly

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Your website gets a lot of traffic, but nobody is responding to your form, just visit and go back. In that case, What should be an approach to get them engaged and interactive. There can be many reasons but if you are getting zero responses, your form is not collecting user input, or the input is sent to the wrong place. You need to check out for the issue and make it configure to work properly. For the gentry, who are using some CMS like WordPress, they have many wonderful plugins installed on the website. These plugins help them to make their form work properly if not, you need to keep the plugins updated to the latest version.


Lengthy Forms

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While filling the form, especially online, people are getting more careful about the details they provide. Even the busy schedule of people does not prefer to get much involved in providing the large volume of information. They wanted to provide just most useful and required information in the form. Moreover, trust point is also one of the reasons to make them far away to fill the information. You are in that world where people cannot even trust the banks to protect your personal information. So, try to cooperate with your visitors and allow them to do initial subscriber form to 2-3 questions not long enough to have the second thought to move off. You can create the milestones to ask further important questions after the first submission.


Required Much Personal Information

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At the initial step of form try to gather only the information you need to get engaged with the visitors. It usually means first name and email address. Even something as basic as the last name can leave new prospects feeling like you are trying to get to know them a little more and well. People usually can be frustrated if you are adding too many fields to your contact form. That is another common mistake that drives people away. It is understandable that you are trying to get all the information you need from your visitors, but you must know about your visitor’s perspective. It can be frustrating to have to fill out so many fields just to send a simple message. People even don’t want to provide their phone numbers, you also need to know about this fact.


Form Not Looks Trustworthy

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Security and safety are the two main aspects; people always want to focus. As Google and other heavy hitters on the Web focus on the importance of SSL, Most people look for lock icon before they submit sensitive information online. It is not just encryption, however: Your form can look shady simply because the fonts and colors are unprofessional. When it comes to imagery and design, forms should always be surrounded by trust signifiers that reduce the sense of risk. Even your payment icons should also be recognizable easily. Once you are able to gain the trust of the visitor, it will always help you to get more associates of them.


CAPTCHA Isn’t Smart

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If you are struggling with a lot of SPAM responses, you may have implemented a CAPTCHA feature on your forms. This is a great addition to avoid unqualified responses; however, if you are using it for every form, for every user, it may be causing friction for your visitors. Try using it only for first-time conversions or people who have resubmitted the same form multiple times from the same IP. To avoid spam, it is essential for the website owners to make use of CAPTCHA, so that only human beings are capable of posting comments.


Imperfect Form Design

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Visitors interests and attraction to a website is the most important factor to get them engaged. Contact form’s design plays a key role in attracting people to use it. Using a bad and unattractive form design will not only drive people away, but it will also affect your website authority. What the colors and design you use in your form and buttons will make a difference in your conversion rates. As we all know, how colors have a strong effect in influencing the human mind? This is called color psychology. Before creating a form layout, first, go through with the use of colors wisely in your contact form. You should design your contact form in a way that welcomes users and shows professionalism. It gives the feeling of sophistication and perfect design.


Wrapping Words!

Here, I am wrapping up this article, as the article is about website form conversion, so I have tried above to cover most of the reasons, why you are facing problem in form converting? Hope, these lines will useful to you to avoid the contact form mistakes. If you have any suggestion, you want to add to this article, you can write in the comment box below.


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