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As the owner of an eCommerce business, staying ahead of the competitors is quite a challenging task. The majority of businesses fail to survive just because they don’t plan anything properly. However, that doesn’t imply it’s impossible! By designing proper follow-up Strategies For Marketplaces, you can persuade people to your brand and encourage them to visit your store again.

But, for doing that, build an email strategy that is tailored, reliable and automated. This guide will let you know everything that is vital for you to take your business to the next higher level. Happy Reading!


Why does Follow-Up Email Strategy Matter?

Did you ever think about why follow-up email strategy matters? If yes, then that’s great and if not, then go ahead to know about the same! So, let’s see the benefits of follow-ups.

  • Expectation Fulfilment: Following up with the customers will help you in knowing about their choices and their expectations of you. When you understand what they want from you, it will also become easy for you to provide them with a high-quality product. This, in turn, will persuade them to buy the product from you.
  • Make Customers Feel Special: Who doesn’t wish to enjoy special treatment? When you ask the feedback from customers, it makes them feel valued. Also, following up with the customers makes them feel you care about them. This is the reason they stick to your brand for a long time.
  • Takes Marketing a Step Ahead: Customers have the habit of remembering you always for delivering good customer service. This way, your customers will love to talk about your brand with others which will lead to more sales.

Retain a Large Number of Customers

There are numerous marketplace options that customers can choose from. So, how can you persuade customers toward your brand? You can do that by creating a follow-up email that will help buyers remind them of something regarding your brand.

1. Garner More Reviews

Do you know reviews play an imperative role in increasing your sales? Yes, you heard it right!

  • They influence the decisions of customers
  • Most customers read them
  • Reviews help build trust among buyers

Once customers purchase products, send them a follow-up email immediately that asks them to leave a review. Not all will post a review regarding their purchase; however, there are few who will love to share their experience through reviews.

2. Connect with Customers

Do you know a well-mannered follow-up email can make customers feel that you value them? And for that, email is a great choice since it’s the direct means by which you can easily reach the audience that you are targeting. Even a simple thank-you email can foster customer relationships.

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Here we have jotted down a few other reasons why follow-up is important with customers:

  • Follow-ups are an ideal means to question customers about what they expect next
  • Customers look for a medium for getting in touch with a business, and a follow-up system improves this communication
  • Current customers who receive follow-ups love to purchase the new product more as compared to the ones without

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Tips That Will Help You to Nail Your Follow-Up Emails

Emails- Strategies For Marketplaces
Strategies For Marketplaces

Of course, you don’t want to be the brand that fills customer inboxes with useless and poor-quality content. Am I right? Not only you; nobody wants to become such a brand in the eyes of their customers! So, it’s imperative to do proper research before sending follow-up emails to the inbox of your customers.

So, let’s proceed with a few tips that will help you in drafting an effective follow-up email:

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1. Offer Helpful Resources- Strategies For Marketplaces

The reason people open emails is just due to the catchy subject line it has. Right? So, write something that provides proper information and solutions to readers.
Customers love to hear about the things such as:

  • Their shipment status
  • Ways to track the order
  • Ideas to help customers enjoy the product

2. Say Thank You- Strategies For Marketplaces

The foremost follow-up email that you send must always be the order confirmation along with a thank-you. Ensure to keep the email short, crisp, and up to the point that it has a call to action too.

3. Make Things Personal

If we talk about personalization, then it’s critical for emails. Seeing your name that is attached to the follow-up email message will look quite more interesting than something that looks generic.

There are great ample tools in the market that allows one to add their names to an email message without the need to type them manually. You can use that feature.

  • The majority of customers know that such messages are automated; however, it will still make your email look appealing to them.
  • Personalized email can result in 6x more transaction rates
  • The majority of marketers feel personalized communication is quite important since it helps in generating some kind of revenue impact

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4. Customize and Segment Audiences

Fascinating WordPress BuddyPress Marketplace Ideas

If you ever receive a spam phone call or email regarding the auto-renewal or something else, then you understand well; how annoying it is if it’s not of any use to you. Right? In the same way, customers also feel about the email campaign they receive from any brand. Doesn’t matter if they agreed to get emails from you; don’t send them emails with which they have nothing to do.

A good follow-up email should be sent to segmented audiences, which can be divided up simply by watching things such as:

  • Customer behavior
  • Prior purchase
  • Prior email engagement
  • Surveys filled by customers

So, keep the customers engaged with proper follow-up emails without annoying them.

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5. Plan Ahead- Strategies For Marketplaces

Plan ahed- Strategies For Marketplaces
Strategies For Marketplaces

Positive follow-up campaigns require a repeatable and measurable plan for getting better outcomes. Your company’s plan specifics will vary depending on your objectives. However, the majority of plans incorporate few or all below-given pieces:

  • Creating the follow-up email
  • A/b testing the subject lines
  • Finding out what the customers really read
  • Thinking about what you actually want from the customers through each email
  • Creating the proper call to action for enticing a large number of customers to click

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community groups

 Strategies For Marketplaces-Wrap Up

I hope you have enjoyed reading this useful guide, and it will surely be going to help you. The success of an online marketplace depends on a good customer experience, too, and in that, a good follow-up email plays a vital role.

The fact is that follow-ups build trust with the customers and make them feel you care for them as real people and not just customers. The relations fostered by such strategic email campaigns will help you in getting more customers as long as they have good experience with your entire business in their inbox.

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