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Content is king, we all have heard this hundred of times, but what kind of content is meant by it? With over 4 million blog posts published on the Internet every day and attention span of an average human getting ever shorter, writing high-quality copy is no longer enough. There are just too many other people doing the same. Video content is a natural solution – it better caters to the tastes of the modern audience, has more ways of grabbing attention and allows for greater creative freedom. However, just like any other tool, it has to be used skillfully – and in this article, we will cover some of the ways you can make it work for your business.

Diversify Your Video Output

There is value in becoming known for creating high-quality videos of a specific type, but you have to reach out to people with different interests and demands. Here are some video types you may want to pay attention to. These ideas may be valuable for developing your business website and social media promotion.

Product Tutorials

People not only like to watch product tutorials but also heavily depend on them when making purchasing decisions – 64 percent of people purchase a product after watching a branded video of it. In other words, a product tutorial is an ideal way to quickly move a potential client further down the sales funnel. Compare watching a 20-second video detailing what a product can do and how to use it with reading a 1000-word post covering the same information and ask yourself: what is an average prospect more likely to do?

Video Testimonials

Posting testimonials by clients has long ago become a common practice in many industries. However, these days customers are too jaded to pay much attention to them. If you want to make your testimonials look more real and personal, consider interviewing your existing customers or encouraging them to upload videos of themselves using your product.

Corporate and Work Culture Videos

These days entrepreneurship is all about establishing personalized relationships with customers, and one of the ways to do so is to show your business as more human and real than yet another faceless company. “A day in the life” videos, team presentations, corporate videos that show the values of your company – all this sets you apart from other businesses in your industry.

Be Consistent

Producing great content is just the first step – although one fantastic video can bring you loads of traffic if properly promoted, you should follow it up with more content of similar type and quality, lest the audience drifts away. You can learn a useful lesson from Red Bull’s approach analyzed by guest posting agency Luckyposting – although it was their Stratos Jump project that led many people to associate the brand with awesome videos about extreme sports, they followed it up with a consistent flow of video content dealing with similar topics. Also, don’t forget that videos aren’t cheap to produce – you will want to expand their outreach as much as possible. A good way to get in touch with new audiences that are consistent with the identity of your brand is hiring a guest blogging agency – you can get many more views by spreading blog posts featuring links to your videos.

Use Video on All Stages of Customer Journey

All customers (or at least those who become customers eventually) go through the following stages:

  • Attention;
  • Capture;
  • Nurturing;
  • Conversion;
  • Growth.

One of the most common marketing mistakes is focusing too much on the first stage and neglecting the other ones. Grabbing the prospect’s attention is, of course, important. However, few people make a purchase immediately after first encountering a brand. Usually, the initial impression is enough to put you on their radar but not enough to make any lasting commitment. If you fail to maintain the interest, they will go away without making a purchase. Different video types are suitable for use in different stages:

  • Attention – educational and entertainment videos. The prospect doesn’t know much (or anything) about your product or brand yet, he/she probably stumbled upon it after running a search looking for a solution to a problem or just randomly surfing the Internet. You should grasp the prospect’s attention;
  • Capture – explainer and demonstration videos. The prospect considers your offer among the others available on the market. You should try to make him/her sufficiently interested in your product to get his/her contact information;
    Nurturing – event videos. The connection is established, you only have to support and strengthen it;
  • Conversion – testimonials and corporate videos. Once prospects show interest in your product, a little personal touch is enough to encourage many of them to finally convert;
  • Growth – tutorials, loyalty programs, and gratitude videos. Ideally, the first purchase should be just the beginning of a lasting relationship. At this stage, you have to make sure the client stays happy and excited about further dealings with your business. Your marketing effort should make them talk about your brand and keep buying from you.

Host Your Video across Multiple Platforms

You want your video to be seen by as many people as possible. Begin with uploading it to services like YouTube and Vimeo, but don’t forget other, less video-centric social media.


45 minutes/1Gb limit. However, it is wise to avoid lengthy videos on this platform – on average they are only 44 seconds long, with the most popular ones being even shorter. Also, pay attention to the live streaming option.


60 seconds/150Mb limit. You can upload videos directly from your smartphone, which means that you don’t have to worry as much about them looking professionally – Instagram videos are supposed to look spontaneous and natural.


2 minutes and 20 seconds limit. You can also film videos using Twitter’s own functionality.
Shooting a good video may be more complicated, time-consuming and expensive than writing a blog post, but when handled correctly, it can bring proportionally greater results. Moreover, the video production learning curve these days is not as steep as it used to be, which means that you can learn the basics over a relatively short period.

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