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Are you well accustomed to WordPress? Then you probably know what staging site is! It is simply a copy of the original website on which you can continue working in the offline mode. Are you wondering how to create a staging site for your WordPress? Well, here the several options have been jotted down in a brief manner.

Various Options to Create a WordPress Staging Site

In recent times, the use of WordPress has become immensely popular. A staging site can help you out in so many ways. There are several options available in the current market to create a fruitful and effective staging site for your WordPress.

Creating a Staging Site through the Host

A staging site created through the host can easily manage various hosting solutions. Moreover, it can enhance the security as well as the speed of your WordPress website along with other mentionable features. There is no need to go through complex setting setups or coding procedures to come up with an effective staging site. One simple click is enough in the case of creating it through your host. This may cost a few extra bucks from your pocket, but it’s worthy of its cost.

WordPress Staging Site

Creating Hosted Staging Site

If your host does not have the option to create a staging site, you can look for WP Stagecoach that provides a single-click hosted WordPress staging site within your affordable range. You can easily import the changes made on the staging site on your live website. Suppose you do not like the changes in the live website, you can reverse the changes as well. The staging site, which will be created in this method will be protected by the password automatically. Are you on shared host? Well, WP Stagecoach still allows you to create the staging site.

Creating Staging Site with the Help of Plugin

Well, in the case of creating a staging site with the help of plugins, there are three different options available: WP Staging, WP Migration (all-in-one) and Duplicator. In terms of technical complexity, WP staging is the simplest one, then comes the WP migration one and lastly the most complex one i.e. duplicator. One of the main advantages of creating a staging site with the help of plugins is you can work on the familiar admin interface of WordPress.

Manually Creating a Staging Site

If you are a tech-savvy person and possess good knowledge on the technical things, then you can create a staging site for your WordPress on your own. However, for a beginner or a person who doesn’t have good knowledge of technicalities and database operations using MYSQL, are recommended not to go with this option! Here are the steps to create a staging site manually.

Step 1: Either set up WordPress locally or set it up at the sub-domain on the web host.

Step 2: Create a “clone” of the website including both database and files.

Step 3: Import all the data into the new installation of WordPress; ensure to update the links and the URLs in the database.

Well, choose any of the above-mentioned options and create an effective staging site for your WordPress.

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